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We plan a trip to Lviv. Lviv, Ukraine Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Lviv on the turmon

We plan a trip to Lviv. – Lviv, Ukraine – Tourist Blog

Lviv One of the most ancient and well-preserved cities in Ukraine. He is rightly in a number of the most attractive for tourist routes and excursion programs, and this is not by chance, since most of the central part of the city is attributed to the cultural heritage of UNESCO. Passing the centuries-old history that have come down to us historical artifacts are renovated and accessible to a wide range of admirers of antiquities. Today, sheepdown ancient history of the city, manitis and fascinates the bizarre mixing of the architecture of different cultures, epochs and nationalities. He attracts tourists with his unique history, its legends and fictions filed under the sauce of the national flavor. View all this and plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Lviv, tens of thousands of guests arrive annually.

In recent years, Lviv tourist infrastructure develops very actively. The appearance of the city is changing daily. The monuments of architecture are restored, old houses acquire the primordial appearance, experience their second birth of bridges with their unique "blocking". For the sake of preserving historical places, some of the streets around the square market are blocked for transport traffic. Now, tourists surrounded by them freely, surrounded by the girls in the luxurious outfits of the Renaissance era, who offer them sweets for sale, the revived fountains fill the air by cool and freshness, and the cocane of horses harvested in the most real carriage. From time to time, this living performance interrupts the bumbel of the clock of the city hall. See all – one day nothing will be enough. For close familiarization with the city you need 3-4 days, not less. And if you want to combine travel weekend with festival or concert events that are regularly held in Lviv, then most likely have to stay for a whole week. However, many do it, planning a family vacation in Lviv.

We plan a trip to Lviv. Lviv, Ukraine Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Lviv on the turmon

Of course, when planning such a trip, one of the priorities will be to find a housing. If you take care of this in advance, there will be no problems with this. You eat for a day or a few days, the choice will be quite large and, intactazing, it will be possible to give preference to the most optimal option. Stay in the hotel room or rent an apartment – to solve guests. But for justice, it should be noted that renting apartments in Lviv, as a temporary accommodation option, has certain advantages over the hotel, since such a kind of daily housing is not burdened with some conventions inherent hotels, and apartment owners are more flexible with respect to agreements and compromises. For example, this is an excellent opportunity to get a lower accommodation price with a level of service and comfort similar to the hotel.

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