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We are going to be treated for Altai – choose a sanatorium

We are going to be treated for Altai – choose a sanatorium

Today, how ever is previously in demand in Altai Sanatorium for the Medical and Improvement Recreation. Sanatoriums located in this area are considered the best in the country and meet the highest modern requirements. Each Altai health resort is special. Based on the folk ratings and reviews, we will stop at the most popular and beloved tourists.

It so happened that almost all top hospitals are concentrated in the resort of Belokurich. All the sanatoriums of Belokurikha, which will be discussed, for the recovery of guests, combines the use of climatotherapy, sources with thermal and mineral water, as well as healing healing mud. But every health rescue has its own characteristics on which we will stop more.

What kind of sanatoriums choose

1. Sanatorium «Russia»

«Russia» – Sanatorium, which is located in the middle of Belokurikha in a park area with a length of 8.4 hectares. The hospital for more than three decades gives health to its guests. It is considered a leading institution to restore the musculoskeletal system.Prisoner has established infrastructure with the thermal pool and ski trail. Thanks to the medical diagnostic base in the sanatorium, the sanatoriums practice unique developments for the treatment of the heart, vessels, disorders of the nervous, endocrine, urogenital systems, problems of gynecology, skin ailments.

2. Sanatorium «Belokurikha»

With a scope, on the area in 14 hectares with a mountain river, a health resort is located «Belokurikha». Holidaymakers will pleasantly surprise the largest setting of water entertainment in the resort “Water world”. The hospital has its nitrogen-silicular weakned mineral waters. Medical Sanatorium offers treatment in spheres: heart, vessels, bones, joints, gynecology, nervous, endocrine system, urology, stomach, intestine. The hospital occupies a dominant place in the resort on getting rid of disorders by reproductology. It is here that I come from all over the country for solving problems of fruitless marriage.

3. Sanatorium «Altai-West»

On the bank of the mountain river spread the largest health rescue Belokurikha – sanatorium «Altai-West». Here you will see a single complex consisting of medicinal and residential buildings. It is possible to undergo treatment for destroying areas and fully rest. Most of the guests who stop in the sanatorium come for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Also, the specialization of the sanatorium refers to the treatment of the stomach and intestines, respiratory, leather, heart, blood vessels, nervous, endocrine, urogenital systems.

4. Sanatorium «Spring Altai»

«Spring Altai» – Another amazing place where energy is heated and draw. Built near the pine forest The hospital will strike with its pools and water slides. A comprehensive approach to treatment methods multiplied by many years of experience gives excellent results. Profile: heart disease, vessels, bones, joints, respiratory organs, stomach, intestines, urogenital system, female sexual illness. The sanatorium is not illustratively proud of the use of miraculous baths from the beer of his cooking in the wellness process of miraculous baths from beer from beer.

5. Sanatorium «Altai Castle»

«Altai Castle» – famous in the Belokurikhe hospital, bordering the thermal source. On the territory of the health resort several years ago, a multifunctional medical diagnostic complex was launched. The doctors of the institution patented 25 new methods of treatment and diagnostics. Here come to treat: heart, vessels, respiratory organs, stomach, intestines, spine, joints, gynecological diseases, violations of reproductive function in women and men, diseases of nervous, endocrine, urogenital systems.

6. Sanatorium «Siberia»

We are going to be treated for Altai - choose a sanatorium

Impressive by his scope territory of the sanatorium «Siberia» – its area of ​​45 hectares. From the hospital you can get to the ski trail. Here built a multifunctional healing complex. Except for the treatment of common diseases of the heart, vessels, bones, joints, respiratory tract, nervous and endocrine systems in the sanatorium come for healing from snoring and some forms of sleep disorders.

7. Sanatorium «Katun»

Sanatorium «Katun» Built next to the mountains and forest terns, for which the holidaymakers love. Near the resistant there is a ski trail and cable car. The sanatorium structure includes a swimming pool filled with water from a mineral source. This sanatorium is the leader in the fight against the illness of the digestive bodies and is famous for its gastroenterological department. Also here you can pass the treatment of the nervous system, hearts and blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, diseases in the gynecological line, skin ailments, psyche diseases.

eight. Sanatorium «Pearl Belokurikha»

Sanatorium «Pearl Belokurikha» Open about 4 years ago. Located in the very center of the same resort. On the territory there are ramps and elevators for disabled. Here is allowed to arrive with homemade pets. In the sanatoriums are invited to be treated from dermatological diseases, heart disease, vessels, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine, nervous, urogenital systems, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs.

nine. Sanatorium «Oskskiy»

Sanatorium «Oskskiy» does not apply to Belokurikha. His location – in a ribbon Bor 60 kilometers from Barnaul on the expanses of the State Natural Complex Kislukhinsky Reserve. The territory of the health resort is a considerable – 20 hectares. Considerate here: Violation of metabolism, diseases of the stomach and intestines, respiratory organs, blood circulation systems, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, ENT diseases, bones, nervous, urinary, and endocrine systems. The sanatorium is unique in that he has its own center of pantoocherization with his own gross. The center of the panto coating year-round offers its services.

The combination of modern methods of treatment, the latest equipment with the miraculous power of Nature of Altai is able to work wonders. You just have to choose where to go!

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