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Walking around Teletsk Lake

Walking around Teletsk Lake

This winter I visited the amazing location of Russia on Teletsk Lake! Teletsk Lake is located in the south of Western Siberia in the Republic of Altai. And although the lake in the winter is hidden by ice, in these places there is something to view in addition to the lake.

On the shores of Teletsk Lake are two villages Artybash and Iogach. I stayed in Art Kash. In the village I traveled from Barnaul, the road took all night. Upon arrival I really wanted to sleep, but I went to the morning shooting. I wanted to take a look at the local beauty through the viewfinder window.

Diverse paints immediately opened for me! Such a Siberian morning! At first glance, frosty and calling to a warm cozy furnace. But. Comfortable and warm. Circle snow. So soft and air. River and fog mirror.

1. "Paints of the new day"

2. A little later, the sun appeared, awakening all the beauty and texture of snow!

3. The fog has become more dense and began to envelop everything around.

4. Fog swallowed everything around. He was just magical! He fascinated, changed in shades of warm tones. Hiding the village left on one with nature!

5. "Misty residents"

6. "Mysterious traces"

7. "Mirror break"

eight. "Path in the unknown"

nine. Tuman finally hid the village. Strict geometry turned into obscure outlines. Everything dissolved in space. The fog and the river became one whole.
"Disappearing geometry"

ten.And the river Biya looks like. This river follows from Teletsk Lake. She has a fairly rapid flow that does not allow her to freeze. And the snow-covered shores give very beautiful views, but in order to get to them I had to drown on the belt in the snow. But it was worth it.

The whole trip to Altai K was planned based on the fact that it will be Christmas on Teletsk Lake. On the eve of Christmas, there was a good weather, so making a tall" Photos, I began to prepare for night shooting.

12. At night, there was a complete moon that did not give the opportunity to photographer stars. So I went to walk in the village, making rustic sketches.
"Christmas Eve"

fourteen. "Night sun"

15. And this ghostly bridge, photographed by the same night.

In one day I concentrated my attention on the snowdrifts. Here are their inconspicuous amount. In the truth of winter – because it is Siberia!

16. Of course, it is not entirely drifts, but stones that flooded the snow. But snow as if it would shrink them with their cover. Each stone was hidden under his mass. Indescribably beautiful. Once heavy cobblestones, now a weightless cloud. Very effect.

17. And this is already real drifts!

Walking around Teletsk Lake

eighteen. Dawn light and river fog create a fantastic atmosphere!

twenty. "Eye of the Dragon"

21. "Snow guests"

22. "River breathing"

Well, what journey to Siberia without a real taiga? Walk in the mountains among the Taiga Forest was one of the items of the program.

23. This photo was taken close to the village of Artybash. Dawn in these places is unimaginable beautiful. So many shades of smoothly passing one in another.

24. But to see the real forest you need to go to the mountains. Raising one of the slopes, I appeared before the true greatness of the Altai Forest.

26. Later I wanted more than minimal personnel.
"Rest in Sakhar"

27. "Frosty morning"

29. To get to this Christmas tree I had to plunge into the snow and literally sail.
"Snowy sea"

thirty. Returning to the village I saw this place. Walkway, beautiful light, the place clearly demanded some hero. I put a tripod and decided myself to be a hero. But here this dog appeared. From the beginning he just ran, but then he returned and himself sat down that I would be better not invented if I had forced him to pose!

Walking around Teletsk Lake

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