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Walk through Lucerne

Walk through Lucerne

The start of our joint May trip was given in Lucerne – the city in the heart of Switzerland, last year a recognized site TripAdvisor the fifth most popular tourist destination.

  • In the heart of Switzerland
  • Embankment

This relevance came to Lucerne not by chance and not yesterday – in 1857, Lion Tolstoy wrote a story "Lucerne", where the British was mercilessly, for which the embankment was built on the site of the old bridge, "straight", and planted her stickies in two rows. In one of the hotels on this embankment – Schweizerhof – Tolstoy and stayed at that arrival; Now we lived in it, sharing a roof with businessmen and numerous tourists from China, who fled British in the ranking of the most common guests of the city. "When I entered the top into my room and challenged the window on the lake, the beauty of this water, these mountains and this sky in the first moment literally blinded and shook me", – writes Tolstoy in the first paragraphs of his story.

  • Schweizerhof
  • Walk through Lucerne
  • New details

All of the above in 154 years did not change at all and still shocks to the depths of the soul, and even the embankment, so annoying our classics, does not spoil this impression. (To change stickies, by the way, the palms and chestnuts came). However, there are in this panorama and new details that were absent in the times of Tolstoy, – the station, which from 1983 to 1989 built Santiago Calatrava, and the avant-garde center of the culture and congresses of Jean Nueve, opened in 1998. In the latter there is a concert hall, which is famous for its acoustics; Classical music concerts are often held there.

For Melomanians, Lucerne with its numerous musical festivals in general, a paradise place, and they are suitable here with fantasy. Say, the summer Lucerne Festival this year will explore the phenomenon of the night in music on the example of the masters "Mystical and Dark Sound", – Male, Brahms, Mozart and Bruckner.

Another composer, who you will not name Light, – Richard Wagner – was married in the local Protestant church, built on the land of Schweizerhof with the permission of its owners for those the most English people who did not believe in Tolstoy. In addition, in the city there is a museum of his name, located in the house where Wagner lived six years.

  • Local residents
  • Tourists

The main Catholic Church of Lucerne – Hofkirch, who bears the name of the Saints Leodegar and Mauritius. Inside it – a lot of altars and an organ that can imitate the sound of rain. Another famous local church was built for the Order of Jesuits and named in honor of the close friend of Ignatia Loyola Missionary Francis Xavury. In memory of his Indian achievements, the painting on the ceiling of chicks depicts Francis as hearing in the sky on an elephant.

  • Wagner Museum
  • Hofkirche

However, not everyone draws attention to this elephant, but the dying lion carved in the stone in memory of the Swiss Guardsmen, who died in 1792 during the siege of the Tuileries Palace, not to see. Louis XVI, to which these Swiss switched on loyalty, gave an order not to resist Parisians, storming the palace, and more than six hundred Swiss died, do not become a weapon for their own protection. Two two hundred were executed about a month later. One of the officers at the time was on vacation and escaped death – precisely thanks to him in the 29th anniversary of the storm of the Tuileries, the audience first saw a lion, from the last forces of the lapel of the French Lily. Finally, the key landmark of Lucerne – a touching oblique wooden bridge of Kapelbrück, built in the XIV century and enjoying non-real success among the Chinese and other tourists with cameras.

  • Sight
  • Bridge Kappelbrück

Inside, it is decorated with paintings, which depicts events from the history of Lucerne and Switzerland. (So, on one drawn sv. Nikolai, who the Lord points out a place for the chapel, with which the city began). Next to the bridge – no less popular water tower.

Walk through Lucerne

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