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Visit at Hotel Institute Montreux

Visit at Hotel Institute Montreux

In Switzerland people love tourists. This can be seen not only from the behaviorators’ behaviors in restaurants, but also from numbers – five thousand hotels operate in the country with the eight million population, while in Russia with our modest 143 million, they are only twice as many. A well-built specialist training system is attached to the developed industry of hospitality – several university programs and two more than a dozen private hotel schools. Five of them are combined into the Swiss Educational Group (Swiss Education Group), including the Hotel Institute Montreux, where we recently were guided by the inspection and discussed with the President of SEG Florane Ronde the benefits of such education, and with students Anton General and Alice Stepanova – how they like Learn in Him.


Our graduates have many job options. It depends on the family context, from nationality, from the ideas about the future career. There are several typical ways. First: the graduate returns home and works in the parent business – the hotel or restaurant – with the prospect of heading it. Second: a graduate is going to make a career in the hospitality industry, for this you need to constantly move. The easiest way is to get in some big hotel chain according to the program "Hotel Management Training". I myself, after graduating from the hotel school in Lausanne 20 years ago, went on her to Asia, worked in Macau and Hong Kong. Five years later I was the director of the main chain. In Switzerland, my career would develop much slower. In Europe, people with good work hold it for it, and so many hotels opened in Asia – you can quickly move up.

Asia-Pacific Region Now – the largest market for our graduates. Middle East is also growing rapidly, but it is much less in absolute figures. In Asia, the main steam locomotive – China. The advantage of Dubai is that there are people of all nationalities. Latin America has potential. Cambodia opens. In China, in Europe, in America is more difficult with a visa; For example, in Switzerland it is very difficult to find a job, it’s a small country. Europeans easier to stay in Europe. Everyone else needs a sponsor for a visa. The employer must prove that he needs this person. Often this basis is the language. Asians are usually returning to their homeland. Koreans – immediately. Chinese or Hong Kongs – after a couple of years will work in America and enshrine knowledge of English.

Education in the field of hospitality opens up many doors. You can work not only in hotels, but also in restaurants, airlines, cruise companies. This is not as a legal education that is recognized only in your country. The whole world is yours. But at the same time to work in the hotel industry, you need to love communication, love travel. This is passion. It’s not office hours. And more is a very positive industry. Now the crisis in the Eurozone, in Russia, in North Africa, but our students look at things with optimism, because the opportunity to find a job is always – not in one country, so in another.

Our main employers – Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Marriott and other networks. They regularly hire our graduates. The current CEO Hotel Group Kempinski Alejandro Bernabe graduated from Hotel Institute Montreux. General Manager Montreux Palace Michael Smithus – Graduate of Our Nebanese School IHTTI.

Twice a year we arrange a job fair (International Recruitment Forum), which arrives about 60 companies. More than 70% of students who passed the interview during the fair find their employer. We help them make a resume. Preparing for an interview. Everything is truly: the employers first select the candidates for the summary and experience, and then invite to an interview. For the position you need to fight, no one will take you simply because you are our student. Last year, 2000 students took part in the fair, 3000 interviews took place in two days.

We must teach the future leaders of this industry, so, of course, we follow what happens. There are things that change. The appearance of social networks, gadgets – all this needs to be integrated into training courses. In addition, we have big connections with industry. There is a panel of experts, there are graduates, there is a job fair. It is very important to understand that the industry is smarter than us. We know how to teach, and they know what knowledge and skills will be useful at work. Since we are a private company, we react quickly.

But we are making attractive not only a good curriculum. All "plastic bag" important is beautiful nature, security, the ability to learn English and French, the prospect to have friends around the world, since 95% of our students are not from Switzerland. The undergraduate includes two semi-annual paid internships. You can stay in Switzerland, go to Dubai or to Maldives – who likes what. During the first practice, students usually work in the hotel restaurant, in the kitchen or remove numbers. During the second – at the reception, if led by language, in marketing or in personnel service. At the end of the school, graduates can count on the position of the middle manager position.

For three years, a good relationship was found from the house not only with classmates, but also with teachers. We are a big company, but the school itself is not so big. Everyone knows everyone. And by the end of his studies, everyone has real friends, and sometimes more than one – recently at the prom ceremony, one student made a proposal to a student.

School is not strict, but we have rules. Fortunately, students are very responsible, the school reputation. In addition, Montrere is a small town, and for 200 thousand inhabitants we have more than a thousand students in two schools. Everything quickly becomes known. In addition, living among people of different nationalities, students learn to respect different religions, different habits.

Anton generals, student

I arrived here immediately after graduation and has already learned five semesters. Chose Switzerland because it is taught by the art of hospitality for a very long time and very good. And HIM preferred since this is an international school, you can work in different countries, gain experience. But in the end I’m going to return to Russia. Of course, in our country, tourism is not as developed as in Europe, but I am sure that the events like the World Cup 2018 will change the situation. Tourists will begin to come more active, the hotel business will develop.

For the first practice (after the third semester) I decided not to leave anywhere to consolidate my french. I myself found myself a place in Montre – at the Royal Plaza Montreux hotel & SPA. And I advise all students to go to Switzerland first practice.

The best was the fourth semester. First, he is the easiest. Secondly, it accounts for a banquet organization. We and fellow students were like a family: all the time we discussed something, we were shared by ideas, invented scenery. On the banner itself, I worked in the kitchen, I prepared. True teamwork.

Switzerland – sports country. In the summer I ride a bike, run, swim in the lake – in summer the water was very warm. In winter I ride skiing.

Visit at Hotel Institute Montreux

Alice Stepanova, student

Learn here – it is not only to come to lectures, listen and pass exams. Need to constantly engage yourself. No one puts material in the head. Exams every four weeks – it is better for me than the session once every six months, as in Russia. I already learned two semesters and very pleased. Before that I tried to learn in the UK, but I didn’t like it at all. And after graduation, I will return to Russia.

My favorite teacher – Monsieur Kubat. He teaches service setting in the restaurant. Many consider him very strict, but I am delighted with his professionalism, about how much he knows about the service, talking with clients. Monsieur Kubat always gives useful tips. Sometimes he specifically satisfies stressful situations so that during internships such things would no longer squeeze the soil from under the feet. Thanks to Monsieur Kubat, I had the opportunity to serve the University of Northwood President with his wife on the banquet. It was the third banquet in my life.

In my free time I take pictures for my blog. I also like to walk and ride on the rollers.

About Hotel Institute Montreux

Hotel Institute Montreux was founded in 1985, since 2002 enters the Swiss educational group. SEG – the country’s largest educational service provider in hospitality industry. As part of SEG, five hotel management schools that have seven campuses in Franco and German-speaking parts of Switzerland. 6500 students of 114 nationalities passes through SEG schools per year. All courses are read in English.

Graduates get a double diploma: HIM and Northwood University. Programs range from diplomas to magistracy. Some specializations are supported by special partnerships: Finance – with Banque PrivĂ©e Edmond de Rothschild, Marketing – with Montreux Jazz Festival, HR – with Chain Four Seasons, Business Luxury Business Management (Program is launched in October 2015) – with Hublot watch brand.

At the school two buildings – ex-European and Miramonte hotels that are regularly renovated. Inside the school is still similar to the hotel: there is a reception, there is a dining room, and the rooms in which students live, very much resemble hotel rooms. Some even have access to the terrace, offering stunning views of the Lake Geneva.

Visit at Hotel Institute Montreux

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