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Weather in Hong Kong for months. What to go and can you swim

Weather in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there is a joke that Londoners were looking for a place for a long time, where it would always be foggy, and when they found, they made it their colony. It is so characterized by the weather of Hong Kong most tourists: rainy and foggy. It is believed that the climate of Hong Kong is closest to the subtropical, so most of the year is warm here, it is possible to say even hot. Summer lasts from March to October, spring in the fall is so violent that you do not have time to notice them, but the winter, as in Europe, three months, however, to compare the our and Hong Kong winter is at least stupid, because the temperature outside the window is extremely rarely lowered below ten degrees. Summer is also not at all like our, it is very humid, often there are typhoons that spoil the weather as they can. We usually go to Hong Kong in April and October, and at this time with the weather is usually very lucky (although it rains also happen), but also visits in November, and in June. June is generally very comfortable, but in November we fell so that a whole week almost no no longer rain. The average temperature in winter is about 15-20 degrees, in the summer of 30-33, while the temperature is selected to the fourth ten. It is very important when planning your trip to Hong Kong to consider the weather, so as not to freeze in the winter and not frozen in the summer, so we decided to write in detail what the weather in Hong Kong for months.

Weather in Hong Kong – now

Hong Kong in January

As for the weather in Hong Kong in January, then almost any our tourist will be very comfortable. The average temperature is about 19 degrees, at night 14, but it turns out to be bought in open pools or the sea, because the water temperature is rarely rising above 16-17 degrees. As for the Hong Kongs themselves, for them January in Hong Kong – cold weather, they dress jackets, boots, scarves and gloves. In our opinion, this is the most beautiful time to inspect the sights: during the day you need a pretty comfortable temperature, plus there is practically no precipitation, as January is among the most dry months in Hong Kong, although the moisture is still high for Europeans – about 60-70%.

Weather in Hong Kong in February

In February, Hong Kong in February is almost the same, but the probability of rain is significantly increased, fogs become frequent guests. Usually in February, the Chinese New Year is celebrated, thousands of tourists who want to see the festivities on this occasion about this. In the same month, the famous lanterns holiday celebrated, which is not inferior on the painfulness of New Year’s celebrations. Of course, tourists can distort the rains at this time, but this is not a rainy season, so the protracted livne is rather rare.

March in Hong Kong

As well as around the world, in Hong Kong in March, spring comes, and in the second half of the month there is a significant increase in daylight temperature. Rainy and sunny days robbed, but sometimes unpleasant fogs are possible and even frost. In general, the weather in March in Hong Kong is quite comfortable for walking around the city and visits to parks and other open attractions, and if it is raining, you can always send one of Numerous Museums of Hong Kong.

Weather in Hong Kong in April

April is almost summer in Hong Kong. In April 2016, it was possible to even swim, the water temperature began to be up to 25 degrees. In general, the month is quite sunny, but sometimes there are rainy days, and rain can be both short-term and strong and drowning all day. During our trip to April to Hong Kong in 2015, the rain was only twice, once a small crowd all day, and the second day is quite a bit in the morning. Unfortunately, with the temperature of the air rises and humidity rises, sometimes it is so high that I don’t want to go outside. Many do not share our opinion, but in our opinion April – one of the best months to visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong in May

The weather in May in Hong Kong is already very summer, the daily temperature is rarely lowered below 25 degrees, and more and more often strive to entrenched above 30. If you want to try a beach holiday in Hong Kong, then it’s hard to find better time. Despite the fact that the amount of precipitation is quite large, as a rule, rains are strong, but short-term. According to official data, the water temperature is about 25-27 degrees, but here it is not necessary for a year.

Weather in June in Hong Kong

In June, hot summer comes to Hong Kong, the temperature even at night rarely falls below 25 degrees, and the daily below 30 degrees – great happiness for Hong Kongs. Unfortunately, the rains in June are not uncommon – in the second half of the month, the season of tropical rains and typhoons occurs. If Poland, then the Ecumenical Flood appeared. Fortunately, most of the pedestrian street galleries are closed, allowing even in heavy rain, and there is most likely to visit the traditional sights of Victoria and Buddha’s traditional sights, and during typhoons, Naggon Ping’s cable car is usually Close. If the level of danger is high, it can even be limited to the street. We somehow spent in Hong Kong in early June 3 (on the way to Taiwan), we were very lucky, all the days were very sunny, and the rains walked at night.

Hong Kong in July

July in Hong Kong is a month of hurricanes, but as a rule, they are all pretty harmless, although there are exceptions. So, for example, in 1997, one of the typhoons "stopped" the city cost without destruction and victims, but the life of Hong Kong was paralyzed. Despite the high probability of rain, the weather remains hot: in the afternoon over 30 degrees. Hong Kongs prefer to spend their free time in the pools or the sea and tourists also advise the same.

Weather in Hong Kong in August

August in Hong Kong – not the most pleasant month. According to statistics, it is for the last month of summer there is a peak of tropical showers. Despite the fact that the average daily temperature strive for 30, and water temperature reaches 27 degrees, it is in August that the weather in Hong Kong is not happy with sunny days. But frequent August rains are not at all frightened by numerous tourists who come into shopping centers and museums from open parks.

Weather in Hong Kong for months. What to go and can you swim

Hong Kong in September

In September, the long-awaited coolness comes to Hong Kong. Well, as cool, the average daily temperature drops below 30 degrees, and the amount of rains is noticeably reduced. True, hurricanes and typhunas are still possible, which can be sanging vacation to tourists. At this time, in Hong Kong, there are a lot of tourists who are happy to visit the parks, take walking on the peak of Victoria and go to the beach, because the water temperature is still about 24-26 degrees.

Weather in Hong Kong in October

October in Hong Kong is usually famous for excellent weather, air temperature from 23 to 28, water 24-26. Rains are much less than in summer. Tumans are possible, especially in the morning. October, it is believed to be one of the best months for traveling to Hong Kong, although personally we prefer January or April.

Hong Kong in November

Weather in November in Hong Kong Comfortable for long walking walks. Summer heat is replaced by an average temperature regime about 25 degrees in the afternoon, in the evening the thermometer column is lowered to 18. In November, rains are very small, and they are usually short-term. November – a great time to inspect the sights and no matter what you choose, lift to Big Buddha or rides in attractions in Sound Park, you are equally good (in terms of weather) will be everywhere.

Weather in Hong Kong in December

In December, a real winter comes to Hong Kong, the average daily temperature is about 16-18 degrees, rains happen extremely rarely. In general, winter in Hong Kong is very similar to India Summer in Russia, when it seems like autumn, but it’s still warm and there is a sun. The weather in December in Hong Kong is ideal for Hayking, you can walk along the famous back of the dragon and at the same time not to die from heat.

Weather in Hong Kong – forecast for 7 days

I want to say about the weather in Hong Kong that her bad there is no, but tourists who spent 3 out of 3 days at the hotel, because there was a high threat of Typhoon, with us, of course, will not agree. Unfortunately, we are not insured against nature cataclysms and even the most thorough planning sometimes gives failures. The most important thing is to plan your route so that the weather has created you problems. If it’s raining on the street, you can always go shopping or to the museum, and if sunny, then it is better to postpone the walking shopping mall and dedicate the day by sightseeing in the open sky.

Weather in Hong Kong for months. What to go and can you swim

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