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Visas to Afghanistan Personal Experience

Visas to Afghanistan: personal experience

Latest relevant data. Citizen of the our Federation, Food in January 2018 from Iran to Afghanistan on Earth, in g. Herat. The consular department gave a passport and his copy (OSN. Page), 1 photo, 80 US dollars, route trip in English, questionnaire in English. Requested a certificate of neglost, but I explained that she was not and waited for a month, we were settled. Asked about urgency, said in general. As a result, the visa was issued, gave a receipt by $ 80. And visa issued for the 4th day. In general, relevant to 13.12.2017, there were no problems, the pile of documents and the references were not required. Good luck to all.

Afghanistan visa in Khorog

Obtaining Afghanistan visa in Dushanbe

Theoretically, you can get a visa in Moscow, but did in Dushanbe.

For a visa you need:
1) filled questionnaire.
2) 2 photos 3 * 4.
3) recommendation letter from the our Embassy.
4) $ 70.

Now in detail on the points:

Visas to Afghanistan Personal Experience

1) The questionnaire fills the aunt, sitting in the store 100 meters from the embassy (ask, prompt where). Cost of a questionnaire of 10 Tajik money – approximately $ 2. The aunt is called Jeanne, and it will be aware of the most adequate person in Tajikistan, can help solve many issues related to the Tajik bureaucracy.
2) If you forgot to make a photo, the embassy has in sufficient quantity "Photoeel" with urgent stamp. As a bonus in the photo you wrap my jacket.
3) just not issued a visa, require a letter of recommendation from the embassy, ​​or offer to make a visa at home. In our case, instead of a letter approached "Road gram" – The paper in which is written that we are participants in some mega of a pathory expedition (in the embassy "Road diploma" Select so make multiple instances). Must warn you that "Road gram" is not a necessary and sufficient condition for obtaining a visa, depending on the mood of the consul, the visa may not be issued.

Visa is issued every other day. Tourist visa is valid month from the moment. Visa disposable.
The embassy takes documents for a visa from foreigners in PN / CP / PT, W / Thu works with citizens of Afghanistan. Opening hours 9-12 Reception of documents, 14-16 issuance of visas. The embassy is on the street. Ismail Somoni, between the our and German Embassy (the address in Lonely Planet is not relevant).

If you failed to make a visa in Dushanbe, you can try in Khorog. They say there they are doing for 1 day $ 50 and without unnecessary problems.

Visas to Afghanistan Personal Experience

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