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Week as Uno Momento

Week as Uno Momento

Boat carried us from the shore into the darkness, and only flickering lighthouses on piles inspired the hope that the earth is already near. The city grew unexpectedly, rose from the water with a black silent wall. Neither light, no sound. Boat made a smooth turn, and suddenly fireworks of light, music and joyful people dispelled all our fears. We inhaled with full breasts and shouted in the exhale, shouted: Venice.

Meanwhile, our captain contacted the radio with the hotel, and we heard living Italian speech. From the radio came: where were you for so long? You are already waiting for other customers! In response, our sailor bravely waved his hands and shouted that he did not see such stupid Rousseau in his life: where he met them, they walked around him as half an hour and did not come up, and he looked all his eyes, was going to go, And then they found him. About the fact that the plate with our names he was inverted and also folded in half, he "shore" said nothing.

First Dinner B "Attached" Restaurant, first dating. We did not have time to taste the third dish from the next variation of spaghetti and sea delicacies, how a cute hostess of the restaurant was hooked up and began to guess where we came from. No fraternal Slavic country remained forgotten, but when the cherished was said: we are from Russia – the hostess broke into such a smile that we all seemed like we were her prodigal children, finally returned from distant countries. "I love our so much! – She cried out. – These are my most expensive tourists. Can I generally compare you with someone? Sorry, I did not immediately guessed, the ours we have rare guests. Oh, Russia. " The stormy flow of compliments softened us. We spread through the chairs, as if filled cats, and with idiotic persons they nodded after each of her words. The last phrase of the welcoming govani contained a request for a sign of mutual love to taste the best cakes her restaurant. We gladly supported this proposal, and she thought it is superfluous to report that just the cakes are not included in the dinner paid in advance.

In Moscow, we warned us that it was easier to get lost easier and that if this happened, in no case cannot be searched for the road, which went, is useless. And search you need pointers "S. Marco" and go there by arrows: from there, like from the stove, it is easy to find any address. Now we can confirm this and we: time and reality dissolve in the fabulous beauty of deserted narrow streets, where every step is given to echo, in their unpredictable interlacing with channels and suddenly opening areas, in merry crowds of young people who appear from old churches converted into nightclubs.

Week as Uno Momento

He collapsed on us with a mad stream of transport and terrible heat. For thickening thirst, my dehydrated organism took beer. Since in the city you do not know and whom you will not see anyone else knows how many years, I still wanted to fully keep the sharpness of the impressions, – I demanded a beer in the first street restaurant, but a non-alcoholic. My order stolen the waiter, and he asked to repeat the memorial. I repeated, carefully making focus on the word "Non-alcoholic". The waiter froze in bewilderment and asked to say again. I tried as he could, changing the tempo, rhythm and volume of pronunciation. In vain. Then the resourceful Italian asked me to step up and repeat the request once again, only to carefully try to try the sounds so that he could read my request to my lips. Hunting in the forest. I like a clown, pulling the lips, tried with all my might. Useless! I knew from the dialogue, my gaze began to rush around the sides in search of help and came across a showcase with a very pretty lobster, the thirst disappeared, and I really wanted to eat. The price seemed so funny – $ 20! – that the finger himself buried on the menu: Unwan perfo! Lobster turned out to be great and tasty, but when a satisfied waiter brought me a bill, Lobster came to life in my stomach. It turned out that $ 20 is 100 grams, and my weighed all the shelter. As it should be in the our tradition, I ordered the strongest beer in order to eliminate stress. And vodka. My waiter cailed and said that I finally understood me. It was visible on his breath look, Chutch he thinks about men drinking non-alcoholic beer.

In an airplane, carrying us into Moscow, I recalled the Roman Forum and Fountain Trevi, the Palace of the Doge and St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Navona area and people. We will arrive at you again guys. We love you. In addition to jokes.

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