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We Will Rock You or an extraneous entry is prohibited

We Will Rock You or an extraneous entry is prohibited

Second? No, fourth, and to him run a minute three, and we have just a minute. Quicker! Oh, these are swiss with their punctual. Finding your cameras and bags, frightening the stakes of the famous grandmothers on the benches, we rush through the embankment of Lausanne to the pier number 4, late on his ship. He leaves at 14:15, and not a minute later. Padded to ladder, we puff stronger than this snow-white handsome man. Immediately, the team is bothering the ends and we despair exactly on the schedule.

At the bar rack, having turned out and translating the breath inspecting on the sides. SIMPLON double-panel steamer with rowing wheels was first lowered for water in 1920, and in 2005 survived the second birth when it was completely repaired. CGN, the owner of the ship owned the largest fleet in the world of the beautiful era. Now these vessels go to the Lake Geneva. We are heading from Lausanne in Montre. After half an hour on the left, the first vineyards appear. Their length is more than 30 km, and all this terrain in 2007 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Day after two we will surely come here and tell you more about the fault of this region.

  • "Smoke on the water"
  • Swiss Riviera
  • Sculpture Freddie Mercury

Canton’s lands are fertile not only grapes, but also by celebrity stories that lived here. Here, a small town Vevey. Charlie Chaplin here spent his last years, as well as the author "Pacific American" Graham Green. Nikolai Gogol worked here above "Dead souls", And Karamzin and Zhukovsky drove this city, as reported in their letters. Oscar Kokoska wrote here pictures here, and Henry Nestle founded the company known now to the whole world. In general, it seems that this is some kind of Swiss shambal, with a secret source of wisdom and enlightenment. And, I give up to me that it did not cost this source without the process of fermentation of the grapes itself.

And our ship is already sticking to the moor of the city of Montre. Here we meet Carol, which will be all the following days to show the surroundings of Swiss Riviera.

After 40 minutes spent on the ship, I want to stretch your legs and we go to walk around the city. This is now Montreux is famous for its five-star hotels, gastronomic restaurants and promenade, but another 150 years ago there was a small fishing village at this place, with smaster houses and narrow paths. All changed the hotel "Montrea Palace". Opened in 1904, he offers its guests hot water, restrooms in each room and quiet rural solitude for those who want to correct their health. Over the next century, the list of suffering leave their condition in a luxurious hotel will only grow.

The most famous guest lived in her 16 years. Vladimir Nabokov, together with his wife, filmed several numbers here. Now anyone can stay in Nabokov Suite. In the room the same curtains, the same furniture. If you push the desk in the writing table, you can detect the ink spot left by the writer handle. The old armchair in some places have already broken, but no one is going to repair it. "These are the traces of Mr. Nabokov himself", – says hotel administrator. "We, the Swiss, do not correct our story too correct." I do not know what she says about, but if you want, in this story you can spend the night and the price of the room will be the same as in other rooms of the hotel.

Roma caught something from the abundance of luxury and ladies in diamonds. Here, on the Montre Embankment, everything is measured, right, rather, rather due to the middle age of the city’s inhabitants than because of congenital grace, and they are not completely exchanged for trifles. See the 70-year-old grandfather on Ferrari 500 Superfast – the usual thing. However, it is worth climbing a little higher, in the old city, and the charm of the Swiss Riviera will completely subordinate you to yourself. On the paving paving pavement we pass by the house, which is Navis over the waterfall, pass the street cafe, where the locals squeeze their evening ap&# 233; RO and with surprise look at us – tourists here rarely enter, approach the old church. From here you can see all the Lake Geneva, the sun has already flushed, time to sunset, fog appeared on the water. Smoke On The Water / And Fire In The Sky. And, although Deep Purple meant several other cataclysms that happened here in Montrea, it is this song for some reason that comes to mind. Quiet city with damn wild past, which penetrate once and for all.

  • View from the lake
  • On the embankment Montrea
  • Yacht on water

What to see

Sculpture Freddie Mercury in Montre

Freddie Mercury, like many rock musicians of that time, loved to blow up this quiet place with their unbridled temperament. Here he worked in his studio, above the last album "Made in Heaven". Statue Freddie Mercury, Quai De La Rouvenaz, Montreux.

