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Walk through Dickensovsky London

Walk through Dickensovsky London

Fans of the Creativity of the English writer Charles Dickens since May 25 have the opportunity to see with their own eyes, what Victorian England looked like, the XIX century.

In the County of Kent on the territory of the historic royal docks in Chathe today there is a huge entertainment center, the main magnet of which will be the park like which in the world there is no – Dickens WORLD ("World of Dickens").

Park, which is located near the town of Rochester, where Dickens lived for a long time, is located on several levels and occupies approximately one and a half hectares of the exhibition area.

The entire giant park complex cost 62 million English pounds (more than 1.4 billion Estonian crowns).

On the boat in London

Dickens World – close to ideal a copy of London of the Xih Century, whose life described the writer in his novels. Guests of the theme park will be able to experience the pleasure of a boat walk along the Thames in the gloomy London dusk, at every step meeting the heroes writer already familiar to them.

London of the nineteenth century is anything, but only not a glamorous city, so that the park can sometimes be very much, but it’s just scary. In any case, it promises the creators of the thematic park.

In order for the impression to be complete, the creators of the park gave the will of their fantasy, did not shake on light and audio effects, inhabited by the mystical city of costume images from Dickens novels.

Walk through Dickensovsky London

The idea of ​​the thematic park dedicated to the work of Dickens, suggested a well-known designer of the thematic parks Jerry O’Sullivan-Bir. Initially, the park was supposed to be placed in London, but the dizzying prices for metropolitan properties put a cross on these plans.

Started in 2005

A new place for the park found seven years ago, close to Rochester, and construction work began in 2005. Although the writer himself was born in Landport near Portsmouth, he lived in Rochester for a long time. In the nearby docks of the Royal Navy worked his father. Now this place is renamed to the Chatham port.

In addition to Dickens World on the territory of a giant entertainment complex, a multiplex with nine cinema halls, thematic and souvenir shops, shop, shopping by marine goods, department stores, playground, bars and restaurants and t.NS.

Owners hope that this center will take about a million visitors annually.

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