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Watermelon in Thai. Seeds do not throw away

Watermelon in Thai. Seeds do not throw away

In appearance and taste, watermelon, in Thai Tangmo, the most, perhaps, understandable to us fruit (or rather, a berry) from the entire range of assortment. But use it in Thailand much more diverse than we are accustomed.

Right from tropical Africa, watermelon is represented in Thailand with different varieties – round and oblong, with a crust of dark and light. In addition to the usual red pulp, it is also bright yellow, the taste is the same, but the price is higher – the variety has been revealed relatively recently, we love the Chinese.

Breeding and varieties almost without seeds, although they actually make them salt and fry for a snack (especially popular again among the Chinese diaspora). Many harvest watermelon seeds to the future, drying them within a few days right in the sun; For a particular dish (for example, to sprinkle some dessert) these seeds can be dried in a couple of minutes and fry in a skillet, and then grind. From the watermelon seeds of Thais get the oil on which they are preparing.

The nutritional value of watermelon in Thailand is just as minimal as we have, but it is valued for the high content of water – up to 90%, thirstfully quenches in Thai heat. Popular and watermelon juice, it is even sold in bottles and banks. Pieces of watermelon – along with pineapple – Mandatory dessert on the Thai table.

Watermelon in Thai. Seeds do not throw away

And here are unexpected watermelon combinations for Europeans: with fried in a fryer-shallot, fish minced meat, in sharp salads. From the watermelon crusts, Thais make excellent candies; The original version of the sour-sweet curry – with watermelon crusts and orange.

Large watermelon – classic carving facility. In restaurants of many hotels, the deployment of a buffet necessarily decorates a fresh cut bouquet of watermelon.

In addition to the urban effect of the diuretic effect, many other useful preventive and therapeutic properties of watermelon are familiar with Thai. Dried watermelon crusts and seeds – familiar ingredients in traditional folk (again mainly Chinese) medicine. Based on them are preparing a variety of drugs from a variety of diseases and ailments, starting with diabetes and ending with high pressure.

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