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Welcome to Hamer

Welcome to Hamer

In the middle of the road from the city of Arba-Sochch in the town of Gync in South Ethiopia, a traveler will meet a poster with the inscription: "Welcome to Hamer". Village of the tour, who is 100 km away on the secondary road, – the heart of the tribe.

Hamer are one of the main tribal groups in the ethnically diverse Valley of Omo. Now there are about 50,000 people. They are proud and independent, their survival depends only on nature, their animals and their lands. They are skillful cattlemen, and in their language there are at least three dozen words, one way or another describing cattle. Almost everything in the world Hamer is connected with the world of ancestors, on the parties they took very little.

They believe that all natural objects have a soul. They also believe in Ginov, who are able to take a kind of animal or man to influence the victim. Saying goodbye to childhood, a man should run several times on the backs of the cows back and back absolutely nagim. This initiation is much less trauma than the valley neighbors. Women Hamer walk in leather skirts embroidered beads and cauries, carry several copper bracelets on their hands, and necklaces are decorated with necklaces. The hair is brazed in small pigtails and failed a mixture of ocher and animal fat. Men also have a special hairstyle – it is created on the occasion of victory over the enemy or dangerous beast. So that it is preserved as long as possible, men even sleep, laying a special wooden chair under the head. And the number of earrings in the ears in a man talks about the number of his wives.

Welcome to Hamer

Conduct time in the Hammer tribe – it’s like traveling in time and in another dimension. It is impossible to imagine that there will be some changes here. And this is good. See a small photo report from South Ethiopia.

About other traditions of the Hammer tribe, as well as other peoples inhabiting the Omo Valley, read in the articles Einat Klein "I don’t have the right" and "Think like beads" on "My Planet".

Welcome to Hamer

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