We Will Rock You or an extraneous entry is prohibited

Shilon Castle

His glorified Lord Byron Poem "Shilon Prisoner". Inside – a museum with a typical set of armor, alabard and cobwebs. Most tourists from China are interested in the prison, which the poet glorified, tourists from France are photographed against the background of their own mountains – they are on the other side of the lake. AV. De Chillon 21, VeyTaux. TEL.: +41 (0) 21 966 89 10. Login – 12 francs (adults), 6 francs (children).

Alimentarium Food Museum in Vevey

Pretty sensible museum about where the food appears, where it disappears and who for all this is responsible. Museum has a lot of interactive exhibits: talking rats on monitors screens report how much you should run daily to reset a couple of kilograms, the cishetic bacteria is talking about how much benefits they bring people, and devices explaining our senses of smell and touch, for visibility issued Pills and test taste receptors. The museum is more for children, but adults are happy to hang here for an hour. All translated into three languages: French, German and English. Alimentarium – Mus&# 233; E De L’Alimentation, Quai Perdonnet – Case Postale 13, Vevey, Tel. +41 (0) 21 924 41 11

Where to eat

Restaurant 45 in Montre

Restaurant Guide Gault Et Millau awarded this place 12 points. It would be possible to give more and more, because here is the best view of the Lake Geneva in all Montre, and the food is above all silence. True, the prices are above average. It is advisable to book a table in advance. Grand H&# 244; Tel Suisse Majestic, Avenue des Alpes 45, CH-1820 MONTREUX, + 41 (0) 21 966.33.33 (Restaurant 45)

Restaurant Rouvenaz in Montre

Pizzeria at hotel. Here is a small menu, but huge portions. One salad can feed three ("Rouvenaz " Salad 19.50 francs). If you do not know what to order, take pizza. It makes Italian Pizzaiolo right in the hall, in an open furnace. Rue du March&# 233;, 1, 1820 MONTREUX TEL. +41 21 963 27 36

Restaurant Les 3 Sifflets in Veve

This place is suitable for lunch, if the street is slightly cool, as it is known to the entire district due to its fondue. Book this in a hurry and in the doors of the restaurant will appear waiters in the caps of the Swiss army, will play march, you will put you in the hands of the fork and leaving those who join the face. Such a fondue deserves such a way out. Rue du Simplon 1, 1800 VEVEY TEL. TEL.: +41 (0) 21 921 14 13

Where to stay

Montreux Palace in Montre

Some details of the interior here have never been repaired, so guests still can admire the original frescoes on the ceiling of the dining room. Corridors are unusually wide for modern hotels, as in 1904, when he opened, the female fashion was somewhat more lure. Public spaces were planned in such a way that two ladies could quietly disperse without touching each other. Now these ladies replaced tourists from America. Rooms from 230 francs. Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Grand Rue 100, Montreux. TEL. +41 (0) 21 962 12 12

Tralala in Montrea

This is one of the few three-star hotels in the city. True, it affects insignificant. The owners are friends with the director of the Jazz Festival in Montre, so musicians often stop. Only 36 rooms, each decorated in its style and has an indication. "S" Room: Small & Sexy. "L" Room: Large & Love. "XL" Suite: X-Large & Luxury. Tralala Hotel, Rue Du Temple 2, Montreux, Tel. + 41 (0) 21 963 49 73

Auberge De La Gare Grandvaux in Grandvo

The road from Montrea to Grandvo on the car will take you no more than half an hour. We recommend that you stay in the house of 1862 buildings, if you want to plunge into rustic life, escape from the fuss and study the vineyards lava in more detail. Rooms are decorated in olive style, a lot of purple. Sometimes too much. But look out the window: Green grape fields flow into the turquoise of the Lake Geneva, and the color discomfort passes. Next door there is a railway, but you stop hearing after 10 minutes. And the picture from the window is increasingly reminiscent of Miyazak cartoons. Auberge De La Gare Grandvaux, Rue De La Gare 1, 1091 Grandvaux Tel.: +41 (0) 21 799 26 86

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