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Weekdays in Cameroon. Part 2 -, Cameroon Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

Weekdays in Cameroon. Part 2 -, Cameroon – Tourist Blog

We continue the story about the peculiarities of life in the distant African Cameroon.

In Cameroon, everything is expensive only for those who do not know how to behave. In fact, this is at the moment one of the most stable prices in terms of prices. Yes, prices are very stable here. In seven years, they practically did not change. Bottle of beer as it cost an average of 750 francs, so it costs now. At the taxi in the dual prices also do not change for many years. Maximum price – 2000 francs (at the rate of 1 dollar = 500 francs). Depending on how far you need to go. And dool – the city is stretched, big.
In general, this situation is logical and understandable. The temperature here is always not lower than 24 no higher than 40 degrees, eternal summer, always bananas – what can change here!
Cameroon on temperament – something like African Armenians. Very quick-tempered and emotional, so the government understands that it is easy to breed prices. These people flare up very quickly.

Local kitchen
Local restaurants do not represent any difficulties for tourists. Not even knowing the language, it is not difficult to understand the menu. Moreover, in some places, everything is duplicated in English.
From the garnings the most common here are a planner (fried feed banana), Miunda (root, analogs of which are not in our country), rice and potatoes fries.
I recommend to try a national dish Ndale. This is a special grass that is served with sauce. Very satisfying and tasty thing.
In the middle restaurant dinner with a pair of beer bottles will cost you about 5-7 thousand francs (10-14 $). In expensive restaurants prices, naturally, above.
You can buy a fish or chicken on the street. Chicken in the street "stalls" fry on the grill. The "Lark" himself is a small construction from concrete (such as our stop). Inside – open coals on which meat is preparing. Such a chicken costs 3500 francs (7 $). And it is possible to seek this portion of two from the soul.

As for fish, here are three main types: Macare, bar and carp. Bar and carp more. And the carp taste is the same as our, only he is ocean and he has no small bones. Bar or carp cost from 2000 francs ($ 4) apiece, that is, for a portion. In the center, of course, more expensive. In other areas you can find for 1500 francs.

There are in Cameroon and what we traditionally call kebab. It is served on wands of 30 grams, very quickly prepares and costs only 100 francs for a portion. Such a snack is very good goes to beer. Usually, we ordered two hundred such chopsticks on a company of six people. As a result, dinner came out about $ 40 per six.

There is here and shawarma. Arabs it costs 1,500 francs, at local – about 1000.

Speaking of local cuisine, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the food here is served here a very hard pended sauce, and the food itself is very peppering, sharp. It acts as a disinfector, and just need to get used to it. But not all the stomach can withstand such "loads". Be prepared for the soup there. Only in chinese restaurants, and that, these are far from those soups that we are used to.

National character
There are things that cannot be done in Cameroon under any circumstances. And you need to know about it.
In no case can not be hit by Cameroon or, especially, to get involved in a fight with him! Especially if it was not self-defense. Such an act will cost you very much. Put – do not put, of course, but you have to pay considerable money. And the main part of them will go away, and not offended Cameroon. The victim himself will receive only a small part.
To avoid conflicts, you just need to avoid evil places. We somehow drove into one place where life boils around the clock. One guy moved a few steps to the side, wrapped around the corner, and our translator immediately ran after him. It turns out in the district there were many different bars, and walking alone there, in general, it was unsafe. Such places you just need to know.

Weekdays in Cameroon. Part 2 -, Cameroon Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

However, worse than hitting Cameroonz – show him the middle finger. If you don’t even like a person, to show him "Fava" will probably be the last thing you do in your life. Here it is a blood insult. After that, it will only pray. Better to hit the face. It will at least cost cheaper.

On the roads
In general, people are simple. Go on the street, eat shawarma – can wish a nice appetite or easily ask to eat. To this should be treated simply and easily.
What really annoys, especially the first time, is when you go on the sidewalk, and every taxi driver is sure that you want him to drive you. They approach the back and loudly signal. You say no. This guy departs, and immediately in his place appears another, who, of course, saw that you said no, but still relieves you. And so do each taxi driver. On the third or fourth day it dismisses it, because the beeps are always in the back.

On the roads should also be careful. In principle, it is not fast here, because it just does not allow moving – a lot of transport. But go to Cameroon without rules. For example, in the dual only 4 or 5 traffic lights. And only two work. And where the traffic light is started periodically, a traffic jam is usually formed.
The task of the police – to disperse these traffic jams, and their desires are usually even more trivial – a quiet thing to stand in a shady.
There is a small nuance, which is also desirable to pay attention. If the driver sees you go on the road, it is implicitly started to add speed. So, pedestrian cross the roadway here follows, or purely, or fast.
Rules of the road as such are not, so who where can, go there.

If you are going to travel between cities, then you will immediately note that every 30-50 km on the highway cost state traffic cash regulations. All roads are paid here – about 500 francs from the car will have to pay at each such key.

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