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Wedding abroad

Wedding abroad

Weddings abroad every year are becoming more and more popular. More and more steam or completely refuse expensive banquets for distant relatives and unfamiliar people from the series "Because it is a Mine cousin and she will be offended if they do not call" And simply sign in the registry office, or choose a symbolic ceremony on the banks of the Caribbean Islands or in Europe (needed to add) for the closest friends and parents. More often fly together, having mastered the courage to repel the father "do everything like people".

If comparisons of all pros and cons ; long-passed stage, and you are already one foot on the plane, and with a nameless finger almost in the ring, do not forget to take into account some important details.

Want to sign abroad officially or arrange a symbolic ceremony?

Register marriage is officially possible not in every country. Some countries establish restrictions or special conditions for registration of non-residents. For example, in Thailand to register marriage can those who are registered at the our Embassy or has permanent residence permit. To conclude a marriage in Seychelles, you need to live on the islands at least 11 days, and on Sri Lanka – at least four nights before the wedding. The French authorities require newlyweds to spend marriage in the country for at least 30 days before registration. In some countries, only a religious form of marriage is recognized ; In Indonesia, you can register only Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists. Orthodox in this list no. In addition, newlyweds should belong to one religion.

However, there is a large selection of countries where legislation allows you to register relations to citizens of any state. And if you plan simply a symbolic wedding ceremony abroad, the choice of a place for a wedding abroad is not limited.

What documents are needed for official registration?

  • our passports;
  • Certificate of the birth of the bride and groom;
  • passports and their copies;
  • Affidevit (certificate from the registry office for the absence of legal obstacles to marriage);
  • filled questionnaire (when organizing a wedding from the hotel);
  • Certificate of termination of marriage, certificate of death of the spouse (if these events took place);
  • In some countries, it is also necessary to present documents on the change in the name and name under the relevant circumstances, medical certificates on health care (France).

To all documents (except for passports) should be made copies in the state language of the country in which you want to marry. All copies should be notarized in Russia. At the birth certificate (divorce, death of a spouse) should be made apostille, a special sign that put on non-commercial documents of notaries or bodies issued documents. Be sure to specify the list of necessary documents for the wedding abroad in advance and the timing of their provision.

A certificate of marriage concluded in another country does not exchange any evidence of the our sample. After receiving a legalized marriage certificate with a notarized translation, in a passport desk at the place of registration you put a stamp "Registered marriage" into the passport of a citizen of the our Federation. If the name is needed, you need to contact the registry office at the place of registration with a statement about the change of the name, and after receiving a certificate of change of names – change the passport and in the new passport to make marriage registration marks. I do not want to talk about sad, but it is necessary ; Divorce can be decorated only in the country where marriage was concluded.

Specify the deadlines for the legalization of marriage certificate. In different countries, this procedure takes different times. In some countries, a legalization document can be obtained on the next business day after registration of marriage, and somewhere – wait until six months.

Wedding abroad

Symbolic wedding ceremony

If you do not want to spend money and time for collecting documents for the official foreign ceremony and are ready to pick up the official marriage certificate in the our registry office without a traditional solemn ceremony, but dream of a beautiful and elegant wedding ceremony abroad. In most cases, the newlyweds receive a decorative testimony, fulfilled quite effectively: in Europe it can be stylized under ancient parchment, and somewhere in the Maldives – highly artistically fulfill on the palm sheet.

Since symbolic ceremonies do not carry any legal burden, they can be organized in almost any corner of the world, and do it as you dream. The options for conducting such ceremonies are a finest set – from the ceremonies in the air or under water to traditional Buddhist wedding rituals. Unlike the official ceremonies, here the flight of fantasy is limited only by your financial capabilities.

Our reader Anya tells about his experience of a symbolic wedding

"A secluded wedding on the ocean among coconut trees has always been my dream, so when the wedding time came, other options were not even discussed. It was necessary only to decide on the site. Several countries were considered, but after viewing a variety of photographs, video and reviews the choice fell on the Dominican Republic.

Services in the organization of wedding ceremonies in Dominican Republic are very popular, so you are offered enough diverse programs for any budget and taste. You can order the ceremony from the tour operator, in the hotel or in the wedding agency. It is better to choose wedding agencies, they offer more services, make out everything with all your whims, they have their own team of designers, photographers, stylists, and t.D., Therefore, the agency has a wedding organization is cheaper.

There are two options for ceremony: official and symbolic. The official implies the issuance of a marriage certificate that operates in Russia. For such a ceremony, you will need to collect, assure and translate into Spanish the necessary package of documents and send a minimum wedding organizers 1-2 months before the date of the ceremony. Agency will boil the judge and date of registration. The cost of such a ceremony in Dominican Republic ; $ 1000 + cost of the selected wedding package.
When conducting a symbolic ceremony, a certificate is issued non-legal force in Russia. Agencies offer a variety of wedding packages with services worth an average of $ 600 to $ 1500 depending on the place and services.

The standard package includes the following services:

  • Transfer;
  • Individual design of the wedding (beautiful gazebo with live flowers and scenery);
  • Professional photo session, 200-300 photo processed;
  • Lead ceremony in our;
  • Sand ceremony of unity;
  • Drinking water;
  • Bottle of champagne;
  • Musical accompaniment;
  • Rose petals;
  • Wedding certificate.

Many agencies in the packages include hairstyle and makeup of the bride, dinner on the ocean, cake, fruit. Also for an additional fee in the package you can add various services for every taste.

Organize a wedding abroad does not represent any difficulties and retains the nerves and time to the bride and the bridegroom, and also gives a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions and memories.

When we decided on the country, engaged in buying tickets and hotel booking. They choose at one of the most popular Punta Cano resorts in the Bavaro area. When tickets were purchased and the hotel booked, it began the most difficult, it was necessary to find a wedding agency. On the Internet a huge number of agencies, I chose approximately 5, based on their proposals, and having studied their groups in social.networks and talked with representatives, stopped on the one who set up more than the rest.
Choosing wedding packages big, we chose San Island ; Reserve in the Caribbean, where there are no hotels and almost no one lives. The cost of this package is $ 1000.
All the details of the wedding (design, style, bouquet) are maximally discussed in online mode. On the day of our arrival at the hotel, we met with the organizer, once again discussed all the details and we were transferred to the schedule of the day.
On the wedding day, the car arrived in the hotel early in the hotel and took a beauty salon, where makeup and hairstyle did me. After that, we went to the port, there we were waiting for a team and a boat, on which about an hour we sailed to the island, enjoying the stunning view around. When we sailed to the island, we began a love story photo session, and at this time the team made the place of the ceremony.

During the ceremony under romantic music, we gave the oath of love, held the sand ceremony of unity, exchanged rings and signed a wedding certificate. After we were declared her husband and wife, the explosion of champagne sounded, and under the scatled roses petals we danced our first dance.

After drinking champagne and photo shoot, we were waiting for a romantic dinner on the seashore with lobster and fish, caught and cooked in a local fishing village.
That’s how our wedding ended in a paradise".

And guests?

Think if you will invite someone to your ceremony, it does not matter whether it is official or not. Remember that someone from guests may not be a visa or even passport, this moment needs to be thought out in advance.

The following paragraph should be a decision on flight and accommodation guests ; Who pays the trip, newlyweds or guests themselves. It all depends on your budget again.
Note that guests can fly not for one or two days, but for a longer period, especially if the celebration passes on the distant islands. Wedding will end, honeymoon will begin ; Think carefully if you want to spend it together or with a crowd of friends and parents.

Wedding abroad

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