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Wedding in Cyprus

Wedding in Cyprus

Probably, the fact that an increasing number of our couples in recent years has been combined with a marriage in Cyprus, somehow connected with the desire of our young compatriots to accept the bonds of marriage under the auspices of Aphrodite, goddess, to the word, not only love, but also beauty.

However, the island of Cyprus itself has to such a decision. Here almost all year round costs beautiful weather – Nature hints that in the new family, too, there must be even and warm relations for long years. And with fertility in Cyprus everything is in order, rarely where to meet such an abundance of wine fruits and wine – also a kind of hint.

Two circumstances are usually confused by those who are thinking whether to register marriage in Cyprus. First – Will such a marriage valid in Russia and other countries? And alone – Is not too difficult in Cyprus Marriage Registration Procedure by foreigners? At the mind come similar difficulties in the homeland. But these concerns are completely bothering.

To conclude a marriage alliance in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, it is possible for this, for this it is enough to present a foreign and general passport, a birth certificate.

To declare my desire to marry and notify the registering authority about it – Municipality, you can e-mail, in the same way the date and time of the ceremony is consistent. The marriage in Cyprus is recognized in all countries, and of course in Russia.

Wedding in Cyprus

Another circumstance sometimes makes it difficult to choose in favor of marriage «Mediterranean pearls» – fears that the wedding in Cyprus will be too expensive. In fact, the costs of such a wedding are quite comparable to those who bear newlyweds, exchanging rings in the palaces of marriage of large our cities. Package of marriage services provided by tourist and special agencies, averages 1300 euros.

In the wedding package of services, a fee is usually included;.

According to Cyprus laws, a foreign tourist agency must have on the island of the local partner, usually it – Knowing hotels in wedding organizations. For a fee, they can organize an exotic wedding – On the water, in the wine-growing house, and even on the place of the birth of that same Aphrodite. As they say – May you live happily ever after!

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