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Wedding journey there is an idea!

Honeymoon? I have an idea!

In this material you will not find tips like "How to spend a honeymoon in Turkey" or "How to organize a wedding trip to Egypt". This is why everyone has long been known. Lovers "do not bother" able to find suitable tours without assistance.

The same, whom the exotic and unusual landscapes be manitis, happy to advise five colorful places where you can not just relax in front of the beginning of family life, but also replenish your cultural baggage.

Country of canceled coffee and long serials ..

And also tanned football players, samba, formula 1, enchanting carnivals, and impassable jungle. Of course, this is Brazil!

In whatever point of the country you did not find yourself, the honeymoon promises to be excellent. In Salvador, the first capital of the state, all the streets, museums and administrative buildings carry a colonial imprint.

Day on the market, located near the sea, Older saleswomen ; Bayianki offer sweets from coconut, and in the evenings in the city there is here, then the dancers of Copoweirs are going. Not surprisingly, because it is martial art with elements of dance originated here.

In the south-east of the country there is the most icing city, the coast of which often flashed 10-15 years ago in soap operations. In Rio de Janeiro is not boring.

Local residents have a fun and explosive character, their charge of cheerfulness applies to everything and everyone, because in their veins the blood of the Indians, colonizers from Europe and the first dark-skinned slaves flow. Near Rio is the town of São Paulo, created in the image of New York, however, with Brazilian flavor.

For brave newlyweds, the expedition is suitable for tropical jungle, wander through which best on the canoe on the famous Amazon River. In the capital of Amazonas, the town of Manaus, there is a special base where you can rent a boat . In this region, the tribes of the Indians still live and, if you’re lucky, you can even talk with them!

Wedding Journey to Mozambique – Tropical Paradise

The best way to start a family life is to go to the real earthly paradise, the perfect place for the creators of the Bounty advertising.

No wonder it was in Mozambique who found traces of a person dated two million years. Ancient people were not fools and knew where to settle: wide sandy beaches, washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean, lagoon with crystal clear water, islands with palm groves and brown tropical vegetation. Do not come up with the best conditions for life!

And here is surprisingly delicious seafood, so skillfully fried octopus and squid will make romantic every dinner.

Mozambique – one of the most attractive places for amateurs of rare species of flora and fauna. In the coastal thickets of the Bazuruthto archipelago, marine cows or dugoni will graze, who do not meet anywhere else in the world.

For the amazing underwater world of the place was chosen by divers. If you have not yet managed to exchange rings, then why not do it under water in the company of Pöstry Fish?

Vietnamese Saga

Vietnam, perhaps, one of the few countries that the European civilization and the costs of globalism practically did not affect. Despite the abundant gifts of the sea and numerous rivers, the locals still eat snakes and dogs, wear tapered hats – nonsense and are engaged in agriculture and fishing.

Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, city with especially culture. Here, right in the middle of the lake of the returned sword built "Temple of the Turtle", and not far from him, in the northern part of the lake is the island, where the "nephite temple" is.

Here they often drive their evenings, both tourists and locals. In general, last year, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum became the most visited place in Hanoi, the exposition of which is devoted to the contribution of the beautiful half of humanity in the history of Vietnam.

If you get tired of urban fuss, you can sit on the boat ; SAMPANA and go on a trip by Mekong Delta. Fruit gardens and rice fields are extended from both banks of a slow river Mekong. Another excellent place for river walks – Halong Bay, famous for its stalactite and stalagmitic caves.

Wedding journey there is an idea!

Dance in Boro Boro

So it happened: newlyweds dancing waltz. However, this tradition is easy to break if you go to Boro Boro, where it is customary to dance for energetic rhythms of Polynesian drums, supplemented by a deep sound of a flute, while putting the garland from tropical colors.

Lagoon Boro Boro is so picturesque that it can be admired by the days. It is even better to alternate a serene rest on the beach with the study of the sights of the islands, which there is plenty of.

These are the dilapidated ceremonial sites of the sea, and the ruins of the US naval base to which you can drive up at the Safari jeep, and even the ancient village of Faantoui, where Polynesian leaders had once lived.

One day must be devoted to a walk on the mountain Pahia, enjoying on the way the view of fern thickets, dense forests, fruit gardens and fragrance of wild architects.

Eternal Siesta

For those who do not think of their lives without the old woman of Europe, the Spain is just the country that is capable of making a honeymoon is still sweeter. For privacy from a noisy city, the coast of Casa Oleandro or Casa Pino.

Nice to contemplate gibraltar, coming out of the bungalow, and then cook fresh fish on the fire. Wheel in Spanish forests on a bike and after that relax in SPA.

In Spain, inexpensive rental cars. For example, Ford Fiesta will cost about 8-10 euros per day. Therefore, it is advantageous to remove a car for several days and travel along the small picturesque townships, after having lingering Siesta in roadside cafes.

Oh, Seville, Favorite City of Poets! Ancient Cordoba with the fabulous palace of Alhambra and Gardens of Henellife. The capital of winemaking, Jerez – de – La ; Frontera and many more cities that are in a hurry to tell your secrets in inquisitive travelers.

Wedding journey there is an idea!

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