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We plan a trip to America

We plan a trip to America

Quite often a novice traveler plans rides only to European countries. Undoubtedly, most Western European countries boast an abundance of cultural attractions. But for lovers of nature and active types of recreation opportunities are not so much. At the same time in the US, there is no such problem. Natural and historical sights, technology and entertainment are intertwined here. Yes, and the language barrier is not afraid: a modern person is quite capable of carrying out a translation from English into our

What to see

United States – a large enough country. Therefore, to inspect all attractions for one trip will not be exactly. It is better to choose those that are close to each other. For those who prefer the wonders of natural origin, can be recommended:

List of attractions can be continued because there are simply a huge number of national parks in the country. However, planning trips, it should be understood that each of them will take several days due to a fairly extended route.

We plan a trip to America

How to prepare for travel

A trip to the USA begins with obtaining a visa, acquisition of air tickets and booking hotels. If with the second and third points it is easy to cope, then the legends are already found about obtaining a visa. The main problem is there is no unified list of required. Standard documents:

In addition, it is necessary to submit documents confirming the intention of the tourist to return home. With the help of the translation agency, you can provide in English information about family members living in the our Federation, about ownership, about income level, etc. The more all kinds of references – the better.

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