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Weekend on the shores Thames

Weekend on the shores Thames

A lot has already been said and written about London, it makes no sense to repeat. Somewhere in the dark subsoil of Tower, the most powerful magnet in the world has been hidden, which many hundred years attracts people to these not the most friendly lands. London, at the same time the most large city is not only in Europe, but also in the world, and now retains key positions in the international arena. It goes here for the best life, go here for a dream, for adventures, for knowledge, for familiar with school pictures from English benefits. London Is The Capital Of Great Britain, remember? Every guest, koi here more than the indigenous people, their own reason why he came to London.

Perhaps London is not as rich in the codes of city landscapes like other cities of Europe. Baroque and Gothic lovers will certainly be disappointed with his monuments and on arrival will tell everyone what boring in London architecture. But nevertheless, London and his suburbs – all these small two-story towns and suburb – together they are stored in pure form that English culture, whose signs we can find everywhere. London is interesting in detail. All your phone booths, two-story red buses and stylish navigation signs in the subway. You hear traditional "Mind The Gap", Climb from the London subway and, looking at first right, confidently walk across the road, just like the famous four on ABBYY Road. On the way you will definitely cover the rain, and you will try in one of the cozy pubs. Of course, forgetting, seek there until the closure with the Pinta Lager and the FISH plate&Chips. And it will also become your city impression.

Going out of the airport Gatwick, I first saw before wet from a recent rain with a pedestrian crossing thoughtfully stacked by white paint on asphalt inscription "Look Right" and understood – Welcome, this is London.

London became closer

London has always been in the list of Must See, but constantly moved away indefinitely. Then the sea wanted as soon as possible, then the company was not chosen. And the last spring suddenly from Moscow to the capital of Britain, an unprecedented business, began to fly the local Loocoster EasyJet, when he shutting up for the belt of his competitors a throw price of the flight. I could not resist, and took the ticket Moscow-London-Moscow for the price of the journey on Sapsan to Peter. 4600 rubles came out with all fees. – Not bad for flight long at 3.5 hours. Soon, without any problems, having received a visa, began to work the route. Ticket round plans, crossings, hotels. For this occasion, I decided not to scatter time and go for a few days in Scotland, where my long-time familiar nickname learns. Meanwhile, in London, my friend-photographer from one Eastern European country was discovered, who gladly promised to show me the city. London was closer than I thought.

Dear Londoners and Guests of the Capital

London. Early morning. I stayed in the stylish Safestay hostel that in the Elephant area&Castle, that is "Elephant and Castle" in our. Why he is so called, I, of course, will tell a little later. The area is not in the very center, but 10 minutes by subway from him. In Moscow would say – "within the third rings". I go down the street to the subway, watching people. It seems that the streets of this truly cosmopolitan megalopolis are truly a truly visitors than the indigenous citizens. In fact, the first impression is close to the truth, because, for example, only 30% of London schoolchildren call English with their own native language. Here is a our taxi driver behind the wheel of Cabe, but the guest from Romania collected the crowd on the Westminster Bridge – plays money in thimbles. Here the Hindu sells street food, and black Nigerian sells tickets on the subway.

My friend from an Eastern European country arrived court to finish a magistracy. Soon he will become a graduate engineer. On a frequent question, whether he wants to stay, the buddy responds categorically: it will look for work in a specialty, and if I find something here and have nothing to think. According to him, in his native country, he does not find work, and London is a way out. For many. London resembles a black hole that attracts everyone without parsing, and few people return from there. Someone manages to rise, even open their business, someone remains at the bottom of this boiler. It is strange that at the same time a visa in Britain is considered to be the right one of the most difficult in obtaining (at least for our citizens).

Mind The Gap!

You can move in London on anything, very quickly and convenient. The Londoners themselves often complain about their subway, for bus traffic jams and other inconveniences, but in fact the transport system in the capital of Britain works much better than most of its analogues in other cities of Europe. A variety of modes of transport and ways to get from point and to the point in striking. Here and the subway, and the DLR unmanned system, and buses, and electric trains, and taxis. Rolling bikes that have become a full-fledged city transport, and even the cable car.

