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Weekdays in Bahrain American Alley, Tree of Life and Oil Saudi Arabia

Weekdays in Bahrain: American Alley, Tree of Life and Oil Saudi Arabia

We moved to the Jaffair (Juffair) area, where all the expats come to work in Bahrain under the contract will usually settle. The American military, with or without families who serve in the country live. There is even an American alley: Street with all the most famous world fast foods. In this area, the most noisy clubs, the hottest parties, the hottest girls … what else? The most thick alcohol, pours exclusively by the river and immediately in the mouth, but not only in Ramadan. Something somewhere, of course, works underground, but, in general, the whole month is silence and peace.

At home cost smooth, high like on the selection. Every year a new man-made embankment is created. The area of ​​the bay decreases, but the land area increases. Jaffair, like the Bahrain Business Quarter, is an incessant building. Everything is designed for comfortable life and recreation:

In every condominimum – a mandatory pool. Most often on the roof, along with the jacuzzi:

In our house floor below – Billiards, Sauna, Hamam and Gym. The Medvedian turned out to be a girlfriend athletic, drove excess fat from the sides of frequent riding in the car:

As a regular service – Weekly apartment service. Philippines work maids, they are standing behind the shelves of many stores in Bahrain, and also nursing with the Arab kids. Average salary 80 bd, slightly more than two hundred dollars. Clean towels, cooler, always full of water, filled beds – these are the bonuses that we got, moving to this socially household paradise.

The hospitable owner of the apartment, Inesan, the Turks in origin, a little older than forty-five, with a beautiful low velvet voice, bypassing manners, shy, cute and lonely, works under a contract for one of the Turkish companies. Immigrants from Turkey in Bahrain a lot, their culture is valued. Local television broadcasts Turkish TV series. Some Bahrainians teach Turkish. Inesan works from morning to evening, but in Ramadan his working day is much shorter, after lunch he is already free. Guest from Russia – reason to dilute its usual pastime cultural leisure. We go to the desert to the tree of life.

According to the legend, the tree of life is the oldest tree on the island of Bahrain. It stands in the midst of the desert in the island in the south or two hundred, or four hundred years, immersing their roots deep into the ground, and no one knows what it really feeds. After all, if there were water in the wilderness, probably the trees were growing nearby:

In the fibrous cortex of the barrel, not a single insect, in the branches – the nest of small birds, the seeds to taste resemble vanilla cookies. Tree is noisy talking to the wind in their tiny leaves. This is the symbol of Bahrain and the mystery of nature:

Around – Stone Desert. The wind raises lifeless dust and scores it nostrils:

Away in the pipe burned natural gas. BAPCO (Bahrain Petrolium Company) is engaged in the country of both gas production and oil processing. This is a state concern that controls the lion’s share of the local economy.

Weekdays in Bahrain American Alley, Tree of Life and Oil Saudi Arabia

In the past century, Bahrain became the first country in the Persian Gulf, where the fabulous oil reserves found. But today the neighboring Saudi Arabia puts harsh conditions for its prey. The geography of the region is such that any oil development in Bahrain will force oil deposits in Saudi Arabia to flip over the inclined island state. Therefore, the rules of the game are as follows: Saudites sell Bahrain intolerabated oil at the center for the barrel, and the recycled buy already at the market price. Thus, together with the extraction of gas, the economy of the small kingdom remains afloat, and its citizens may not bother their special employment. In the West, Bahrain is connected to Saudi Arabia bridge in 25 kilometers long.

The road from the tree of life stretches along the coast. On the one hand azure water, on the other – industrial zone. On the territory of Bahrain is one of the largest factories in the Middle and Middle East for the processing of aluminum, Alba. Works on Australian raw materials. Whether because of the sandstone storm, or because of the activity of the plant sky over the desert yellow and dirty.

"The one who owns Bahrain, he controls the Persian Bay," says Inesan. Today, the control over the region is held by the United States. Bahrain is the base of the 5th Fleet US Navy. There are about four thousand servicemen in the country, air bases are airplanes. Soon Bahrain plans to connect his lands bridge with Qatar. It will be the longest bridge in the world, 45 km. The cost of construction is estimated at two billion dollars. Americans in Qatar also have a base, quite large and recently upgraded. In Saudi Arabia, there is a center for controlling the aerospace operations of the United States in the Middle East.

The sun sits in the water. Sunset is nirious naked, he does not interfere with no cloud. During the day there is unbearable heat here, but in the evening the desert whispers his gracious lullaby. People come to life in the city. Sun of the village. Its time for dinner.

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Weekdays in Bahrain American Alley, Tree of Life and Oil Saudi Arabia

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