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We are going to Hainan instead of Thailand

We are going to Hainan instead of Thailand

Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, like pasta with stew – cool, but after the third time I want something new. And where to go about the same money? There is an option just for those who want to change – Hainan Island in China.


Budget for housing Calculate from what bay you will live. Most Popular: Dadonghai, Yalunvan and Sanyavan. What are their difference?

  1. Dadonghai Bay is considered the cheapest and most popular stopping option. Here are cheap hotels, a large beach, mountains on both sides and incredibly beautiful corals. So go here for diving, but there is almost no nightlife.
  2. Jalunvan Bay – Expensive Place. Restaurants along the beach, luxury hotels right on the shore, many brand stores and the most beautiful types at sunset.
  3. Sanyavan Bay The Golden Middle – Good Ratio of Prices and Quality. Here are five-star hotels a lot cheaper, clean sea and beach, developed infrastructure and night entertainment.

If you are unpretentious and you can safely sleep under someone else’s snoring, then the bed in the dormitory room of the hostel can be removed for 4,000 rubles for a week. Hotels from three stars for the price similar to simple apartments near the sea – about 300 yuan per day (approximately 2,800 rubles).


We are going to Hainan instead of Thailand

At the resorts of Hainan Island, you can find even restaurants from our and European cuisine – this option is suitable for those who cannot live without your favorite dumplings or burger with Potatoes.

If you shoot an apartment or a house where there is a full kitchen – buy food in the markets, especially seafood. In the restaurant, ready-made delicacies will cost weekly – for dinner, give up to 150 yuan (approximately 1,500 rubles.). And if you like culinary experiments – eat in a cafe where local. Well, of course, run on fruit. They are cheap, delicious, natural and fresh. Especially here are good lychee, Maracuy and Rambutan.


You can not steam and order excursions in different parts of the island – so you look at it from all sides, see the contrast of the South and North Parties. If there is a lot of time or you came to wintering, learn Hainan yourself. Transport on the island is well developed: buses, trains, and for small distances – Motoriksha. Buses – the cheapest way to move with regular routes will cost two yuan for a trip.

As in all Asia, the architecture will meet you here, which reflects the Buddhist culture. On the island, for example, there is a "edge of light" – a park located right by the sea, with stones of an unusual form. What – do not say, we want to keep the wow effect.

Be sure to look into the crocodile zoo, on the island of monkeys and hot healing sources. After all, Hainan Island is a Chinese healthcader, where tourists from all over the world regularly ride health resorts. Golf Clubs, Rifle Centers, Rafting, Opera, Sea Fishing, Chinese Massage – Do not have to miss!

How to get

The path is not possible with transfers – only charters from the capital of Russia fly. From Moscow, St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk you have one transplant. So if you fly 10 hours, then in a convenient salon and with responsive staff, agree? You are lucky if you fly with Hainan Airlines, and that’s why:

  1. The air carrier entered the top 10 best airlines in the world and 7 years in a row receives the title of "five-star" airline according to SkyTrax.
  2. On the flights of SPB-Beijing increased baggage standards. Economy passengers can carry 56 kg of baggage +10 kg hand baggage, and business class – 84 kg of luggage and 20 kg hand baggage. And it’s crazy with how much. Everything for shopping!
  3. The crew speaks five languages, and on every flight from Russia there is a flight attendant that speaks our. This is cool – no language barrier in the case of.
  4. Diverse food of European and Chinese cuisine, including children. And a multimedia entertainment system on board in five languages, including in our.
  5. In business class, armchairs laid out in a full bed. Bliss!
  6. Passengers of business minimum 48 hours before departure can enjoy a free airport shuttle service in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Beijing. We will go like kings.
  7. For citizens of the our Federation, traveling transit through Beijing to Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan or any other third country, there is a visa-free transit of 144 hours.

Friends, do not be afraid to risk and opening new places and impressions. Thai beach over which airplanes fly low, of course, cool, but without the world many wonderful places. So this winter keep a course on Hainan! And where to get tickets you already know.

We are going to Hainan instead of Thailand

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