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We go to the London Tower – Treasures, Crows and Yomen

We go to the London Tower – Treasures, Crows and Yomen

We continue to walk in London. Today I will tell you about London Taure. This fortress is known from different sides. Some believe that it prison, And the prisoners who fell into the Tower could get out only after death. Others say here Royal Residence, And it is from here that the king of England ruled his state. So what is this place in fact?

Let’s go about everything in order. Although Tower of London – This is one of the most ancient buildings of the city, I would not call him the historical center. Historical Center London ; this is Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Building and Westminster Abbey. All this is in one place, and Tower Located far below the Thames, next to the modern London City.

Get here best on the metro on yellow or green branch station Towerhill. From the metro station to the entrance to Tower Your path will pass through the cash register. There are often queues, but do not be scared ; The process is fast.

The fortress appeared here in the times of Roman conquests, but the view is that Tower (or part of it) and there is a fortress of the Roman period – erroneously. Of course, it was built on the site of the Roman citadel, but still it is a completely different building. Tower In the 13th century, built the famous English king Wilhelm Conqueror, as part of a defensive system against conquered Anglo-Saxons.

That appearance Tower, which we can see now on the shores of Thames appeared in the 17th century.

Who are Yomenas – Guards Tower

Currently, Tower serves a special building of the royal guard ; Yomena, or how they are called people Bifi ... History history and concept Yeoman originates in the 12th century, then so called free landowners. During the century of war, squads appeared Yomenov-Archery. Later, an elite body of personal guard of king was formed. Modern Guardes Tower ; these are followers of the same guard. They are guided by the economy and spend Excursions in the fortress. So Yomena these are not animators and not actors. They carry a real form ; officially installed for them and serve as Queen. Become Jomen very not easy. To do this, you need to know the history of your country, serve in the army, be sociable and ironic.

Nickname Biftor They got in times of hunger. Literally it means "eating meat". At a time when the main population of London is starved, Yomena received daily bread meat. Hence the name.

If you understand English, then excursion with Jomen You will like it very much. These people not only know about Tower all but can tell about it interesting and witty. Want to know what real English humor is? Join now.

Yomena Collect Excursion groups every hour at the entrance to Tower. At the place of collection, there are peculiar clocks on which the time is set when the next tour starts. Price excursion included in the ticket price.

Executions in Tower – not for everyone

Now let’s talk about what is interested in and excitement of ordinary people – about executions. Around this part of the story Tower Vitates the most myths.

In fact, in the entire history there are not so many people. And these people are far from the simplest criminals. Need to be a representative of a very noble kind, and represent a real threat to the monarch, what would be executed in Tower.

Special chambers for the content of prisoners, and it is better to say prisoners, there is no. They were simply locked in small rooms. That’s why Tower and does not look like a prison.

Where there was a place for executions only known about. Now there is a memorial with the names of those who have lost their heads here.

Among the most famous figures executed in Tower, were Anna Bolein, Guy Fox, arranged powder conspiracy and king Henry Vi.

Treasures of the English crown

Take a look Photo.

It is famous Queen Victoria. TOOraona, the wedding head of the queen, is stored in the London Tower. She, together with the rest of the Attributes of the Royal Power of Victoria, is issued for everyone to review.

Tower – Residence of Kings

In the center of the fortress is the so-called White castle or White Tower (White Tower). Currently, there is a museum dedicated to medieval England. This castle is Center of London Tower, It is built one of the first on the place of an earlier Roman fortress. White castle and gave name London Tower.

Here, among the exhibits, we managed to find a rifle made in Tula.

Crows (Tower Raven) are an integral part of modern Tower. It is believed that the influence of England depends on them. There is a legend that the empire exists only until the crows live in Tower. So they, just in case, trim the wings.

To make it more convenient to plan your trip ; Visit the Physic Site Tower .

We go to the London Tower - Treasures, Crows and Yomen

You can not go to London and do not visit the London Tower! This place is the embodiment of the history of England. Think. You must visit him.

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We go to the London Tower - Treasures, Crows and Yomen

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