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Wedding Prince William attracts tourists to London

Wedding Prince William attracts tourists to London

Slightly more than a month stays before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This event is eagerly awaited by not only the United Kingdom, but the whole world. Marriage is scheduled for April 29 and on this day in London is expected unprecedented influx of tourists. Millions of people want to look at the British "Wedding century". But because of the enhanced security measures, look at the wedding consignment, and even more so on what is happening in the church and in the palace will be very difficult, but everyone will be able to watch wedding live on the screens on the central squares of the city.

Wald up a couple in Westminster Abbey will be Archbishop Canterbury. This ceremony will be held in a narrow circle – only 28 friends have been invited to her.

Many wedding photographers of the portfolio of which allows you to cover such events, claim to shoot the royal wedding. Wedding photographer will always accompany newlyweds and shoot the whole ceremony. Wedding photos are expected to be published in the world’s leading editions.

Wedding Prince William attracts tourists to London

After the ceremony, the newlyweds will pass in a carriage through the streets of London to the Buckingham Palace, where they will be waiting for Queen Elizabeth. In the palace will be a solemn reception. Interesting detail – for some dishes guests and even newlyweds will have to pay. At the reception will be present "limited" Number of guests, of all about two thousand people. The listings of the invited was the bride and groom, so their composition was not quite ordinary. Of course, the royal parties will be attended from all over Europe, but besides them, a couple of friends are invited to the wedding, and not politicians. For example, among guests there will be David Beckham, but there will be no US president Barack Obama.

Wedding Prince William declared a national holiday, respectively, from April 29 to May 2 in the UK non-working days.

Wedding Prince William attracts tourists to London

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