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We make a visa to Spain yourself in 2020!

We make a visa to Spain yourself in 2020!

To open access to Spain, the ours need to submit documents for a Schengen visa.

To get this tourist visa, you need to submit the following documents for registration:

  • 2 Color photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size on a white background, one photo Attach to the questionnaire
  • International passport. It is necessary that its validity period does not exceed 3 months after the end of the trip.
  • If there were other. Passports, present them and make copies of all pages
  • Copies of all pages of a valid passport and copies of pages with personal information need to be done in 2 extemplars
  • Copies of all shreds, even empty our passport
  • Copy or Original Medical Insurance, which will act on all days of traveling in Spain. (I advise you to make it no less than 50 thousand euros, usually require no less than 30 thousand. Euro)
  • Questionnaire, which should be filled with a sample completely in English or Spanish and signed only by you personally (applicant)
  • IP – It is necessary to provide a copy of the INN, a photocopy of the declaration of tax fees and also a photocopy of certificate of registration of IP
  • Facial account, Issuing from the bank (should be on the map no less than 570 euros for the entire period of stay on the tour visa). Attention! As a confirmation, the availability of money is not accepted: traveler checks, account statements via the Internet or ATM, as well as certificates of purchase of currency.
  • If you are working, Help from the place of work on a special form of the company, where the work experience will be indicated, your position and your salary. The certificate should stand printing and signature by the head. Those who work on the IP need to provide additionally a copy of the certificate of registration of the enterprise and a copy of the INN enterprise.
  • Those who do not work – a statement that you will be sponsored, a certificate from the work of the distribution, a photocopy with personal data of the passport, which can confirm your relationship.
  • Pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate, an extract from the bank to carry out a trip on your own or a statement about sponsorship, a certificate from the work of the sponsor, a photocopy with personal data from a passport, which can confirm your relationship.
  • Schoolchildren and students – certificate from the place of study (not needed during the holiday period), a copy of the student, a statement about sponsorship, a certificate from the place of the applicant’s work – a member of his first page from the internal passport and document, which will confirm the degree of kinship.
  • For those who receive a Schengen visa for the first time, It is necessary to provide documents on financial independence: photocopy of evidence of real estate or car or something else very valuable.
  • Confirmation of the armor aircraft (railway or bus ticket, or sea on trial, or copy of electronic tickets)
  • Booking from the hotel, Hotels
  • If this is a private visit, This requires a notarized original invitation from anyone from Spain (in its content should be: personal information inviting and invited, accurate dates and travel purposes, accurate address in Spain) Another original or copy of documents that can confirm your relationship, A photocopy of the passport inviting and a copy of his registration or a residence permit .

It looks like a Schengen visa in the passport

If the consulate you will need additional documents, it will be necessary to present them and also it can cause you to an interview. Consulate staff will make a call on the numbers that you specified in the questionnaire, so it is necessary to provide only true information, otherwise there may be a refusal of a visa.

If you need a visa with a period of more than 180 days, it is recommended to have documents that will have a checking on what you have had previously been in Spain, Namely, you need:

  • Checks about paying hotels;
  • air tickets or railway, bus tickets;
  • Checks from Spain stores for large amounts that stayed with the last trip;
  • We make a visa to Spain yourself in 2020!
  • Paper confirming the solvency of your last trip to Spain (for example, a bank account receipt).

If you are going to make an independent visa to Spain through a travel agency, you need to provide that list of documents that you will say to provide travel agency, it may differ slightly from the above.

This is due to the fact that all travel agencies at the venue of the embassy are submitting documents for a visa via the Internet.

Photos that need to provide a visa should be the following proportions:

  • The size of the photo should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • in time should be made no more than half a year ago;
  • The image must be clear, color and on a white background, of course without frames, rounded corners;
  • Your face in the photo is at least 70% of the entire picture, and the proportions of the head should not exceed 3 cm.

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Alone in Spain with children

If you are going on a journey to choose with your children, then you need to provide the entire set of documents, which is indicated above + a copy of the birth certificate, children.

Children traveling with one of the parents or with anyone else accompanied, you need to introduce a photocopy of the very first pages of the our passport of parents or one parent of the child. These pages must be certified by the child’s removal.

Step-by-step instructions for filling power of attorney:

  • Specify the dates of your trip to Spain
  • Indicate that tourism is the goal itself
  • Specify where to travel ; Spain and other Schengen countries
  • All Passport Information (Personal Data, Saying) Parent of the Child, who remains in Russia
  • And all the passport information (personal data, registration) of the Child’s Support

Power of attorney needs to be issued in our.

If you do not have the opportunity to make a power of attorney for one of my parents because of his death or for more than serious reasons, you need to provide a copy of the document where there will be a confirmation of the absence of a parent (document on the death of a parent, document on divorce and t.NS.)

For children under 18, they sign this form of parents and provide it with all packages of documents.

Package Documents Collect in the following order:

  1. Application form for a visa;
  2. Invitation to the country or hotel booking;
  3. Insurance;
  4. Airtickets or railway tickets (you can attach copies);
  5. Certificate of work;
  6. Documents, with the applicant’s financial accounts (confirmation of solvency);
  7. Copies of all pages of passport;
  8. Copies of all pages of the our passport;
  9. All other documents.

It is very important to observe the order of their decomposition, otherwise they may not be taken if you are submitting documents yourself.

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How long to expect a visa?

To design a visa to Spain independently in Moscow takes 5 working days from the date of filing all documents for a visa, independently a visa in St. Petersburg is usually issued not more than 6 days. In the peak, a large season of applications for a visa, your visa can be on consideration up to 10 days.

Makes a decision of the consulate and makes its decision to 3 months from the date of filing your application.

The urgent visa independently in Spain is drawn up within 3 days or less (24 hours), but then you will need to pay a visa collection 2 times more expensive.

Dates of valve

The standard is considered a multivise that is issued for a period of 180 days (in one country you can be with this visa no more than 90 days). Embassy in the right to decide to give you a one-time visa, or twofold, with a period of 3 months.

How to apply for a visa to Spain?

There are special Spanish visa centers in Moscow and MN. Dr. cities of Russia, it is where necessary to handle the full list of documents.

Spanish visa centers work every day on weekdays, with 9.00 to 16.00, and in Moscow from 12.00 and also up to 16.00. You can also consult by calling Moscow by number: +7 (499) 703-18-41, +7 (499) 136-39-02

You can sign up for the submission of documents in Moscow on the official website of the visa center.

You can also pre-sign up for a consultation and submission of documents for a visa by number in Moscow: +7 (495) 235-33-70. You need to specify the exact dates and the purpose of the visit to the consulate, how many people will submit documents for a visa. Without delays, you need to appear in the hall of the consulate, otherwise you will have to sign up for another day.

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Cost of an independent visa to Spain

Price of any Schengen ; 1409 rubles . Additionally will be charged costs for work directly with your documents, it is 805 rubles.

Total receipt of an independent visa to Spain will cost you 2214 USD And the urgent independent visa (with processing up to 3 days) in Spain will cost you in 3624 ruble (2819 rubles. + 805 rubles. for processing documents)

Article prepared Christina Endless

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