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We look down the best viewing platforms of the world

We look down: the best viewing platforms of the world

To better understand the city or consider the environment, it is necessary to climb higher. Not always the rise is made easily, but it justifies impressions and view from the top. If not afraid of height, rather read about the best viewing platforms of the world. About Burj-Khalifa here will not be, about it and so everyone knows.

"Glass Skywalk" (The Glass Skywalk), Hunan Province, China

The Chinese know how to make your knees tremble. This glass 100-meter bridge is one and a half meters wide at an altitude of 1.5 kilometers leads to the horror of even the Chinese themselves – walk on semi-bent. Trail is located on Mount Tianmene. Design, of course, reliable, but still scary to look into the abyss under the legs.

"Heavenly Trail" over the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Skywalk), Arizona, USA

Another transparent track, but already over one of the deepest canyons in the world. 1 200 with a small meter over the precipice, fully transparent floor, and the bridge sticks out an arc 20 meters from the edge of the canyon – adrenaline is guaranteed to jum. But you don’t have to eat tightly before her visit.

Desktein Sky Walk, Salzburg, Austria

On the Alps nice to look from either side, because they are unique. The observation deck is interesting that: In addition to the suspended bridge there is a small glass balcony for two people a maximum. Secluded, romantic, can even see Slovenia to see or the Czech Republic. But do not tighten a lot, because you have a whole queue of those who want.

The price of pleasure is 38 euros, but there is every eurode.

Examining Capsule Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedes built the largest spherical building in the world – Arena Ericsson-gloss. And in 2010 attached to her glass balls watching platforms for 16 people each. They go to special rails throughout the circumference of the building, rising to a height of 130 meters. The duration of the trip in such a capsule is 20 minutes, this is enough to see the city and surroundings. It costs 150 Swedish crowns (approximately 1 000 rubles).

Sands Skypark Observation Plate, Singapore

The largest observation deck in Asia. Its area is 12,400 meters, where the park, 150-meter pool and many cafes were placed. We advise you to look here also in the evening – the kind of extraordinary. The playground is located on all three roofs of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, so do not confuse.

Lookout Aurland Lookout, Flom, Norway

We look down the best viewing platforms of the world

Oh, and this observation deck of the original shape: it seems from the side that she has no end and she goes down as a waterfall. But there is a chip – a glass fence so that no one fell. Glass is so clean that it is immediately visible. So do not be afraid, feel free to go to the edge.

The nearest town to the playground – Flom, she is right at the road.

Lookout Top Of The Rock, New York, USA

Where to make the best photo on the background of skyscrapers, just like on your photo windows? On the observation platform of the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center. From there even seen Empire State Building! Cost $ 36.

Lookout Mori Tower, Tokyo, Japan

And to consider Tokyo from 238 meters and admire Misty Fuji, take the Mori Tower. Just dress warmer, because the site is not covered and blows up so much that there will be no thoughts. Impressions will cost 1,800 yen (approximately 1 000 rubles).

Do not be afraid to change the angle of view, and tickets to see all this in person, look for on our website.

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