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We carry a cat, Chizik, a dog ..

We carry a cat, Chizik, a dog ..

Recently, "My Planet" talked about animal travel: brave owners travel around the world with dogs, cats and even a hedgehog, removing pets against the backdrop of waterfalls, Eiffel Tower and Egyptian pyramids. Perhaps you also do not want to leave your beloved beast at home and you want to divide new impressions with them? We will talk about customs regulations and necessary procedures that allow you to take an animal with you.

Within the Customs Union, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, for traveling with animals, a fairly veterinary certificate of the Customs Union of Form No. 1, which operates within five days from the date of issue. In Russia and the CIS countries, the pets travel through the veterinary certificate of Form No. 1, which also acts within five days from the date of issue.

It is required to issue a document "Permission of Roselkhoznadzor for import / export" during the transportation of man-fate, single-speed, domestic and wild pigs, carnivorous, waterfowl, rodents, lastonous, cetaceans, elephants, giraffes, oscillations, hippos, rhinos, tapirov, incomplete and tubes, insectivores , silent, volatile mice, raccoon.

To bring or remove exotic and rare animals, it is necessary for each of them to obtain permission from the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision, and in many cases – Cites Resolution (Convention of International Trade In Endangered Spesies of Wild Fauna and Flora, "International Trade Convention See wild fauna and floods that are threatened with disappearance ").

For the import of animals in Russia will be needed International Veterinary Certificate, Decorated by State Survey Country State University, or an international vetporate, which is equivalent to a veterinary certificate, provided that there are marks for inspection within five days before sending and carrying out the necessary vaccinations. When transported more than two heads of dogs, cats or other animals requires the permission of Rosselkhoznadzor.

Get the cherished veterinary certificate of the international sample – this does not mean to go on a trip. In order to take a plane, it is necessary to perform the conditions for transporting animals installed by the airline:

1. Notify the airline about the airline about the four way or the poan passenger.

2. Buy the right cage or container. It should be reliably close, have a waterproof bottom and air access, as well as to be a suitable size so that the pet can stand in full growth and twist. Cell with a bird should be closed with a light-tight matter. Some airlines are not transported by rodents, others are allowed to take small animals in the salon – and even up to five pieces. Specify details at the airline. At the time of the path, the cage fell.

3. Pay for excess baggage at the airport – the cost depends on the mass of the animal with the cell.

Different railway companies have rules may differ. For example, "our Railways" transport animals in all cars, except SV, if there is a statement and payment. Small pets transported in boxes, baskets, cells, containers that should be placed on places for placing hand-made. Wild animals as a hand bag carry prohibited. Large dogs should be transported in muzzles and with a leash, buying a whole coupe for this – the number of dogs and owners should not exceed the number of places. In the luggage car in containers with a pallet you can carry small pets, dogs, birds, and even bees!

Rules of different countries

We carry a cat, Chizik, a dog ..

To enter a number of countries, you need to wait a few months from the receipt of successful analysis results for rabies antibodies. For example, for a trip to the UK, you should wait three months.

We will have to part with animals for some time in countries where Quarantine operates:

In a number of countries, it is impossible to bring too small animals, since they have not yet been vaccinated. So, in Egypt, Israel, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia is not allowed to go with kittens and puppies up to three months.

Some types of fighting dogs are prohibited to import to France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Israel, Puerto Rico, Malta, Cyprus, in the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. List of prohibited breeds Individual for each country, in the top five non-rigid – Bull Terrier, Pitbul, Amstaff, Tosa Inu, Argentinean Dog.

One of the most difficult meals for traveling with animals – Australia. Before rising the animal there, it is necessary to live half a year in an intermediate country from the list of "not representing biological danger". Upon arrival in Australia, a pet is placed on a quarantine station, where he holds at least 10 days, accommodation pays the owner.

In some states there is a ban on the import of certain types of animals and birds. For example, the Maldives do not let dogs, other pets for import permit is required. In Uruguay, it is impossible to bring poultry, including exotic breeds, and bees. You do not need to go to Japan with rodents. In Saudi Arabia, it is officially forbidden to import animals, but in order of exceptions can miss hunting dogs, guide dogs and cats (permission required). From birds are prohibited from the import of chickens, turkeys, pigeons, ducks, geese and parrots. Jamaica is not allowed to come with any pets.

We carry a cat, Chizik, a dog ..

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