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Weekend Walk through the doll city

Weekend: Walk through the doll city

Literally half a year ago, ours with an average intraction were chosen abroad two or three times a year. Once – on the sea during vacation, second – in a weekly excursion tour. Now our compatriots are forced to tighten the belt. Vacation is holy, it is impossible to save it. But the routes and the duration of sightseeing warriors have to be reviewed: a maximum of two to three days and not further Europe. From this number "I" Introduces a new heading – Weekend, in which it will try to give travelers, limited in time and means, useful tips: how to get to, where to stay, where to go, what to see, eat and buy during a short foreign walk.

In Soviet times, a trip to Estonia was considered if not leaving abroad, then almost. Pärnu, Odea, Haapsalu – at these Estonian resorts at one time visited almost half of the former USSR. And Tallinn was crying by the Soviet man along and across. Last year, Estonia adopted about 3 million tourists. Among which our citizens give God, a few thousand.

One of the main reasons for cooling interest in Estonia is a visa regime between our countries, which insults still not rebuilt the imperial consciousness of ours. Another is a firm conviction that in today’s Estonia, even among themselves can not speak English: at best, there will be a wave of contempt, in the worst – they will express everything that the Soviet invaders think.

Finally, there is another reason. The overwhelming majority of ours believe that chicken is not a bird, but Estonia is not abroad: no European level service, not international class hotels, scarce entertainment, and from food – one kefir of the Lianozov plant. So is it worth spending money for such trips?

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Estonia is not only in words, but in reality it has long become a completely European country. And today’s Tallinn, although not megapolis like London or Berlin, but in all respects they compare with Helsinki, Oslo or Gothenburg.

The visa regime between Russia and Estonia really represents the problem only for those who any foreign state is not too glad to see at home – mothers of criminals, spies, drug dealers and the like of the public. A normal law-abiding citizen to issue an Estonian visa is quite simple. Estonian Embassy in Moscow (Small Kislovsky Per., 5) Works daily, tourist visas draw up within 2-3 days for quite a moderate fee – $ 25.

You can get an Estonian visa on the basis of an invitation from Estonian friends or relatives, and it is possible and without any – on the basis of hotel armor. But it’s mistaken to book a room in the Tallinn hotel will be able to. Tallinn is literally filled with visitors. In low-cost hotels, there is no penny from Finnov, which generally make up 80 percent of tourists who come to Tallinn. Swedes, Norwegians and Dane stop in more expensive hotels. Well, the most prestigious hotels occupied businessmen and businesswomen from Europe. So the our, dreaming to join this company, the room is better to order for a week-other.

Once you have in stock literally two days, dragged into Tallinn by train just stupid. There was a plane. There are no problems with tickets – neither by flights Aeroflot, not at Estonian Air. The question is who to give preference.

From Moscow to Tallin only a half o’clock and both air carriers fly from "Sheremetyevo-1". The cheapest Aeroflotovsky ticket to the Economy Salon is worth $ 145. Ticket for Estonian Air is not much more expensive – $ 195. To whom it does not matter what they feed, they sing, how to serve during the flight, it is better to save half ateen. The same, who from the very beginning wants to feel in Europe, we advise not to scream and buy a ticket Estonian Air.

New, literally with needle, Boeing-737-500. Onboard always fresh newspapers, in our and Estonian (though, the press is local). Hot and, most importantly, amazingly delicious food, which for one and a half hours of the flight is a rarity. Correct flight attendants who speak English well. Finally, no dust in passenger salons. ours, often flying domestic airlines, know well that usually, even after the shortest flight, on you – on clothes, skin, in the nose and ears – is settling the dense layer of fluffy abrasiness. And all because no one ever vacuumed the salon, not to mention a wet cleaning. On board Estonian Air breathes, what is called, full of breasts, not sneezing and does not cough. So and the souls after the journey not necessarily.

