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We are planning a trip to Israel together

We are planning a trip to Israel together

Education of Israel As the states ended in 1949 by the UN Convention. Even in the Middle Ages, the Jews dreamed of going to the Holy Land to establish their national hearth in one place. This process dragged on hundreds of years. Central milestones Israeli formation As the states have become the emergence of the Sionists’s Society, the Declaration of Balfura, the British Mandate on Palestine, the UN Plan for its Section and War for Independence.

Today Borders of Israel very conditional, and even international lawyers cannot determine them. However, on the map of the region, we see that the country is "clamped" between Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Also, the state has its own exits to the Red and Mediterranean, which has a positive effect on tourism. And the waters of the Dead Sea are attracted here and those who want to be lazy to spend time on the beach, and those who are going to fix health.

Despite the "active" neighbors of the country, Travel to Israel – absolutely safe event. The crime rate is extremely low, but local residents recommend guests to refrain from placement on the border with the Palestine and Gaza Strip.

Police on the streets of large cities a lot, but fear people do not stand in the form, their task is to ensure order. There are often cases of stopping both local and tourists to verify documents. In these cases, it is necessary to behave calmly, do not try to resist and mischieving, just present documents, and in a couple of minutes you will continue your way.

Also, you should not show special attention to strategically important objects and hard to photograph against the background of airports, train stations, etc. D. – Local has a suspicion, following the police complaint with all possible consequences.

Where to go

"Tel Aviv walks, Jerusalem praises, Haifa works". If it is very simplistic, then all that you need to know about the device of the promised. This is a very colorful and small country: for two weeks Traveling Israel You can drive all. However, local argue that in order to get acquainted with all the sights, guests will need 100 years, and all this time need to be held on trips.

The answer to the question, Where to relax in Israel, Each has its own. From all over the world, pilgrims fly to the country of three religions, there are people behind the beach rest or treatment from the Dead Sea. Below will look at the most popular places for recreation.

Sea resorts of Israel

Eilat Located on the shore of the Red Sea and is famous for its coral reefs. It is not too attractive for beach lovers – entrance to the water here is uncomfortable and rocky, but all the conditions for diving, surfing and other water entertainment have been created.

We are planning a trip to Israel together

Ein-Bokek and Neva Zohar – The most popular resorts of the Dead Sea. From all over the world, tourists come here who want to health. Here are numerous hotels and balneological centers, and life boils the key.

Beach Tel Aviva attract young people who want to have a careless. Foam parties, bars and discos until the morning – for this all conditions have been created here. Tel Aviv is also called the city that never sleeps.

Netanya – the best choice if you go on a trip with children and do not want to overpay for the pathoscope and elitism of the resort. Silence, calm, soft sandy beaches – here you will definitely find what you need.

Herzliya Also delight lovers of a relaxed pastime, but for respectability will have to pay more than in Netanya. There are many luxury hotels, restaurants that are designed for wealthy guests of the country.

Decide, Where to relax in Israel, not easy. I advise you to repel from what exactly you want from your trip, whether cultural impressions, rest by the sea or a visit to holy places. And my blog will help you navigate and get better familiar with the sights of the country.

We are planning a trip to Israel together

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