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We give the ears after the flight

We give the ears after the flight

During the landing of the aircraft, the pressure is significantly increased. This particularly affects the boring cold people experiencing unpleasant pain in the ears, while healthy changes are not felt. To align the stewardess pressure advise to shake saliva or yawning. At the same time they offer acidic candies that provoke salivation and, therefore, swallowing. For a child you need a bottle with any drink.

Once there was an case in the plane ; The young mother could not calm her crying child until he stared at a thick peasant, who pulled up and, having fun, yawn. The baby smiled and also began to yawn. Soon the passengers of the entire aircraft were raised. After all, the yawning is very infectious!

Another situation ; Singing a passenger with a package in hands, in case of nausea. Near the redness, teenagers laughed, to which we got a strict remark. Explaining a neighbor, that they hated out, advised to cover the mouth and nose and make an exhale so that pain in the ears passed. This method is called "Waltasalva method". The name is slightly funny and associated with waltching lions!

When leaving the aircraft, you can observe a picture on one leg with your finger in the ear, students. Similar movements and sensations occur when leaving the pool. You can neatly insert your fingers into the ears and quickly move them, creating a feeling of pulling out and indulging the plugs. Especially it turns out a good massage, regardless of the abandonment of the ears, if you insert an index finger in your ear, pick up a lobe to the second phalange of the finger and pull. It is also useful to twist the ear shells, while they acquire a red color, and you forget about the flight of flight on the aircraft. In games in children, there is a batch of ears, when equipped with a space skate. Since Upired ears really give unusual space sensations.

We give the ears after the flight

For an hour and a half before the landing, the bolted passengers advise to use in the nose Preparations for narrowing vessels. You can also wash the nose with salt and cool water, which is always in the plane. It is not necessary to calculate grams, it is enough to make a solution slightly salty. In a small amount of water, pour salt bag, stir, try to taste and bring to the necessary concentration if you wish. Present a glass to the nose and gently inhale the solution, while the napkins should be at hand.

Approximately forty minutes before landing, the plane smoothly decreases. In order to align pressure fluctuations, it is necessary to insert headphones in the ears and open the mouth. If you resort to all applicable methods ; yawn, pull the tongue, pull the ears, blow off the closed nose, swallow saliva and others, then the picture looks somewhat funny and stupid. Business class people cannot afford such behavior, so more than others are tormented. Statistics shows that the first part of the aircraft, namely, the class class, suffers much stronger than the cheerful tail part that does not need candy.

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