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Weekend in Macedonia

Weekend in Macedonia

When the next Uhabe minivan shook, and what I saw instead of a dull squash? The beauty is incredible! Mountains, Hills, Fields, Vineyards. I really wanted to sleep, but I took an effort and observed for the species. It was difficult to say how much time has passed since we sat down in the Durandulet, but he stopped at some catering. And then I understood why the road to the village is not so remote, it takes 3 hours, for which Ideally, the whole country can cross. Slore and break. All the minivans began to cheer and eat, and I, who tried terribly smelly toilet, sat down on the log, from which the miracle view of the mountains was opened, and cut his kefir, which here, however, is called yogurt. It did not pass and half an hour, all loaded, and the minibus pulled out on. And now the moment of true happiness – we arrived in Kruzhevo. The village of beauty is indescribable!

Where to go what to do and any such, I, of course, did not know. Unfortunately, all rustic spoke well in English, and the brain did not even have to strain. What a cute place is! I have never seen such gorgeous rose shrubs in my life. Mimiciness just bash. The houses are very interesting, different, beautiful and how experts would say – authentic. Doors, platbands: everything was fabulously awesome.

Kruzhevo is known in Macedonia in that there was a single Macedonian popular singer Tosha. For a short time, really was destined to sing Toshe: at the age of 27 he got into a car accident in Croatia and died. In memory of Kruzhevo, a memorial center. Probably the most beautiful of the modern buildings of Macedonia. I learned about this building not about Toshe, but about his victory in some cool architectural competition. And here I am in front of the Toshe Museum.

The building and the truth is interesting, simple and cute. Doors open, I am quiet in the building and going to go and "enjoy" Toshe’s pictures, how rushing is heard, more, however, similar to a cry, from the mouth of the museum. So I learned that you have to pay for the entrance. Toshe died, and you need to do. Deciding that my indifference to Toshe does not allow me to pay for the entrance, I started to go to the exit.

Upaying about such a Soviet-level employee of the museum, I retired in reflections on the Communist Heritage, which for many years they hung over all of us. Beautiful village, a wonderful museum, and the scoop all spoils. Next path lay to Macedonyum. Here are a tent with souvenir, and buses with older tourists, for doomes on the faces, it seems, locally. Here is a car beetle, so popular in Mexico. And here is Macedonium.

What to say about him? Wikipedia will say: Dedicated to the ilinden uprising and the kruševo republic and maany museums of the ilinden uprising, An Uprising Celebrated and Claimed by Bulgarians As Their Own. I am not the biggest amateur to go into historical details, I was interested in as an architectural object. As an object is quite an impressive! The object was holding a crowd of children under the supervision of sister-Catholic and a man who did not shy to smoke in this very crowd (this is the question of why everything in the Balkans in the Balkans). Children shouted, littered and did not hesitate to throw out plastic bottles in the bushes (my evolution, of course, was subjected to harsh test). I wanted to come and say: "Well, like you, friends, you can spoil such beauty!" But the feeling of doomed was over, and I just continued to quietly suffer over the uneducation of the local population on the topic of garbage harm. However, I suffered for a short time, since my eyes fell on the thickets of the souls. Oh, this smell! Divine smell. View from the mountain on which the Macedonium is located, exciting! Valley, Mountains, Forests. A few paragliders were paired over all this: I would have thought with them, I thought. In general, it will be necessary to somehow try.

I went to examine the village and, being on the other side of her side, again climbed up to the abandoned hotel "Panorama", which opened a wonderful view of the village. Hotel "Panorama", It seems to be remembered for me for all summer, because this Panoramon tan on a T-shirt, received from 40 minutes to appeal species of the village, stuck as a tattoo. What can be said about the types? Kruzhevo – the cutest village in the world, charming together with renovated houses and together with the dilapidated. Cute people, roosters and cats. In general, Kruzhevo Foreva! Surprisingly, how can the village be so beautiful and well maintained, and the capital is so ugly hole.

Walking around the streets and enhancing an inacond dialogue with some local small cloth, I went down to the bus station (very cute oldstyle station).

The plan was like this: to get to the city of Plip, walk there for hours 3 and at 9 pm, serving in the city of Kavacarce, where a friend was waiting for me. All this was planned in advance on the basis of bus timetables from Ineta. Of course, I didn’t blink my eye, having arrived in the illegal and learning that all the buses you need did not exist. I arrived at 17.55, and the last bus in Kavadacci went to 18.00. So in the end, everything, as usual, I was very good: I didn’t see the sight, but it miraculously managed to have a wonderful bus in Kavacarce. The road to Kavadaci impressed. Views in Macedonia, is indisputable that.

So, Kavadaczi. My girlfriend moved away from there in Skopje to study and, of course, there remained, for Kavadaci is. Torn. In those weekend it visited the parents and invited me. I, as a person who loving to lay on everything new, and explore the countries tightly, of course, was happy to take advantage of such an opportunity. What I am most struck? These are announcements about the dead, raised throughout the city, seems to be on each post and a tree suitable for this. Such something such that died then then, then, the funeral of the commemoration then then. Did you see somewhere? I’m not. Walking among all these worries was somehow awkward.

