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We meet you on clothes

We meet you on clothes

Say that all people dress differently, is the same thing to report that people themselves are all different. Or what day shines the sun, and at night usually the moon.

Talk about personal attitudes of the biological species whose number is approaching 5 billion individuals, it is difficult. For their analysis, it would be necessary for some mega-computer, which, I hope never invent. Easier to reduce geographic, economic and historical prerequisites. Historical, however, aside aside: The question is why the Scottish redhead and the greed of men still tend to wear skirts, will return us anyway, even in our attempts to understand their psychology and distrust of the pants, to geography and economics. Without their help, such perhaps a brilliant guess, as a hypothesis about the deep feminization of ferocious Celtic soldiers on the background of the matriarchate remnants (John Saner, "An Essay on Psychoanalysis Of Celtic Rites") There will remain groundless. After all, no less fierce European galls, the Scottish great-grandfathers, the ports were worn and taught to this wrapped in the sheets of Romans.

But the geographical explanations are not always triggered. Why, for example, Icelanders living in a harsh climate, almost not sewed from sheep’s skins of Tulup, and used wool to knit dense sweaters? And the Greeks, living in a much warmer country, are very prone to raftingness, which proof is their monopoly on the manufacture of cheap leather and fur products and the first feat of Hercules, the murder of a non-game lion. Defeating this terrible beast, the great hero of Eldlas first, what did – lit it and looked into the skin.

Economic hypothesis are also not always clear. Based on them, in rich countries, richly robes, and in the poor – Poor. In fact, the ratio is rather reverse. Hutsul Goleutba, "Hillbillis" from Kentucky, or Chernogorsk Orthodox savages spent whole conditions and weight of labor to look like christmas trees. And the prosperous farmers from Yorkshire and Swiss landscapes did not make much glistened. Russia has never been a very rich country, but remember the peasant women’s seats; And about the richness of boyars and incredible makeup of our grandparents in the Middle Ages, foreign visitor came to amazement. The tendency to self-teaching from our ladies and the rooschina brightness of the Lord survived, no matter what.

So the economy explains a little. Century go, the wind of change blows fashion, like fallen leaves or sorny in the doorway, but inexplicable ethical and psychosociological preferences remain. About them and I would like to talk a little bit, not too deepening and understanding in advance that any analytical explanations are only an opportunity to approach "reality given in sensation".

I immediately restrict myself with European civilization and those who, remaining anything, have already become the necessary sources of its nutrition. Clothes of Central African Pigmeys or the Amazonian tribe Indians "Boro Boro" As long as the peripheral and mysterious. But Black Africa, China and Japan, India and the Muslim East, Andes and Mexico – already "Dases in sensation". So, O "Second leather" Europeans.

No wonder the Germans are called "Sacco". Memory O "Great Empire of the German people" lives still. This word is a direct heir to Greek "Sakkos", signifying the ceremonial vestments of the bishops and of Caesar. But now "Skin" no longer purple, not flashed with gold and stones, but neutral, non-quantities, of good material.

Germans, abandoning insane imperial ideas, discarded the luxury rushing, revived – was – at the Nazi, but retained "True German quality" and love for comfort. Clothing is part "GEMTLICHKEIT", "homework", so cute german heart. The true German in the conditions of a multichannel and chaotic modern world can guard "Gemetylikht" Only being worthy-inconspicuous, not letting it remember about Auschwitz and at the same time showing that he is his, good, smart and outdoor guy. From here the passion of the Germans to the mound of flares, bluish-gray denim and decorations from "White metal". Dignity and inconsistency, of course, require uniformity. The German intellectual (intellectual) will almost certainly be dressed in something wide, shapeless, brown-grayish-black. In the German University, on theatrical performance or gallery Vernissage you will see dozens of such characters.

German official or entrepreneur is unlikely to allow himself a flirtal tie and handkerchiefs in the side pocket: it will look like the exact one as his colleagues. The main thing is that the costume sat well and it was clear that he is from an expensive store. And his colleague of the beautiful floor will also not stand out from the crowd to himself like an excessive toilet dark, glitter jewelry or perfume exoticism.

German workers observe, so to speak, sides in a manner dress. They also seek to look correctly and confident. Unlike the intelligentsia, they, however, have addiction to the skin and denim tissue.

