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We go to the sea with a one-year-old child

We go to the sea with a one-year-old child

If earlier it was forbidden to export a baby to another climatic zone, then everything is much easier today. Now relax Everyone can each. Of course, if only children’s health allows. And so … the sun, sea air and regular swimming will bring considerable benefit: prevention of rickets, hardening, sensory development and physical exertion.

Sea with a one-year-old child

A trip to the sea with a newborn baby is Exceptionally personal case Each family. Some children have no problems with the change of climate, others, on the contrary, better feel at home. Therefore, if you plan to go on a journey, do not forget Accounting His newborn. Otherwise, instead of a good rest you will receive only solid problems both in a psychological plan and physical. Kid can even get sick!

If you are going to go to the sea for the first time, then you just need to listen to the following advice from experts.

Basic tips for a sea trip with a one-year-old child:

  • It is strictly forbidden to carry a newborn at sea until it goes through the entire vaccination course. And this is at least six months from the day of his birth.
  • Small children Long get used to to the new climate, so you have to stay 2-3 weeks at sea.
  • We go to the sea with a one-year-old child
  • Place for recreation is better to choose with similar climatic zones, and time – velvet season. During this period, the sun is not so active, and resting less.
  • Before you leave the sea with newborn in detail Examine the terrain. Is there any children’s clinic there nearby, and what conditions for living are offered.
  • If the time to go to the sea approached the time to enter children’s lore, postpone this lesson at the end of your holiday.
  • And the most important thing. Baby clothes should be exclusively of natural materials, or rather – from cotton (light, loosely adjacent to the body, long sleeves).

Child at the sea

It is clear that you are tuned to a healthy and outdoor vacation, but still capture with you A first-aid kit with children’s medicines from cold and allergies.

If a newborn is on artificial feeding, and you are going to go to another country, then you will have to take with you whole stock of baby mixture.

In the first days, the child will be in an overexcited state, so try to pay more attention to him. The kid should know that the change of living will not affect your attitude to it.

Upon arrival at sea do not run right away. For the child, the ideal time visits to the beach – up to 10 am and after 16 pm.

And finally, do not forget that the emotional state of the newborn directly depends on the mood of mom. Therefore, rejoice in new impressions and charge positive emotions.

We go to the sea with a one-year-old child

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