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Weather forecast for Sri Lanka and seasons for recreation, when it is better to go

Weather forecast for Sri Lanka and seasons for recreation, when it is better to go

In the Asian resorts there is a bright transition of seasons – warm and dry months are sharply replaced by winds and strong rains. But Sri Lanka is unique: there are no such transitions here, and tourists come all year round, rejoicing beautiful weather, although two seasons stand out.

High season

The most comfortable stay on Sri Lanka, when it is better to go here – this is the period from November to April. The weather pleases tourists:

  • day the temperature does not fall below +29 degrees;
  • At night, it is also comfortable – up to +24;
  • The sun shines 10 hours a day;
  • The precipitation rarely falls and are short-term;
  • waves are absent or minimal – you can easily swim.

Winter Sri Lanka attracts tourists from all over the world, a particularly noticeable flow of guests is becoming in December and the first week of January, when Europeans pass Christmas holidays. Hotels are filled, on the beaches it becomes closely – travelers ride the whole family, with children.

Rain season

Rain on the island go from May to September, constant winds blow in the south, and the air temperature remains high – up to +28 degrees. The tourist is better to go to the eastern resorts, where it is arid and comfortable, and you can, not afraid of waves. When it is better to rest on Sri Lanka? Summer has several advantages:

    Weather forecast for Sri Lanka and seasons for recreation, when it is better to go
  • Less tourists, reigns a calm and measured atmosphere;
  • Prices are reduced both in hotels and restaurants;
  • The service continues to work, unlike Goa and Phuket, where the resorts are empty, the parks are closed;
  • The exotic fruits ripen, which in the summer will not try;
  • On the beaches you can see living elephants – they are harmless and delight tourists;
  • Unlimited surfing opportunities open.

The rainy season is not heavy rainfall every day, and short-term precipitation for half an hour, after which the sun looks out again, the lifeful freshness appears.

Climate Sri Lanka for months

Choosing a date of trips to the island, you should know the climate of Sri Lanka and weather forecast. The quality of vacation largely depends on the season and weather phenomena:

  • From January to the end of March there is a heat, and the sea is ideal for swimming, precipitation rarely falls out in the mountains and the center, but in the east of the country of the shower go more often;
  • April – the hottest month when you can relax in the West, south, north, the thermometer bar always shows above +30, and even at night it does not get colder;
  • Maja – winds come to the southwest, so the weather spoils, it’s often raining, but dry weather is installed in the east of the island, precipitation is marked only near the mountains;
  • June-July – In the West, essential precipitation still falls out, although most of the days are sunny, the climate in the east of Sri Lanka pleases the heat and clear sky;
  • August-September – the sediments on the west coast fall out more and more often, in the mountainous regions of cool – to +15 degrees, waves dominate, and tourists only go to the eastern part of the island;
  • October-December – in the West, the rains still fall out, Musson comes to the east, a lot of greens appear, by the end of the year it is better to rest on Sri Lanka in the southwestern part, where more clear days are becoming more and more.

You can go to the island at any time of the year – the local resorts are distinguished by beautiful weather, and the "rainy season" is, rather, an exaggerated concept, because the shower here go infrequently, you can sunbathe and swim.

Weather on the best Sri Lanka resorts

Sri Lanka’s famous resorts attract tourists in winter and summer, but you need to choose when to go, depending on the direction:

  • Bentota – Here you can relax all winter, abundant precipitates fall only in June, while the water and air temperature does not decrease. In the sea, all year round – 28 degrees, in the afternoon the air warms up above +30, at night – about 25;
  • Colombo – at this resort in Sri Lanka comfortably even in summer, during the rainy season. All year the thermometer above 31 in the water – up to 27 degrees. From December to early May rainfall is rare;
  • Negombo – showers even in the low season here are infrequent, leisure suits for every month from July to April. Only in June, the rains can spoil the impression of the rest. The water at the resort all year round warm – up to 30 degrees, in the afternoon the thermometer 33, the night – to +23.

When do you want to go to Sri Lanka in the summer, an ideal resort for relaxation becomes Trincomalee – the rainy season retreat is from May to October, almost all the days of clear.

When optimally rest on Sri Lanka?

Go to the island only during the winter months, because it receives most tourists, recklessly, because Sri Lanka for a holiday all year round. The timing and the resort to visit depends on the expectations and purpose of the trip:

  • With children it is better to relax in the winter on the west coast, as there is an international airport, will not have to spend a lot of time on the road, there is entertainment for kids;
  • If the purpose of recreation – sightseeing and excursions, you should go to Colombo in May or November, when it is not too hot, but the rain did not bother;
  • With a limited budget it is recommended to go to Negombo in the high season – the resort is available in the winter at a low price. Among the attractions – numerous temples, the image of Jesus, Catholic churches, but the beaches here of medium quality;
  • For a beach holiday to visit Bentota resort, it is also located in the south-west of the island, is popular in the winter months. Here is expensive, no attractions, and entertainment, but measured and laid-back vacation, beaches and pleasing beauty. Ideal for demanding people, honeymooners, retirees.

Sri Lanka’s climate is unique – on the island, you can relax at any time of the year. And if the winter in the peak season and the abundance of tourists southwest coast attracts thousands of visitors in the summer, when the weather is dry in the east, this is where fans of exotic come. Go to Sri Lanka stands behind an impeccable beach holiday, for the abundance of attractions with a rich history, for calm and impeccable service.

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