But the general German desire for order and modesty, naturally, leads the Germans who do not respect these national values ​​(and such individuals are found in a considerable amount, especially in large cities), to the extreme eccentricism. German punk, Rastafari and Raiver will give odds to the very wilderness of London.

About Scandinavians can be said the same as about the Germans. But there are some differences. For example, "Nordic citizens" The grayish brown range prefers brighter and open colors – blue, yellow, red. The case, apparently, is that an incredibly measured and boring life among the modest Scandinavian landscapes causes the need to at least please themselves and others. However, the view of hundreds of Belobryzy Swedes and Swedes, walking in a calm day in the park Dudurgarten in Stockholm and dressed as if some kind of supermarket gave them something like "Humanitarian aid" in the form of the same sports jacket, identical light jeans and identical white sneakers, harvested.

Netherlands The same modesty cult was erected even higher than the Germans. Dutchman tears to dress so that even very expensive things look cheap.

And most importantly – practicality. Why wear heels shoes, if slippers are more convenient? Yes, and ride in bike shoes is not very convenient. Why wear earrings, because without them it is quite possible to do, and in general, in the skewing of the ears there is something unhetric. And one of the favorite lessons of the Netherlands – Looks like the support of the turnover of the shops of used things. In the total flea market in Amsterdam, arranged in honor of the National Holiday "Queen’s Day", Members of all layers of the Netherlands Society are involved.

Everyone knows that fashion is created in the UK. It is created, and then combed in France and in Italy. The tendency of the British at the same time to the fossilized traditions and crazy shocking affects the world has for centuries. On the street of London, you can see anyone: the gentleman in bowler hat and suit with thin stripes, and the virgin, like jumped out at the end of the 90s of the times of the early career "Beatles", and an elderly lady in a hat with flowers and wrinkled profligate, which is much more organically would look near the beer stand in Ulyanovsk than on the sidewalk of New Bond Street.

In the mass consciousness "English style" primarily associated with tweed and wool suits in landlord-sporting spirit, strict ladies’ dresses, caps, club and university ties, as well as, naturally, "Scottish" and blazers with gold buttons.

All of this abound. For the British is still totally unacceptable to put on a tie of another college or university colors. No self-respecting British woman will not enter the church without gloves and hats. But, again, the inhabitants of the islands in the clothing capable of anything, and in the most beautiful and the most monstrous. One example of the latter – Toilet august ladies of the Royal family, all these unimaginable dress tailored obviously some special tailor, whose goal is to transform an ordinary correct "Thayer" into something comparable to the blessed memory "Politic kommunist" coat Brezhnev era; these indescribable hats and tiny handbags. At the other extreme deformities are representatives of the working class of Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow. Strung on the nose cap, club soccer scarves, shapeless jackets and coats. It is clear that the English working class is worn so not only because of its limited resources, but also because, as the royal family, watches over the sacred tradition.

Well, in the interval – the whole range of clothing features. A man wants to walk in a skirt – for God’s sake. Provided that it is not a banker and policeman. One young British Lord not so long ago for the first appearance in the ward of Lords she sewed a costume of the witness red, just for the sake of.

We meet you on clothes

The scandal did not work: more molded by everyday experience of the Pears of the Kingdom swore, looking at him, and continued to scam on their benches.

Residential "Canal" The French unanimously believe that in relation to clothing all their European neighbors (well, maybe sometimes with the exception of Italians) full idiots. And the main idiots – the British. At the same time, the French are very closely monitored by what happens on the other side of La Mansha. As, however, in general, all the fact that all these close and distant barbarians are creating, even the overseas divine-Americans. The main advantage of French attitudes towards clothes is that the French any wildness can be seized, to register and turn into a sophisticated product "Savoir Vivre and La Frannais". Of course, all the French are different, but the average resident of this country draws a lot of attention to how he (she) looks, perfectly disassembled in the brands and follows new trends. Despite the long-standing democratic tradition, French society, in essence, is not less divided than British, simply the differences are more disguised as. Looking around and listening to a person, easy enough to install his place in social cake. If the lady is very tanned, dressed in "Tiery"-the letter with huge gold buttons, and on the shoulders are scored silk carra from "Ermen" with cavalry motifs, in her ears thereces massive gold earrings and it smells "Chanel 5", That almost certainly it is someone from banking business, trade in real estate or employee of a large company for the manufacture and distribution of cosmetics or food for dogs.

