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Weekend turned out! Odessa, Ukraine Blogs and travel notes of tourists for Odessa on the turmon

Weekend turned out! – Odessa, Ukraine – Tourist Blog

Preface: The campaign itself was produced in summer, that is, a few months ago. Recreation itself could not be specified (therefore I had to choose Odessa), in fact rested on in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Orlovshchina!

And not good.To. My wife and I, in contrast to other of our trips, took with them the tour of the tent and went overnight in nature. To be honest, I don’t even remember when I last went somewhere with a tent … it seems even at school. The desire to go to such a babble appeared in the spring. I immediately told about it all familiar and friends – 10 people agreed. Here we and my wife and began to explore the situation. Initially, bicycles passed through the nearby places in search of the most landscape. And decided to arrange a test race.

A hike with a tent – a serious event, therefore, why not taken (food, lantern, batteries, pharmaceuticals). With volume clearly did not calculate a little, heavy backpacks, did the halt every 2-3 km. But it’s all the little things, the weather just whispered! Rotating to the place, it became clear that it is necessary to eat. Vegetables, fruits, home pate, bread, mineral water, was enough to start. While I did firewood, my wife has already installed a tent and mattress inside. Went light rain (at the same time they checked the tent on the piece of blowning), and at that time we got comforted in the card.

Rain walked just 20 minutes. And our tent, even though it is extremely budgetary – with the task coped. Passed so to speak test drive. As soon as the rain is over, they decided to eat normally. Firewood, which I collected before, were laid under the film, so the fire was divorced with a bang, moreover with one match. Fat saladelki, bread, from home they took salads, olives and cheeses, and for dessert tea with cookies and marmalade. Roasted, spread the bedspread and became admired by the sky! To hell with households and care – great feeling. Someone flew by a seagull with a large fish in a beak, a wild hare was glimpse! Nothing special, but our privacy with nature brought a sea of ​​pleasant memories. After sunset, they switched to the kebab (well, where without him). Some pork and chicken wings made in my corporate marinade. Also baked potatoes – I was located before the dump.

Weekend turned out! Odessa, Ukraine Blogs and travel notes of tourists for Odessa on the turmon

On the clock 2 hours in the morning, and we awake. And how to sleep? Clear and full calm, throw periodically firewood into the fire, only they could be admired all night! Included music and switched to stars. The flashlight was also by the way: I installed it in a tent, making it a firefly, which allowed us to play a little in the card.

I woke up for the first time at 6 in the morning, there was a stunning type of fog, so dense that the other coast of the river was not visible. But still did not refuse herself to sleep a couple of hours. At the beginning of the 9th, I woke up finally. It was already stuffy, and you slept. Tea brewed, made several cheese sandwiches. Buried out, we swore a little, dwarked the residues of meat and became little to gather. The return route was already lighting, half the afternoon was already at home.

According to the result of food more than enough, the tent showed itself perfectly, rested, burned out, got unforgettable impressions! I wish the same to you, especially if you figure out over the campaign with the night.

Weekend turned out! Odessa, Ukraine Blogs and travel notes of tourists for Odessa on the turmon

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