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We spend everything in Denmark

We spend everything in Denmark

On the Scandinavian tourist front – joy. Denmark accelerated the procedure for providing visas to our tourists. This was announced at the start of the new season of travel, told the Tourism Council of the Northern Kingdom.

"We expect Denmark to be more common in the plans of our travelers", – Pledged a curator of tourist ties with Eastern European countries bu bilmann. Think, a visa will give the next day after circulation? Locked. Danish visa from now on tourists will be able to get in a few days. Therefore it would be necessary for this five to six weeks.

The fact is that the Denmark Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General of the Kingdom in St. Petersburg has the right to provide a visa, without requesting Pre-Copenhagen. But touches it only tourists. To solve the issue in place, you need a letter to the Danish travel agency confirming the organization of the trip to the estimated time frame. These new rules agreed to the Danish Foreign Ministry, the Immigration Office and Tourism Council.

The main place of attraction on the Danish route for us will, of course, Copenhagen. The next pilgrimage object is near, on the east coast. It is due to the castle of Kronborg – the one that "Gamlet" Sounds Elsinor. In addition, it is necessary to visit the town of Odense on the island of Funen – Motherland Hans Christian Andersen. Finally, Legoland Park in Jutland – for those who travel with children.

We spend everything in Denmark

In Denmark, they do not exclude that, according to her, the timing of the waiting for our tourists will reduce other Scandinavian countries. Mr. Billman sure that this would increase the attractiveness of the northern route. Everyone knows how much our tourist leaning during the holidays, – respectively, in the Danish tourist business, they want to see ours in the top ten foreign guests. In the meantime, the main contingent of foreigners in Denmark, together with the neighbors from Scandinavia, constitutes tourists from England, Germany and other countries of the European Union.

But we must pay tribute to the Danes – they are also actively mastering the our route. Russia is now present for Denmark the main market in the east of Europe, and this predetermined the impressive growth of business trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Recently, according to the our embassy in Copenhagen, the tourist flow to Russia is growing.

We spend everything in Denmark

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