If gold is smaller, tan is more pressing, and clothes makes remember "Modest charm of bourgeoisie", The accent is distinguished by dryness and open outstanding vowels – so this is "High bourgeoisie". If the girl puts on a coat "Loden" on a sweater in a dark blue pigtail, a white shirt and blue jeans in English shoes – that is not different, as a future lawyer, cardiologist or economist analyst. And if you get a young lady in ultramoda clothes from Yohji Yamamoto, "Comme des Gar

ONS" or "Westwood" From last year’s collection, bought in one of the snobs "Second Handov" like "Mouton and Cinq Pattes", then you can with a high degree of probability assume that it works in "Show biz", Works in a gallery of contemporary art or, perhaps, the dissertation about the difference between Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva. By analogy, women’s clothing codes can be transferred to men’s clothing.

As already mentioned than the poorest country or the poorer, the representative of the social class is the more abundant decoration and intensively color.

The poorest French, especially from the province, buying clothes in "hypermarkets" like "Mammouth" ("Mammoth"), go in the brightest "Jogging" with a lot of inscriptions, leather or down jackets of spectral colors or is funny, the French in the mass of Americans do not complain – in something "cowboy": boots with appliqués, levihs-501, jackets with "Vermishelu", Bullless belts. If this is a male character and he has a mustache or beard, then be sure that he is a representative "Advanced Detachment" and sympathizes either the Communists or the National Front or the other immediately.

Southern neighbors, Spaniards, where are severe and "Regarding". Spaniard or Spaniard will never allow a British eccentricity or French redundant sophistication. If you are a Spaniard, you go "Spanish gait" – That is, taking the chin, keeping his back as a torero in the arena and throwing the legs forward – you owe / obliged to look unavailable and certainly beautiful. But if a resident of the Pyrenean Peninsula "will be hardened", It is unknown who will win on the wild fantasies – he or the Teutons. Remember Almadovar films. And Portuguese, European Belarusians, just still follow (Naturally, I’m talking about the notorious "Most") "be like everyone". More thankful customers of catalog firms like "3 Suisses", how "Portugesh", come up with difficult.

Finally, Italians. Paradoxically, their attitude to "Second leather" Similarly, what they do in the UK. Italian – and especially Italian – can put on themselves. But it only seems so. In fact, it seems to be absolutely not thinking about "Style and Shika", the inhabitant of the boot genetically carries the memory of which button to unbuck how to transfer a hench over his shoulder, lace up sneakers or not, dissolve the hair or on the contrary, braid them into a modest maiden pigtail. They can be compared with Georgians, with the difference that the residents of Transcaucasia for historical reasons presented less opportunities to dress up. How Georgians, Italian very respects famous clothing brands; like Georgian, he dresses very seductive. But temptation is his "Theater for yourself", And if the girl is dressed up very "Sexy", This does not mean that it will allow to grasp herself. Vice versa. Even the rogue from Rome Body remembers the unthinkable, incomprehensible shine of the eternal city, about his constant decay and eternal revival. And sometimes consciously, sometimes completely intuitively plays with this.

Now most European countries should not only put up with the fact of presence "strangers", But it is obliged to understand how to live with them. If the French, British, German and so on, teenagers dress up on the manner of black hooligans from the Bronx or the inhabitants of the Antille Islands, are unlikely to try their parents to dress their offspring "as it should be", Make them listen "European" music and do not braid African pigtails will lead to a tangible success. More interestingly another – immigrants from Africa, Asia, Latin America and even from Idaho or Oklahoma, accustomed to the foreign environment, finding a job and learning a language, usually do the same thing. They try to look like aborigines, and exaggerated. It is known that "Integrated immigrants" buy more hygiene, linen and clothes than natural Europeans. Ansky Parisian easily can appear on an expensive restaurant in crumpled pants and a stubborn shirt. He does not come to mind that for some reason he would not be allowed there. Malieno, blood and then entered into an alien European society, will come there mirrored shaved, in a new tie, scented with the last perfume in this season.

Europe – Ancient Village. Probably, the Chinese and Indians can laugh at us. But for some reason, too, coming to the places called Winston Churchill "Minor Peninsula", put on bras or trousers. And Europeans are ready to change clothes in Sari and silk bathrobes. But, I suspect, even in this case, the Englishwoman in Sari will be very different from the natives of Emilia Romagna in the same pleasure.

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