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We carry alcohol across the border of the norm and rules

We carry alcohol across the border: norms and rules

Such rumors are generated by frequent changes, which in connection with the creation of the Customs Union are made to the customs legislation of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Here we will tell you how the norms of alcohol transport across the border act in three CU countries today.

No more than five liters

One passenger (individual) without paying a customs gathering can be imported into CU countries no more than three liters of alcohol. The same rules of alcohol transport over the border are spreading on the beer as to another products of this kind, and in general, neither the type of beverage nor its packaging is – Uniform rules act the same if you drive from Jamaica, the gorge with pepper pods from Ukraine or a tincture with a lizard from Thailand.

In addition to the above-mentioned three liters, two more liters of alcohol can be imported to the TC countries, but with the inclusion of it in the customs declaration and, accordingly, with the charge of the customs duty and the passage of customs inspection is not in green, but in the Red Corridor. The rate of such a collection – 10 euros for each liter of alcohol over a limit three liters. But no more than five liters in the aggregate. All that more than this norm is detected and confiscated. In total, alcohol transported, contrary to common delusion, and alcoholic beverages bought by you in duty-free zones – stores «Duty free».

Without Borders

We carry alcohol across the border of the norm and rules

The number of alcohol exported alcohol rules are not limited across the border, but it should be remembered that this kind of restrictions can act in the country where you are heading. At customs can warn that you will have problems with the customs authorities of another country, say, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, where the import of alcohol is generally prohibited, and even recommend to leave alcohol in the homeland. But it is nothing more than recommendations.

Alcohol Penalties across the border

And finally about the most unpleasant. Violation of the rules for transporting alcoholic beverages across the border is fraught with negative consequences. Article 16.2 Administrative Code of the our Federation establishes a fine for non-declaration in the amount of half the cost of a transported goods (in this case of alcohol) to its twice value. Confiscation of unlauded alcohol is also provided, but this measure may not be applied.

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