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We buy tickets, packing suitcases, deploy the route – all under the clear guidance of Travel-Profi

We buy tickets, packing suitcases, deploy the route – all under the clear guidance of Travel-Profi

We have gathered the most popular questions of beginner travelers and wrap this avalanche "How, what, where" on travelers with experience – today the advice distribute Ilya and Natalia – the creators YouTube-Channel on travel "How we are there", where the guys share their experience in moving in Slovenia and not only.

Our conversation with them was a mega-useful – read, outline, wind on the mustache and use any convenient memorization methods for you – the information received you will be useful.

How to save on the flight?

Search and search for! Catch out options for dates, departure and arrival places. Usually, the larger the locality, the cheaper to it or from it to fly. Consider this when planning the route.

It is also necessary to google information on the speechosters that fly at the place of your arrival. But it should be careful with them. It is possible that the low price will be available to you only if you travel without luggage. Read carefully conditions!

Just as an option, you can look into the office of some tourist company and ask the cost of the flight charter. We have this way worked rarely, but it is worth trying. Now there are more and more opportunities to buy a ticket for a charter.

How to assemble a backpack so that there is nothing superfluous in it, and everything you need is placed?

Perhaps here is the best of my wife Natasha, no one will tell. We have a good release on this topic.

How to work the route?

We usually sang and form each of your own list "Wishlists". What would we like to get specifically from this journey? What I would like to see? What places to visit? What new experience to experience? What to try? Then discuss our lists, sit down and begin to work out the route. It all depends on how to travel, in its transport or public. The main advice here: do not chase after. When we went to our first independent travel to India, we planned so tightly movement that literally there was no time to a breather. Travel is not only a movement, it’s also a slowdown. Time to think to feel. Do not hurry! It is better to take one day for moving and a couple of full days to rest and local walks.

How to plan the budget and not stay in the middle of the way with an empty wallet?

In life, we are conducting detailed accounting of our family finances. But on the journey we rest and from this accounting. Most often, we simply refer to the budget and the average daily expenditure. Every day we remember this figure and try not to go beyond its limits. At some day you can spend more, then it will be more modest later. Now it has already become a habit, most often a similar review is no longer required. We just don’t spend money on unnecessary things to us.

I advise you to immediately refuse souvenirs, if you buy something that can be eaten or used – soap type and t.NS. Otherwise, an incredible amount of junk accumulates in the house, which sooner or later you will throw out. But this is your money that you could spend on another journey!

Also good to have a pre-prepared option for a black day. That is, a specific script that you will do if you find yourself without money. It may be a credit card you never use. Or just an agreement with a friend, which in the case of which can translate you a predetermined amount. On travel, these options must be worked in advance!

How to choose a hotel?

Counter question – why exactly? We year and a half ago, we went to rent housing from private owners. We do it through service airbnb. Here is our partner link WWW.Airbnb.RU / C / IIAKOVLEV?S = 8 – You can get a discount on 20 USD on the first trip.

We like to live not in hotels – look for a "very special" housing, in which the owners really lived. That is, there are personal photos, some vintage items, paintings and t.D. and T.NS. If you are fortunate enough to find such housing – it is very nice and always unique! Over the past year and a half, we lived in 16 different apartments. We were fortunate enough to spend time in the old mill in Montenegro, in the spiritual apartment Dalma – Fashion designer from Budapest, we lived in wonderful traditional apartments made of natural stone on the mountainside by the sea in Greece and in a private house in the Italian village. Charm such places, often exactly what you will find there hotels.

Tips for choosing universal. Look for accommodation on the services that are for this purpose and are intended. On which you can not leave a review or put a rating of a person who did not live there. (For example, in TripAdvisor, with all my respect, negative feedback on the institution can easily leave a person, even if he has never been in him, which is not possible on or on airbnb.) Believe the rating! Listen to reviews, but without fanaticism. I do not advise you to book hotels with a rating of less than 8 points on Booking.Com. On AirbnB, try to search for the owner with reviews and a good rating.

How not to be late for the plane?

Take a good stock. Consider the probability of traffic. Have always a spare option. Broke the car? No question, you already have a taxi phone in advance. Always worth having alternative solutions in the head that are thought out in advance.

It is better to spend an extra hour at the airport than to rush and worry. I once almost late for a plane in Ufa, when he flew into Ljubljana. I’m just lucky and put me. Otherwise, I would lose the whole composite flight back. And this is a decent money, especially with the fact that such a cheap ticket was no longer found. For me it was a good lesson!

What to do at the airport during transplantation?

We try to spend time with benefit. You can grab some travelers with you that you did not have time to read at home and work them at the airport. You can find a cafe, where there are sockets and work a little there. Everything is individually and depends on your specific tasks.

How to make money by traveling?

We buy tickets, packing suitcases, deploy the route - all under the clear guidance of Travel-Profi

It is best to see our interviews that we took from the guys from the channel "Two tickets"

Which country start?

Popular routes will be suitable for starters. As a rule, they are available for money and are interesting in terms of attractions. If you take Europe, I would advise starting with the Czech Republic. Relatively cheap, colorful, there is something to see! If Asia, then, probably, Thailand. If never been in Egypt, it is also not worth the nose. There is a very interesting "excursion" and the magical Red Sea! Already later, you can, focusing on the experience gained, as well as on the feeling that I liked it, and what not, choose the following points on the map.

How to harm yourself while traveling?

Read warnings of experienced travelers about a particular country. Travel reports are an excellent thing, although they often require a lot of time to study. Do not forget also about medical insurance. Try to make a small brainstorming and work out the worst scenarios. For example: what we will do if … we have all the things, I’ll break my leg, I will bite the tarantula, we will lose the smartphone, we will split the rented Motobike and TD and TP. This is an unpleasant part of the preparation for the trip. But if you find a logical answer to all questions, then you are ready for everything! If you can’t find a response or solution, it is worth spending some time and work out theoretical output from a similar situation. This is a good practice also for those who are much afraid. When we know the way out of the worst situation, everything else is not afraid.

How not to become a victim of a journey fraudster?

Always listen to your intuition! Most often she lives somewhere in our abdomen and communicates with us on the sensory level. For example, you are offered to do something. Imagine a moment that you have already done. Immediately stop the thought and consult your feelings. What do you feel? If you feel ease and desire to move on – forward, the path is free! If at the level of belly you have a negative feeling, this is a clear sign that something is wrong here. In this case, just unfold and leave.

I am skeptical about to calculate the fraudster on the logical level. Theoretical preparation, of course, is also needed and most wiring is often already described on the Internet. But the fraudster may be ready for this, and he manipulates our logical thinking. Our intuition is based on our many years of experience, you should learn to listen to it.

How to go beyond local?

I think you should not try. Unless hang yourself. Better be yourself.

How to save while traveling?

The topic is too wide for a separate question. We prefer to save in ordinary life. Such a permanent savings are much more justified than one-time savings in the journey.

We buy tickets, packing suitcases, deploy the route - all under the clear guidance of Travel-Profi

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