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Weip (Warning) and IQOS in the UAE

Weip (Warning) and IQOS in the UAE

Whether resolved in the UAE Waip (Warning) and smoke-free tobacco heating systems (IQOS, Glo, Lil) ? Can I import your devices, liquids or poems? What are the rules and fines? Read the answers in this article.

It is prohibited or allowed?

At the moment (January 2021) in the UAE, electronic cigarettes are fully resolved, wires for Weep (parish), tobacco smokeless combustion devices.

On the Internet there are a lot of information that Waip is prohibited. This is old information. Once the ban was really (Federal Law of the UAE No. 15 of 2009 "On the fight against tobacco"), but completely removed by the decision of ESMA UAE.S 5030 from April 2019. And by the way, the ban existed for the sale of electronic cigarettes, but their use has never been prohibited.

We are one of the few tourist sites on the Internet (and maybe only one), where they care about the relevance of information. Read only current sites!

Unfortunately, not every device in the UAE is legal. This is needed to tell in detail.

What device is legal, what no

From January 1, 2021, new rules for licensing "alternative tobacco products" entered into force (Decree of the Government of the United Arab Emirates No. 33 from 2019). The system was going to introduce from March 1, 2020, but postponed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the "alternative tobacco products" the laws of the UAE involve not only electronic cigarettes, but also devices of smokeless burning of tobacco (IQOS, GLO and the like) and even ordinary hookahs. Measure all devices and devices, liquids and poems. And even if the liquid does not contain nicotine, it still falls under restrictions.

Back in 2017, a special tax was introduced 100% on "Alternative tobacco products". From January 1, 2021 each device, packaging with sticks or liquids should have DTS (digital excise mark). Devices without DTS illegal in the UAE.

The law prohibits not only the import and sale of illegal accessories, but even their storage and use! But it’s from a legal point of view.

As in practice?

In practice, everything is not so bad. Police does not check the veipa devices in passersby. To determine legality, you need to have a special scanner and access to the DTS database. The police do not have anything. They have enough of their concerns.

Control and check now only sellers. This is engaged in FTA (Federal Tax Service). Ordinary people do not touch.

Is it possible to import devices, liquids, poems?

From a legal point of view it is prohibited. But in practice, people are imported, and customs does not fit.

We officially requested the Customs Service Dubai about this situation.

The answer is as follows: "You can bring these items. But ask you to declare at customs, our officers will help you with the procedure. ".

Therefore, we advise you to do. Simply declare your device if an officer needs it. The main thing is that there was a reasonable amount of goods – for example one device and several packages of liquids.

The declaration will be proof that this device you brought with you, and not bought underground that you did not violate any laws.

Be prepared for checking

Imported electronic cigarettes cause special attention from customs officers. The fact is that drugs are periodically trying to transport drugs. And the emirate customs knows about it, therefore checks.

Weip (Warning) and IQOS in the UAE

Just recently ended the loud business of one Englishwoman, which was lucky in cannabidiol fluids. She filed an appeal, but the court of Emirate Dubai remained adamant – 10 years in prison and 50,000 dirhams fine.

Therefore, do not be surprised if liquids or the device will want to check further.

Prices in the UAE

UAE is a tax paradise where there is no NSP tax, and VAT tax is only 5%. BUT! It does not apply to Weep products, IQOS and the like. In the UAE there is a tax of 100% on all similar devices, liquids and poems. Very expensive here.

Let us give example. In Russia, the IQOS Duo set is now (January 2021) only 5000 rubles in the official online store. In the UAE, the price of IQOS DUO – 450 Dirhams. In January 2021, this is 9270 rubles. 2 times more expensive.

What are the rules? Where can? Where it is impossible?

Rules are exactly the same as the smoking rules. Details in our article "Smoking in the UAE".

What else is important to know

– Penalty for "Warning" in the wrong place – 2000 Dirhams. It’s a lot, be careful. Actual Dirhama Course, see our article "Money in the UAE";

– about what else should not be done in the Arab Emirates, read in our article "What is impossible in Dubai and other Emirates";

– On the rules of importation in the UAE of other items, read in a detailed article "What can not and can be imported into the UAE".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our useful tourists articles about this country (List of articles below).

Weip (Warning) and IQOS in the UAE

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