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We are treated in Lithuania – Druskininkai

We are treated in Lithuania – Druskininkai

From the time of the Soviet Union who spent in the summer of the Soviet Union, the Baltic republic always caused an extreme interest and some restraint in the assessment of all citizens of the socialist state. Whether the features of the climate, whether the historical development of these "Three sisters" Mani’s tourists at all times.

The most famous films of Soviet film studios were filmed in these states, whether it was a fairy tale for children or an episode of overseas reality. Only here it was possible to find the necessary entourage. But not only the local places were famous for this. The wealth of nature, mineral springs and the healing climate had to accommodate sanatorium-resort institutions in these parts and even whole complexes. However, even at that time, treatment in Lithuania was available not to all citizens of the free country of advice, where the rights of all people were declared as equal.

Why Lithuania ? Yes, because the local climate is formed under the strong influence of the Baltic Sea, which makes it soft and comfortable. Summer in these places is not roast, and the winter is not lazy, with the spring-autumn seasons are distinguished by special softness without sharp temperature differences. Rich with coniferous forests, beads of lakes and pearl threads of the Lithuanian rivers forces himself to love himself from a first acquaintance.

The most famous and popular resort center of Lithuania is undoubtedly the city of Druskininkai . This is a small, according to modern standards – Even a very small city, which is of great importance in the life of the whole country. No wonder he is called the undisputed champion to attract foreign investment. The origin of the name of the city is directly related to mineral salt springs, which is rich in this area.

We are treated in Lithuania - Druskininkai

The healing properties of the groundwater were noticed in ancient times, which is why the our emperor Nikolai first sent here to the cure of military personnel injured in the battles in the Crimean War. Gastrointestinal diseases, musculoskeletal system and respiratory organs – this is not a complete list of what is treated local water and air. Among other things, there are peat muds that are successfully applied in health purposes.

The modern level of sanatorium and recreational activities is much wider. Today it is not only a treatment, but also a full-fledged rest with the restoration of the nervous system, spa treatments and sports, swimming in basins with mineral water and phyto therapy, salt rooms for the respiratory system and saunas for hot-pair lovers. The presence of satellite television and Internet access will help not miss any event in the world and country. Concert halls and libraries, walks in the forest and excursion trips made in Druskininkai interesting and unforgettable.

Even if you do not have obvious health problems, visiting these places will help to fully relax and relax from the world of technology and progress, from the turmoil city and time pressure. Here the time flows the same serene like Nonman’s water.

We are treated in Lithuania - Druskininkai

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