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Warm seats of Eastern Siberia

Warm seats of Eastern Siberia

Most people have a habit of spending time on the shores of the seas or other reservoirs. There is a category of people seeking to learn new places and discover unknown areas Big countries.

However, there are places such places in the country that Unite Water, health and new impressions. it ; Thermal Sources of the Republic of Buryatia.

For residents of the European part of the Republic of Buryatia remains Unknown edge. It is part of the Far Eastern District and its capital is City of Ulan-Ude. These are dry data from reference books. And in fact, by visiting this territory you can go through the same routes that the warriors of the Great Genghis Khan went, Visit the edge filled with wonders and the sun, see the places where civilization did not pass and did not make changes to the natural landscape. And the most interesting thing is to visit the place where sources of hot water with healing properties are beating from under the earth’s thickness.

These places are obtained thanks Healing Water, containing a certain set of minerals and acting well to the human body.

Not far from many thermal sources Located recreation centers. They differ in the degree of comfort and number of services provided.

The most famous base is sanatorium &# 8220; Pearl&# 8221;. Located in the Tunkinsky district of the republic. Sanatorium Located on the bank of the Irkut River And the nearest settlement is the village of Pearl. The distance between the village and the rest is not more than a dozen kilometers.

Sanatorium uses two wells with water temperatures 38 and 56 degrees. For People’s recovery provided Waterproof, pools, showers and bathroom housing. At the same time, you can visit the solar telescope, the radiophysical laboratory. And for review, with local nature Vacationers can take advantage bicycles, camels and horses.

Warm seats of Eastern Siberia

For rehabilitation, some pensions are built, in which the procedures can be taken exclusively in the summer. "Egybric Arshan" is one of them. For treatment 15 sources are used. The boarding house is located in the mountain valley and is surrounded by a unique Flora of virgin origin. Used sources have water temperature from 28 to 41 degrees and a unique composition of minerals.

But there is more Exotic places. So in a kilometer from the village gave a house with several bathrooms. Here on the surface of the earth Water Denoschsky thermal source with a temperature of 41.5 degrees. Visiting this place has to take baths with nitric water and merging with the nature of Lake Baikal. Due to the fact that this source beats on the shore of the lake and is located on the border of the Baikal Reserve.

You can not forget to mention Gusichinsky thermal source. It is located on two tens of kilometers from the village of Ust-Barguzin and not far from the village of Gouii. Guest houses are used for recreation and treatment. On the territory beats two wells, characterized by temperature and mineral composition of water. At the same time used moisture does not have an extraneous lift and transparent. To combine pleasant with useful, excursions are organized by the area having many historical attractions.

In addition to the listed sources there are many small and large places to improve health and familiarization with the edge. Visiting the Republic of Buryatia, vacationers will leave Many impressions and will definitely improve your well-being.

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