And one more, maybe the biggest plus Estonian Air: Friday flight of Aeroflot in Tallinn flies in 20.00, and the plane of the Estonian airline – in 16.twenty. That for a traveler going to spend in Tallinn only three days, extremely essential: the day of arrival will not disappear for nothing.

In Tallinn, the Estonian Air Airplane arrives at around five o’clock in the evening local time. Tallinn Airport is located almost within the city. The main terminal of the air terminal is now reconstructed, so all services are transferred to a small building. However, no attachment and fuss: five minutes on the passage of border control and five minutes on customs officers. "Tere!" ("Hello!") – And you are in Tallinn.

A trip from the airport to the city center takes no more than 15 minutes. Possible for $ 1.5 by bus, or for $$ 3-4 – by taxi. Just do not think to discuss with a taxi driver price. As in civilized Europe, all calculations are strictly in the meter and only in local currency (now $ 1 is approximately 13 Estonian crowns).

First of all to the hotel. Most European hotels draw "stars" Without a constant: for example, some Halup in the center of Paris or Amsterdam proudly calls himself a three-star castle. In Tallinn, what is nice, on the contrary: a hotel that meets all the requirements of four stars, on the facade has only three. And the hotel, which can be called a seven-star soldier for a tourist, wears modest five.

Generally, a five-star hotel in Tallinn one-only – Park Consul (hereinafter – English in Estonian). And these stars were assigned to him only after there was a dozen inspection commissions. But right.

PARK CONSUL (Puhavaimu, 13/5, bodies. (372) 699 7700) Located in the heart of the old Tallinn, just a few steps from the main shopping street and the Town Hall Square. Back in the 15th century in place Park Consul was a museum warehouse. When the building was rebuilt, there were many historical values ​​in its basements, which are now successfully inscribed in the hotel interior. The hotel has opened only a year ago, but already became popular among Tallinn guests. According to statistics, the British are most often stopped here. Second place is firmly held by our citizens.

In general, Park Consul is an ideal place for newlyweds. Or for those who would like to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding, anniversary and any other commemorative date. Quiet, cozy, the highest quality service, fireplace in the lobby, candy on the pillow after each arrival of the maid. And champagne for breakfast.

Prices for Park Consul are far from standard "five star". The modest number will cost only $ 161 per day, the most luxurious – at $ 354. And this is despite the fact that the usual number in a five-star European hotel is cheaper than $ 300 per day. And on Weekend Administration Park Consul Prices generally reduces – up to $ 125 per night.

And finally, the most unexpected: Prices in the five-star Park Consul are in principle lower than in good, but still four-star hotels in Tallinn (Mercure, Olumpia, Hotell Palace and T. NS.) where the usual double room will cost you about $ 150.

As for the very cheap hotels, now in the area of ​​the Tallinn port is the construction of a two-star hotel-giant. It is clear that prices there will be low, but, given the specific approach of Estonians to the assignment of their hotels "star", Service level pulls on good three stars.

Since the excursion program will start for you only tomorrow, the time remaining before the departure is best to spend on the street. Go and walk. Without a card (it is impossible to get lost), without a goal, without a gloomy gloss in the eyes, just where the legs carry. If you want not to stand out from the crowd, change the rhythm of life, at least two days. Estonians, though hot, but leisurely people. And, having heard your normal patter, might think that you are transported.

Tallinn must look at intently, slowly and calmly. Like through Lupu. Once it is Tallinn, more precisely, Revel, famous for the largest warehouse in Europe and the highest vane on the spire of one of the cathedrals. But according to modern standards in the Estonian capital, all puppet. Cafe is a maximum of five tables, souvenir shops – for three to four buyers, and even shop windows offering products of famous European firms, here are clearly reduced in size. Especially compared to the spatial and designer luxury of Moscow.