While we saw local attractions: a school, a museum, a park, a unwanted road – a friend told me about the life of the town. I, a resident of megacities, do not always understand how people are able to live in such small towns, where everyone will know about you all up to the color of the panties that you dried on the balcony. We rose to the park on the observation platform, which represents the Soviet concrete piece of shit (part-time memorial of some kind of war), which are also full of Russia. The question that does not leave me for many years as a person is capable of such a beautiful place like Kavadaci (around the hills, vineyards, valleys), build such an ugly tin? The only thing that has been positively surprised: it did not stink the urine, although it was all. Okay, we will not be about sad, the types of true chic opened! Probably, they compensate all the horror created by people.

The next day, waking up hours at 11 am, we started going to the country to friends. Of course, no one calls a house of Lake Dacha, but, as we know, cottage – she and in Macedonia cottage. While I clutched from the bed with difficulty, it turned out that instead of a taxi we were going on some kind of friend, and he comes after 15 minutes. So the cucumbers and pies I eaten, at the same time fastening sandals. Because we’re going to swim, I learned on Saturday, being in Krushevo, I didn’t have a swimsuit with me. I was given a swimsuit from the 90s, which I almost came up with me and looked quite modern. Grabbing swimsuits, towels and cucumbers, we ran to the car. This car was from the series "Thank you", It seems even "Lada". The driver, some kind of friend’s friend, was a very colorful character. He smoked all day without giving. In English, comrade did not speak, so I relaxed and looked around. Thank you, the car brought us to the bridge across the lake, and we left for some God forgotten the road, which stupidly went into the water. I did not really understand what was happening, as the discussions were carried out in Macedonian. I was told to take bags and leave the car. I, not alien to the difficulties and any kind of insane adventure, has already imagined how we will twist under a breakup with bags, meat and ice cream in it is not clear where. But it turned out that we will come by boat. Broke, shorter, all extreme me. Soon came on a boat classmates girlfriend, we plunged and swam.

Weekend in Macedonia

Lake Tikivis – the biggest artificial lake in Macedonia – this is what it is noteworthy officially. And unofficially – just a beautiful lake with gorgeous species.

We already seem to have sailed all sorts of houses, and here it seemed two more: beautiful on one shore and chalas on another. I thought I was thinking: at least not a slag (although it would be great for swimming and meat and he), when we sailed them both and floated in the direction of the forest, where there were no homes at all. In general, in the forest and landed. 5 minutes in a slide, and here it is a house on top of a hill, from which a chic view is located in different directions of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Tale, in one word! The fairy tale continued when the guys began to cook to eat. There is nothing deer than the country’s food, to the preparation of which you did not have a relationship. Also clarify that the whole company diligently tried to pour into me. Rakia is a rare nasty, as, however, for me all the strong alcohol. This time it was possible to avoid torture, but I had to agree to homemade wine, which also seems to me with rare fatty, but a little less than Rakia. Just really offended, if you do not drink with all! Overcoming the lodge poured on me, I volunteered to wash the dishes. Still, a sense of gratitude sometimes wins me lazy.

Having fallen and rest, we went to swim. Swim in such a place – it feel like a hero of some cool advertising or movie about summer and travel. Circle Green Mountains, no other people, and you, such young, beautiful and fun, laugh, jump from the boat and enjoy life. Bliss. At the next session of the bathing, we have already set off closer in the evening and, already sprawling in the lake, watched the sun sits down the mountains. Incredibly beautiful sight.

In the late afternoon, I took the chair, I installed it more comfortably at the most fale place, turned on the player and began to look like the tops of the mountains envelops a light flick and starts to darken. I suggested that we will soon be discarded, since we had to return to Skopje in the evening, and enjoyed every second so wonderful spectacle when the girlfriend said: "Oh, well, we go to Skopje tomorrow morning on a taxi – the last bus today has almost departed". Departed and left. In addition, the guys were preparing coals for a new serving of meat, which was as beautiful as in the day. And fried peppers. ohh.

Watches at 10 pm darkly finally and we went back. And here it opened the most beautiful – the starry sky. God, what it was huge and beautiful! Stars seemed to be so close that you could collect them with you. When we sailed on the boat on the lake, the sky became simply infinite, and the Milky Way was visible. Perhaps this is the most beautiful sky from those seen by me. On Lake Tivkish in Kavatamits! Who would have thought.

When we sailed to the car, it turned out that part of the guys should sail back to leave the boat and take the car from another shore. We began to wait. The bridge had thick concrete fences, on which I was sapless, staring in the starry sky. As far as it was beautiful, not even describe! Let’s just say, I got sidewrd from happiness my being. I do not know if it lasted it for a long time, but the remains of the team came soon, and we went home.

Home we drove past the nickel plant started to work at night. A nightmare, how much horror he frowned out: he glowed as something alien, filled with earth, stink and retormed. From one thought than to breathe everyone who lives near such factories comes to horror. After all, when, bathing in the lake, you watch the sun goes out for the mountains, climbing the house and sitting down more comfortably in the chair, look like the tops slowly envelops the haze, and then the immense starry sky and the long-prepar mysterious Milky Way, do you think that it is impossible to accommodate so many beauty. And then you pass by such a nickelike plant, which smokes, burns and stinks, opening the way to hell, you realize that the place for beauty again was released. In the thoughts about the contrast of the beauty of nature and horrors, which the person creates, the road went to the house.

Weekend in Macedonia

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