Rules of life Maori

Rules of life Maori

Maori first settled New Zealand more than a thousand years ago. This is generally one of the last places on the planet that settled the man.

We have a legend about how the demigod-receiving Maui caught two islands from the ocean – like fish. It turns out we live riding fish.

I know my ancestors by 50-60 generations, At least on the paternal line. The history of my family goes back to the legendary Polynesian navigator Tamatee-Arikinui, who, in turn, occurred from the demigod Maui.

Once our possessions stretched for thousands and thousands of islands, Cover to a third of the planet.

Maori – excellent sailors. Our ancestors were able to pour huge trees with stone instruments and built such sea vessels, which could float anywhere in the Pacific: from Easter Island to Hawaii, down to Antarctica, Australia and Tahiti. 200 people in the boat – easily!

In the Tattoo Maori laid deep symbolism, unique for every tribe and the land where it happens. Traditional element – spiral. It symbolizes the cycle of life, growth, family.

My tattoo on the face is called "Moko Canoi". This is an ancient symbol of non-violence. Making a tattoo on the whole face, a man gives a promise never to beat a woman. Most people, including New Zealandsev-Nemaori themselves, do not know this story. They still think that this is a symbol of barbarism and cruelty, but if two Maori look at each other, they understand that they gave a promise to fight for their women and children. To death.

Not all maori covers the body with tattoos. In modern society has to be disassembled. Maori in New Zealand minority, we do not speak almost nothing. With a tattoo, it is difficult to get a job and even rent an apartment.

I do not tell me that MaoriGood warriors, It is so known. We won many battles of the British, but lost the main battle for your islands.

My tribe can not remember not a single war in 200 years before migrants from Europe appeared on the islands. And before that, Maori were just fishermen, gardeners, trees on a tree, parents of their children, songwriters.

In antiquity, Maori had a lot of gods. Now most Maori confesses Christianity. I’m not, despite the fact that I work as a teacher in a Catholic school.

What does Maori mean for me? My roots go deep into this land. We support good relations with each other. And most proud to affiliate to family, clan, tribe and earth.

Rules of life Maori

Maori is customary to take care of the guests: Put and feed, give gifts and provide any help if required. Maori will give the latter, including his lunch, just to be sure that the guest does not feel.

The motto of my tribe sounds like this: "Chuha, Moumoo Kai, Moumo Tong, Modumo Tangati Ki those software" ("The tribe will feed generously, give the treasures and their warriors who will fight to death").

I live on the earth ancestors in the van, where there is no electricity, water supply and other benefits of civilization. But I do not pay for rental housing and land, I do not pay taxes and I do not pay for the phone or light. I try to live outside the system as far as possible. The only modern thing that I have is two cars and the Internet in the phone.

On tribal lands free. Here I can do everything that my soul. We have our own rules. I was lucky to live just like that because most Maori left the cities, away from native lands to live western life.

The most important in life – Take care of the family and friends, learn and learn yourself and be kind to everyone, despite its nationality, skin color or religion.

I teach Maori language. Everyone can speak on it. "The World" will be "Randmary", "Love" – ​​"Aroja", "Happiness" – "Haricoa", "Good" – "PAI", "Vera" – "Ponno", "True" – "Tika", "Freedom" "-" WATEA ".

Where Love was played? Love begins with family care.

Rules of life Maori

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