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We rest in the suburbs of a country club; Avengo.

Resting in the Moscow region: Country Club "Avengo"

In addition to the hotel complex, «Avengo» Includes a miniature cottage village with saunas and pools, a bath complex «our bath», Night club, bowling, several restaurants, karting, horse club and much more.

Such versatility of Aveno made him a favorite holiday location of a variety of guests. Families with children, athletes, newlyweds, pensioners and everyone who appreciates high-quality, high-class high-cost vacation. «Avengo» Even takes guests with homemade pets.

Guests «Avengo» For accommodation Offered to choose from a hotel complex «Jungle», Surrounded by a picturesque birch forest. The complex includes 64 rooms of different levels of comfort; Six large, modern, cozy cottages, two of them are equipped with their own sauna and swimming pool.

For celebrations with rich feast «Avengo» offers several thematic banquet restaurants. This is a banquet hall «Avengo» 250 guests, hall «Meat and wine» for 60 guests, banquet halls of Ukrainian cuisine «Cossack» and «VIP Poglelok», Compact hall for 8 people «Old tower», veranda. Summer Tenter, accommodating up to 700 guests, is perfectly suitable for large-scale events.

For business negotiations, round tables, mini conferences «Avengo» Offers a modern comfortable negotiation room for 15 people. For more large-scale events – Trainings, seminars, lectures, presentations – A brief room is offered for 50 people.

For guests who want to completely break away (in all senses) from tense work and urban routine fuss, in «Avengo» There is a modern nightclub with a rich interior and a complete range of services.

We rest in the suburbs of a country club; Avengo.

There are B «Avengo» and its own sports and entertainment complex, where everything is collected brighter, which can wish a lover of outdoor activities with a sports component. Guests can play volleyball, ride horses, play in «Lasertag» or bowling, driving on karting.

There is a picturesque glade on the territory of the complex, on which you can sunbathe in good weather in the sun loungers, and in the courtyard there is a summer cafe with cozy sofas.

Due to the wealth of supply, the highest quality of services and conceptual completeness complex «Avengo» Not only earned enthusiastic reviews of many customers, but also won numerous awards and diplomas in a variety of contests in various nominations.

Its proposal and the highest level of quality of service «Avengo» able to truly surprise.

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