Weekend Walk through the doll city

If you want something national, look at the Gandzane merchant, in the restaurant Older Hansa. Only here will be served "Kushan of the Lor Prochetic", "Saturday meal of the merchant guild", "Smoked clipping in forest mushroom sauce for freedom-loving Mr", "Fried Pork for Lord Judges" and "grilled moose big knight". Recipes of dishes with which the local kneading was taking place during the time of the Gandzia Union, specially crushed the cooks by archives. And then there were long samples to achieve the effect of authenticity. From ancient drinks – only beer with honey. Say straight, very unconventional.

In the morning, of course, excursion. On weekends the city wakes up late. So in 10.00 You can be almost the only passers-by. Except for the same as you are tourists and janitors. If you wish, you can contact the tourist office and rent a guide, which will tell in detail what kind of building, by whom and in which age was built. Do not hurt, evaluate Tallinn in dignity can and independently. Moreover, the whole historical part of it, consisting of the upper and lower city, a little more than our Red Square.

In the upper city, the local one traditionally settled, as well as all the country’s conquerors. On Tallinn standards, houses there are big. The lower city was assigned to merchants, artisans and poor people. On Tallinn standards, there are normal houses there. The longest street – the pride of Tallinnz – 800 meters. Other pride is the smallest house, a hut about four square meters, in which the time impertion is bakery. The teasing smell of buns is spread throughout the city, and the will will pull in the cafe – drink mug of mulled wine, to eat apple label and chat with Estonians.

Many cafes are under one roof with souvenir shops – combine a pleasant with a pleasant. Crafts from amber, clay, duty glass, cotton, and, of course, the same famous socks, caps, mittens and sweaters, knitted local skeins. In Tallinn, there is even a separate shopping street, where $$ 40-50 is really a handmade sweater, or for $$ 20-25 – a hat with a tassel, or for $ 10 – two mittens.

I drove a bit from the city center, you can look into the Cadriorg – the old palace, built by Peter first. Now there is a residence of the Estonian president. I must say that Lennard Mary is a real Democrat: Palace and Palace Park are open to visitors. Tourists are torn to the palace, but half Tallinn is going to in the park on weekends. Just go skiing, walk and talk.

And beautifully, it makes sense to think about the urgent. Our person no abroad is good if you come back without shopping. With shopping in Tallinn everything is in order: the only thing that Estonia is significantly lagging behind Europe, so it is in the price level for good, high-quality, branded things. Finns, Danes, Swedes and Dutch are specially arrived in Tallinn Stripe shopping. And dragged bags. In the two largest Tallinn department stores – SOCOS and STOCKMANN – prices for European goods almost twice below Moscow. You will not be right if you do not use the opportunity.

Another attraction of Tallinn – Casino, the biggest in the Baltic States. In the evening, here you can not only pull the thousand-different crowns, but also sit in the cabaret. Actually cabaret is also the only one in Tallinn. How did you have to notice, there is a lot of things in one copy. According to European standards, the casino will not seem to be too big that it does not interfere with his visitors regularly win. For a year and a half, the institution lost a fair amount of money and four AUDI cars.

The most offensive for the casino was the last loss. As local regulars tell, a man stood at the bus stop, the bus was waiting. It was in November, the transport was delayed, and the frozen uncle went to the casino to warm up. Could not stand, put and gave a car. So the bus did not have to go.

The story of this correspondent "I" told many times and with different details. The only thing about why did not mention the storytellers – who was this lucky one: Estonian, Finn, Swede or our.

Contrary to popular belief, attitudes towards the our-language population, at least in Tallinn, more than friendly. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the Estonian capital speaks English and Finnish. And every time apologizes for bad our. our tourists who come to Tallinn clearly shy their native language and prefer to induct English words.

Going late in the evening to eat in McDonaldx, we also made an order in English. The manager immediately understood where we, and instantly moved to our. And then politely asked why we speak English. Surprisingly, they began to explain that it was not going to the head of the our, walking, say, in Paris, ask for a passerby "how much time" in our. "You know, it seems to me that the our language is quite worthy to be understood here", – He answered us.

Weekend Walk through the doll city

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