London subway is unique. Everyone knows that this is the metro – the oldest in the world. Metropolitan subway, underground, or the famous London Tube – a pipe, as Londonians themselves are called, was discovered in the distant 1863. Then in Russia only canceled the serfdom, and the length of ordinary railways was not at all great. Since then, one and a half century has passed, and the former superiority of England in the field of railways makes itself felt. In 1987, the DLR line was opened here, where the trains move without machinists. Now 2013, and in Moscow and many other major cities of the world only talk about the introduction of such a system.

The first metro lines were miniature. Small tunnels and small cars. That is why in our days the central sites and old branches seem close. The car is so small that a man of medium height, without fear of his head, can be standing only in his center. Change – a real labyrinth, intricate tunnels, where 4 people barely disperse. However, navigation is above all praise. Thanks to the clear stylish signs that they hang where it is supposed to be, thanks to the understandable human language of all explanations and ads, even a child will not lose in the subway, which speaks English. In Moscow, write on a sheet "Dear passengers! From 22.01.2013 Due to the repair work, traffic is closed between Kursk and Arbatskaya stations. Use land types of transport", and hanging this ad will be on the most unsuitable wall or column for this. Whether we in London see such a sign:

"Between Kursk and Arbatskaya stations from January 22 no movement.

You can reach Arbat with an annular line or take advantage of the bus 22, 33, trolleybus 77. To do this, go to the signs "bus stop". Stop is 2 minutes from here. Please keep in mind that the bus will take 20 minutes to the bus for 20 minutes.

On the Arbatian-Pokrovsk line repair paths, we make your trip safer".

The passenger speaks in the human language, the most important at the beginning, additional information at the end. In this, not in the stationery "Dear passengers", And there is that the most respect for citizens.

It was possible to test the London cycle rolling system Barclays. Biking Boris – so they are called the townspeople named the mayor who gave London this system – you can see everywhere. Their design is sufficiently massive, but the calibration is very easily controlled. Automatic rental points are scattered throughout the city: in the center almost every 300 meters, on the outskirts – after half a kilometer. It costs rolled 2 pounds per day, while without additional fee you can ride one bike half an hour. If the time for the trip was not enough, it is necessary to leave it anywhere in the rolled and take a new one after 5 minutes. Payment occurs with the card. The rule of 30 minutes should be observed exactly, otherwise, on arrival home, you can detect your card half-empty – for each next period of delay with you more and more money.

I decided to ride from the new, sparkling the skyscrapers of the business district of Doklands, which is not far from Greenwich, to the most Tower bridge. Most of the road ran through sleeping areas, along the rows of townhouses. There, cyclists do not interfere with anyone and move along a special leoy-highway separated from the main road and painted in blue. Closer to the center of Bicywaway ends, and you have to travel to the main road – the riding on the tractors in London is prohibited, you can run into a fine. My concerns about ride on a par with buses and cars were not justified, cyclists are inferior, they are noticed, they are accustomed to them. The inconvenience arose only because of unaccustomed left-sided movement. So, changing three bikes, I slowly got to Tower. The test passed on perfectly.

London for three days

Weekend on the shores Thames

I will not tell a long time to talk about the sights of London, and I will share it better for my idea how to optimize time in the British capital and as for three days not only to see the main, mandatory pictures, but also to penetrate the spirit of other incarnations of the city.

So why start? If you arrived in the city in the evening, then you can immediately, not curly fish, start with a pub. Pubs are the embodiment of the traditional culture of the beytia and pastime of the Londoners. Any Pub is not just a Pite. This is a bar with your own customs, where the main client is a permanent frequenter. Names of pubs – a separate story. As a rule, they are original and almost always meaningless. Remember Elephant district&Castle, where I managed to stop? This is nothing like the name of the local Kabak, the former once in these places the center of evening social life. Yes, the area is referred to the name pub. Moreover, even the metro station is also called. "Elephant and Castle" – very simple. And as you "The Flying Spoon" (Flying spoon) or "The FROG AND NIGHTGOWN" (Frog and nightgown), The Old Bull and Bush (old bull and bush).

