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Weekend in Finland

Weekend in Finland

Russia in northwest borders Finland. In this regard, ours living in this region sometimes enjoy the ability to spend their weekends in Finland. Reasons for visiting the country Mass: winter – meeting of the new year and visiting the village of Santa Claus, skiing in the best ski resorts of the country, contemplation of winter beauty in the snow-covered forest and even riding in the deer harness; In the summer – this is a fishing in the purest lakes, excursions to vintage castles and fortresses. And the famous Finnish Shopping is always out of season!

Of course, you can stay on vacation in an expensive hotel, but in order to better feel all the authenticity and beauty of the Finnish nature, the stopping place is better to choose a cottage – a separate house in the forest or on the shore of the reservoir. In addition, rent a house in Finland for weekends inexpensively, especially for a family or company.

Where better to remove the cottage

When choosing a cottage, it should be borne in mind that the price of accommodation will depend on the location of the location in relation to the border. The further, the lower the prices, and the choice is more. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the road, then by paying a little more average price to start enjoying the rest can be.

How to Book Cottage

1. Book any cottage in Finland through online booking systems.

2. Choose the cottage you like and on the site of the owner to make a booking, be sure to wait for confirmation.

What to pay attention to the selection of the cottage

In addition to the geographical location and distance from the border, pay attention to:

1. Number of full beds. If the ad is indicated "3 + 2" This does not mean that 5 people will be able to settle comfortably. This wording means that in the cottage there are 3 separate, good sleeping places and 2 more additional (clamshells, the second tier of bed, lying and t.D.).

2. If the cottage reservation occurs directly by the owner, check the cost of cleaning (after departure) and lease of bed linen. These services are usually paid separately. In order to save, bedding can be taken with you, and cleaning the room after your arrival.

3. See availability (toilet, shower, sauna) inside the cottage itself. In budget options, the location of amenities is possible separately on the street.

Weekend in Finland

How interesting and benefit

After choosing a cottage and settlement, the question arises: "Where to go and what to do?"

If the weekend came to the ski slope for the winter period. In the warm season, it is good to make a tour of local attractions, see the city architecture, but this can be done by renting a bike. Good quality cycles will contribute to the outdoor walk.

Also popular excursions on 2-storey outdoor buses. Very by the way there will be a boat on a boat or on a kayak on the lake.

You can go to the famous LinnanMaki Amusement Park or Water Park G. Helsinki.

In rainy weather you can visit museums: zoological, contemporary art, museum of equipment.

Rest in Finland is a great option to spend the weekend in a beautiful, eco-friendly and unique place, where everyone will find their own entertainment.

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