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We will go on the husks to ride!

We will go on the husks to ride!

" – Well, what driving dogs are, I heard. But for the riding cats – this is a bust" Remember the cat Matroskin from Mulla about Prostokvashino?
Riding cats I do not promise you, but I will tell about riding dogs.
And we met with them when we came to visit Karelian Santa Claus Talve Ukko.

The fact is that in addition to deer, in which Talve delivers gifts to children in his victobs, the fastest ride dogs – Alaskan Husks. Word with the word "Husky" everyone before eyes immediately pops up with a charming blue-eyed in a fluffy dog. which recently entered into fashion. But Siberian Husky looks like this, of course they also live in the nursery, but still the main population is Alaskan Husky. On their own "Siberian" Families They are only a heavenly blue eye. Wool in Alyasok Short, and the muzzle is completely different, not to mention the color.

Who are such -aalyskish husky and what they differ from Siberian except appearance?
Actually officially registered breed "Alaskan Huski" does not exist. Alaskan Husky is considered the most expensive grant of the world. All professional riders successfully use this dog. This breed is derived from various other breeds of dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Border Collie, Alaskan Malamut, German Shepherd and DR. The main thing was based on in the removal of Alasok, this is their endurance and the ability to quickly and long run. Unlike the Siberian, which the charter will simply stop and will rest on Alaskan Husks will run to exhaustion, and therefore Cayur (man manager of the Narts) must follow himself, whatever dogs rested. If necessary, without stopping the dogs may run to 60 km.
Like their Siberian counterparts of Alaskans are not aggressive, friendly to man, adore "hugging", But at the same time, very independent, sort of "adventurers".
And of course, the Khaska (even Siberian, at least alaska) in urban conditions, you need to be firmly confident that every day, regardless of the weather outside the window or your mood, the dog will have the opportunity to run out of its 10-15-20 km, in order Whatever she felt well. As "Sofa Bologna" This breed of dogs, no matter how charming her blue eyes are not suitable.

The most ideal version of Hasok-Volire. That’s the way in large avols and live dogs nursery. In each avoir lives in several dogs, and in general, today the nursery is located in two territories, on one (where we were) lives about 50 dogs and about 80 more than 80 live elsewhere.

We will go on the husks to ride!

Despite the short wool, Alaskan Husky perfectly tolerate Karelian frosts. Here the most importantly properly chosen food. Now the dogs are fed by natural products, when the season of active riding will begin, they will be transferred to dry feed, closed by broth.
By the way, if you decide to come to visit Khaskam, do not think of them than – with it to treat without permission. Dog food is balanced and unscheduled "Delicious" may cause problems with digestion. You need it?
And further. Dogs always want to stroke. And here it immediately works the basic principle of the aviary content – do not sue a cage. No, dogs never bite you, but if the hand is in the glove. In general, they will take a glove to themselves, and your hands are happy with pleasure))

In addition to Volkers in Votchin Talve Ukko there is a small territory where dogs live in freedom. True freedom this relatively conditional, whatever the dogs in the nearest settlements (remember, I wrote that husky love to go into search of adventures).

I recently showed a floating hassk, and now I show the dancing. This handsome are at least on the scene of the Bolshoi Theater release))

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