Royal Dominican Monastery Attractions Hanana Travel Guide

Royal Dominican Monastery

Another attraction of the center of Jaen – Royal Dominican Monastery. It is possible to find it near the Cathedral of the city.

The monastery was laid in 1382 on the site of the old slave palace, which was transferred by King Juan I monks Dominicans. Until the 15th century, the monks used the premises of the palace, and the construction of the monastery itself was started only in the 15th century, after the Dominicans received a large sum from Don Juan Herasso. The same donation amount was founded on the territory of the monastery Spiritual College, preparing Dominicans. Surprisingly, the spiritual college existed until 1629, when a special Bulla Pope Urban VIII college received the status of the university and began to wear the name of the University of Ekaterina Alexandria.

The facades of the Royal Dominican Monastery in Jaen were designed at different times, and therefore very different from each other. Facade from Santo Domingo Street, built last, looks most cleaning. There is already a sunset baroque at its highest point – manherism. Uriba Street comes out facade, made in the style of mature spanish renaissance. Here is the entrance to the monastery church, which in its internal planning has late gothic features.

Royal Dominican Monastery Attractions Hanana Travel Guide

Internal courtyard of the monastery is unmatched. Here graceful Corinthian columns support semicircular arches, and the second floor is decorated with ornaments and balustrades. Late Baroque style creates a special mood. Here you can consider the coat of arms of the Habsburgs and the Order of Dominicans.

From the 19th century in the building of the monastery acted, since 1990, a provincial archive was postponed.

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