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We are going on a journey, but plans are not building

We are going on a journey, but plans are not building

It is so trying to receive the heroes of our today’s interview – Artem and Dasha, the authors of the project!. They know where they go and what they want to see, and all routes, details and circumstances are created on the way. We talked to the guys to find out why and why they do this, and that, in the end, it turns out.

How the project began # Pack: how the idea appeared, as decided to implement it?

The project appeared after our first trip abroad, ITALY. Then we just wrote Lifehaki and described all what was happening on our own pages in VC. After that journey, surprisingly, the mass of questions from the inhabitants of different cities of Russia fell. It was then that we realized that we could be useful to tourists and even avid travelers.
The next journey, we have already broadcast to the group we created in VKontakte. Upon arrival organized a meeting with all those wishing in Volgograd, a man came 30, which impressed us. Then a few more meetings and trainings, then went to the next journey and suffered. Having created the project # Pack , we ordered ourselves to travel. Our principal feature – we live in Russia and our example show that you can travel, being a student or having a job.

How deep you are planning your route, life? Or there is no plan – leaving Naobum?

No detailed plan, there are places on the map that we definitely want to visit in the country, and already, being on the journey, we decide how to get there. Plan in detail your journey, while in Russia, we consider it wrong, so we themselves put the framework. Booking by Days of hotels in different cities, we are becoming dependent on them. Many different factors can affect the duration of the stop in a particular city: the weather, culture, life, architecture, people, and so on, all these factors are difficult to consider in Russia.

As for the culture and life, we try to plunge into the national and natural features of the country. If accepted in Asia there are chopsticks, then we will also do, for a while, forget about the forks. As if we did not plan our journey, everything always turns out to be ; This is the whole "raisin".

Share the secrets of a budget trip 🙂

Secret is obvious ; Travel alone. Do not book hotels in advance, except for those cases when there is a fundamental desire to stay in it. As for food, clothes, and the like, of course, it is best to purchase it in the center of the city. No matter what country, what city – the center is always more expensive. A lot of important secret of budget travel – this is accounting expenses, especially if the budget is limited, then without taking into account it is very bad.

What did you learn during travel, how they influenced you, your character and habits?

Describe all the changes that happened in us after traveling is not enough and a sheet A3, so we describe the most important thing:
&# 8211; We learned to listen to each other. In Russia, everything happens on the rolled: there were certain actions that are repeated day-to-day. During travel, we invent our route specifically in place, listening to each other and making conclusions. To be honest, that in the first trip to Italy, we managed to swear, I even brought to give to tears once, but then began to learn to listen. Friendship and relationships are perfectly checked in travel.
&# 8211; Independent travel taught us easy to make changes and strive for them.
&# 8211; For us, now the line between the countries erased, the whole world is one single country.
&# 8211; We consciously began to learn English, interest in this process appears when you find an objective application.
&# 8211; We began to smile more 🙂

Another trip brings its innovations that are tightly associated with our daily life.

By the way, where you are comfortable – in Europe or Asia?

More comfortable in Europe, of course, there will be closer to our – because of this, probably. And if it comes to the one hundred percent shift of the situation and unloading the brain, then Asia wins in this battle. In general, it is impossible to compare travels to Asia and Europe – these are completely different cultures, traditions, food. You can compare a trip to Spain and Italy and that, this comparison will be just the personal opinion of the traveler himself.

We are going on a journey, but plans are not building

Did you already meet the place in which you visited the thought "A, maybe stay here?"

Yes, there is one place that made an exceptional impression on us – this is Portugal. It is different from all European countries with its architecture and geographic location. There is surfing all year round, there are excellent natural landscapes and architectural buildings. I came across exclusively prechain, maybe we were lucky, do not know, but the desire to stay there. The most romantic city that we visited is located there – Porto. We advise all couples there to go there 🙂 We are confident that we still visit something amazing, in love with the ears too.

Before your trip, Morocco remains quite a bit, and why the choice fell on this country?

Initially, we planned to visit Bruges, the film influenced this decision Fall on the bottom in Brugge . Began to search for tickets, but came across expensive. And somehow, by chance, I came across a ticket to Casablanca for 15,000 rubles, more expensive than to Europe, but the visa does not need to make out and there is warmer in November.
In fact, we first bought a ticket, and then they began to watch than the country famite to what to visit how to pay. We noticed that it turns out often)))

And what are your plans for Morocco?

Plans We have certain places for the obligatory visits that we found during the preparation period:
&# 8211; G. Agadir;
&# 8211; Lezier Beach;
&# 8211; G. Marrakesh;
&# 8211; Mount Tubkal (the highest point in Morocco);
&# 8211; G. Shefshauen.

How we will move between these points on the map, and that we will succeed to visit, we do not know. But it is precisely this and excites us – we are already looking forward to this trip 🙂

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