Evening in a pub immediately immerse you in a truly English atmosphere and will set up to a pleasant way, so necessary for the perception of the city. Large selection of delicious beer, vintage wooden interiors, English is speaking, which with each subsequent sip turns into a caressing hearing unison, will make their job. And now you already feel yourself in London.

From morning it is possible to go through classic attractions: start with Trafalgar Square, come to the Buckingham Palace and further through the park to Westminster. Go to the river and here you will see one of the most photographed species in the world – view of the Parliament Building and the famous watch tower, known in the people as Big Ben.

Next, you can continue walking on the Thames Embankment towards the Tower Bridge past the Ferris Wheel London Eye, Business Quarter and Futuristic Egg – City Hall. If tired, you can drive up to the bridge by bus. We turn around the bridge, right behind it – London Tower, one of the oldest buildings of London, the fortress, for its history former and the palace, and the repository of royal jewelry, and arsenal, a mint, prison, observatory, and even a zoo. After visiting the Tower you can walk to the cathedral.Floor is quite close. However, the holy floor especially impressed me at night when the modern designs of the Millennium bridge leading to the cathedral from the opposite side of the Thames create an illusion of the highlight of the track and bright colored lines are well falling on the photo. Well, the most basic we saw in one day.

If you are a lover of nature and privacy, then quickly get tired of a little crazy central London. On the second day you better walk along the guide park or go to one of the numerous parks on the periphery of the city. For example, in the royal gardens of Kew Gardens. These are huge Botanical Gardens in its area, in the shade of which is simply nice to spend half a day. Moreover, they are located almost on the outskirts of the city, at the same name of the line of the third zone line District.This is the place where the flowers are continuously blooming, where the lawns are freely walking with peacocks, and before the tops of the trees can be reached by hand – there is a special elevator and platforms on the supports, right above deciduous krons.

In the evening of the same day, you can go to Oxford Street for shopping, and from there to reach the Picadilly Circus square, the famous Places of Tusovka and meetings of citizens. There is an unprecedented concentration of cranks from all over London. Generally, it is worth noting that in the city there are many interesting characters. Someone walks through the streets in the costume of the leopard, someone sings jazz to the whole area, someone goes to the subway almost in melting. People in London are very free. The immediacy, the absence of any complexes and stereotypes is a distinctive feature of not only London youth, but people of all ages. The usual picture is an elderly woman with dreadlocks and tunnels in the ears or grandfather with a civilian and purple hair. Perceived such breaks of the template as granted. You can walk down the street in all stupid, and no one will show your finger and talk "Oh, look what kind of guy goes, in all stupid". In essence, everyone is still at all, everyone do what they want. In this freedom, of course, there is a negative side. Perhaps they play the very Soviet-our features, but many people in Britain, guys, girls, according to my observations, do not follow them at all, and bend a stick in terms of freedom and decency. But this is their business, and we will return to the streets of London.

On the third day you can sit on the DLR somewhere at the station Bank and go straight to the Greenwich District. Exit, for example, at the Cutty Sark station, where to look at the Museum-Sailboat, once delivered tea from distant colonial lands to England. They say this is the only similar ship, preserved to the present day. Maniacs of geography is worth visiting the Greenwich Park, according to which Zero Meridian passes. I did not look at the imaginary line, but walked a little on the two-three-storey quarters of Greenwich and went to the opposite bank of Thames, in the business district of Doklands. Go the river by the old pedestrian tunnel, built in the 19th century and is another masterpiece of English engineering thought. In Doklands, there is particularly nothing to do, except to be lured among skyscrapers and wondering how for such a short time from the depressed ditch, the formerly large loaded port, and then almost abandoned, the London authorities were able to make the second business center of the city.

This can be considered a three-day march-throw completed. Of course, in three days you can see not all. In addition, lovers of museums will always want to museums, and lovers of pubs – in pubs. However, this route, despite the fact that he is bypassed some interesting central places, allows you to see not only the tourist Lick of London, but also its real life, life in a big city, but without multi-storey bedrooms and crazy traffic.

Early in the morning I got from Elephant and Castle to King’s King Station, famous for all the films and books about Harry Lost, and, barely time for the train, went to fabulous Scotland.

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