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Weisenkirchen-In der Vahau (Weisenkirchen in Der Wachau)

Weisenkirchen-In der Vahau (Weisenkirchen in Der Wachau)

Weisenkirchen-in der WahaußENKIRCHEN IN DER WACHAU) – A small town in the north of Austria, located in the federal land of Lower Austria, in Vahau Valley, 91 km west of Vienna and 45 km north-west of St. Pöltene. Population – 1,441 people (2012).

Translated from the German word Weisenkirchen means «White church». The first mention of the settlement relate to the period between the XII and XIV centuries. The territory of the valley, where the town is located, in the early Middle Ages belonged to the monastery.

Currently, Weisenkirchen-In der Wahau is known primarily as a wine-making center. Tourists traveling along the Vahau valley, drive here to try invigorating local wines. The slopes in the Weisenkirchen area are covered with numerous vineyards. Especially popular grape variety Riesling, from which white wine is made.

Weisenkirchen-In der Vahau (Weisenkirchen in Der Wachau)

As a rule, during his stay in Weisenkirchen-in der Wahau, the first few tourists go to Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Stiftskirche St. Mariä HimmelfAhr) – An impressive building in the Gothic style, built in the XIV century. In 1531, a well-fortified tower was attached to the church, designed to resist the siege of the Turks. In the inner decoration of the church, gothic and baroque styles are traced.

Another popular attraction is Vahau Museum (Wachaumuseum), in which you can get acquainted with the culture of residents of the valley and learn the history of winemaking. Also in the museum there is a hall in which paintings of local artists are exhibited.

Weisenkirchen-In der Vahau (Weisenkirchen in Der Wachau)

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