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We are going to the crusade instruction for an unborn knight

We are going to the crusade: instructions for a non-evident knight

If the thought crept in your head to go to the crusade, then we most likely know the reason. Peters and other excesses prettyly submitted your budget, the peasants rebelled, and the enemies are craving for revenge. And it is very unlikely that you really drive the desire to free Christians from Muslim Iga and to win the Lord in Jerusalem in the wrong coffin. Because every crusade was preceded by the times of irrigation. And since medieval cards were depicted in the form of a circle, where in the center was painted Jerusalem, it is not surprising that you want to go to the place where oil flows, a lot of gold, and the pontiff will allow you to pay debts somehow in another once.

Wait for Papal Bulla

You need to gain patience and wait when Pope as a leader and inspirer of this God’s military will publish Bull – a document that calls to accept the cross and "snatch" the Holy Land from under the authorities of the pagan. Wait for the moment when one beautiful day dad will wake up and will understand that it is more nursing to starve and generally need to save the holy land.

Say "Pheasant’s oath"

If you are the duke (albeit too impoverished), according to tradition, you need to roll a feast called "Banquet du Faisan). The main dish on the table, of course, should be pheasant. Stand up opposite it and say a solemn oath in which we promise that if the King of France or the Christian prince decides to take the cross and join the campaign, you do not think about the rows of Crusaders. Now divide the pheasant between friends and relax. It is unlikely that the king will go hiking.

Our cross

If you still mistaken and the king goes hike, you will have to fun with clothes with clothes. Our symbol of Christianity, love of God to man and faith in eternal life – Red Cross. Take a needle and thread with you, because on the way back you will need to alter this cross on the back. Learn clearly and impressively utter the phrase "Deus Vult!"(" God wants!"). These words – inspiring the crystrocos.

Pay "Cross Money"

You need to provide your family about three years of your absence, because everyone who does not go to the crusade will have to pay a mandatory tax, the so-called "crusade". More precisely, your family will need to pay 1/20 part of its annual income. If you are a cardinal, then 1/10 part of income.

Refuse knightly tournaments

As soon as the "God’s World" declares, there will be forbidden to conduct internal wars and even knightly tournaments. Therefore, if you have not figured out relationships with someone yet, you will have to postpone.

We are going to the crusade instruction for an unborn knight

Take Vale

Rehend to this seriously, because back the road will not. After you take the "Overseas Vow", any phrase like "I’m tired, I want to go home, I gave up my campaign" means mortal sin. You are waiting for a harsh punishment and excommunication from the church.

Get permission from the "Chief"

If you are an ordinary knight, the decision to fight "for the coffin of the Lord" should be approved by your vassal (feudal-landowner). If you yourself and there is a vassal, then ask the permissions from Sissene, which is more valuable and richer if you are a peasant or a town-dweller – Senior, if you are clearing – at the higher church hierarch. Make yourself with all and redeemed sins.

Tell dad about debts and family

If you have a debt or a crime on your shoulders, not thinking about the crusade. Go to the dad, tell me that the soul is asking for the Holy Earth, and then the dad will freeze all your debts and cancel a criminal sentence, and your family and property will take under your defense. And since, while you are reading this article, the beginning of the XI century is in the world, then all your fellow on weapons still do not yet know what Jerusalem looks like, therefore, almost all major cities will take for him. You are waiting for robberies, wealth, rape, murder, land and glory. Hooray!

We are going to the crusade instruction for an unborn knight

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