Route by car in Lithuania for three days

Route: by car in Lithuania for three days

About Lithuania, as well as on the Baltic States in general, there is a commodity opinion, they are not familiar with attractions, the climate is unstable, the service is not at the height. People who visited this small country in the post-Soviet time, the view changes in the root.

Modern Lithuania – a favorable country for rest not only in the Baltic Sea. There are enough attractions such as architectural and natural, most of which are under the protection of UNESCO. With the climate everything is in order – in summer heat, autumn and spring are soft, winter is not frosty, but also not slush.

In Lithuania and hotels relatively inexpensive, and apartments in scenic places for their high level – inexpensive at all. Motorists are waiting for good roads and highways.

In Lithuania, beautiful kitchen, high-quality products and any problems with our language and service.

Former Soviet resorts from Lithuania did not go anywhere.

On the contrary, today they are equipped with the latest equipment, modern buildings are built, new hospitals. Sanatoriums found European and even world famous. We will talk about the resort Lithuania in a separate article, and here I offer autotourists Familiar three-day route:

Vilnius – Trakai – Kaunas – Vilnius.

If you are going to the Kaliningrad region and the passage you want to see Lithuania, then, in addition to the listed cities, it is worth going to Klaipeda, and from there on the Kursa Spit, enter the Kaliningrad region.

Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania

Vilnius – not a giant megalopolis. Population of about 600 thousand people.

The historic center of Vilnius is included in 1994. In the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

How to drive by car

From the border with Belarus (MAPP Stone Log) Vilnius just 30 km. Come there in the morning even at night in Minsk quite real – from Minsk 150 km. Night on Friday or Saturday is better in town Oshmyany Next to the border. Leave early in order not to lose too much in queues.


For a meeting with Vilnius, I recommend in advance to order a tour on Tripster website.RU at a convenient time. There are many excursions around the city in our, prices start from € 15.

Where to take scooter

You can and independently examine the city – Vilnius for this very convenient.

According to the historical center (and not only in the center) you can move on foot or on electrical sinks that are very popular there. Scooter can be taken anywhere in the city from 6:00 to 20:00. To do this, download the mobile app on city-bee or bolt.

Rental prices: Start scooter € 0.5, more than € 0.1 min.

Move on cycles or sidewalks. You can leave the scooter anywhere, and after visiting the museum, cafe and t.NS. You will take another scooter to not pay extra time.

Where to leave the car

Machine can be left on Parking on Zveju G. in the area of ​​the house 14 or on Olimpieci G. In the area of ​​the Museum of Technology. Parking there costs € 0.5 per hour, on Saturday and Sunday – free.

What to look in Vilnius

Inspection of the Old Town, the Republic of Jupis, a visit to the national and artistic museums will take no less than 6 hours, plus lunch, snacks, settlement in the hotel.

You can meet in one day, but it will be tedious, so I advise you to spend a couple of days in Vilnius, at least one and a half to walk in the evening in the evening.

Castle complex

Acquaintance with Vilnius is better to start with the castle complex. It will be perfectly visible from the parking place on the other side of the river.

The complex includes:

  • Old and new arsenal,
  • Palace of the Grand Princes of Lithuanian,
  • Tower Gedeminas,
  • Mountain three crosses.

In the palace and arsenals there are rooms of the National Museum of Lithuania (historical, archaeological, applied art and design), an interesting museum, modern and informative.

Address: Arsenalo G.,1

Mode of operation:

  • W-Sun – 10: 00-18: 00
  • Mon – day off

entrance General to all halls of the museum – € 7

Audible in our – € 1

Site: lnm.Lt

The tower of Gedeminas can be climbed onto the funicular (for € 1) or on foot on the stairs. There is no three crosses of the funicular.

Old city

After the castle complex, stroll through the old town.

It is located within the borders of the streets: Vilniaus G, Jogailos G, Pylimo G, Bazilijonu G, M.Dauksos G, Subaciaus G, Marionio G. Along the river Vilnia.

Start a walk from the cathedral pl. (Kedral Aikste) and pedestrian street Pilies.

Be sure to visit Vilnius Temples:

  • Vilnius Cathedral (Kedral A.,1),
  • Church of St.Anna (Marionio G.,eight),
  • St.John (SV.Jono G.,12),
  • All saints with the richest interior (Rudninku G.,twenty),
  • St.Teresa and Gate Aushros (Ausros Vartu., 14) With a noticeable chapel, in which one of the most significant Catholic shrines is located – Icon of the Ostrarmian Mother of God,
  • Orthodox Holy Spirits Monastery (Ausros Vartu., ten),
  • Bernardine Monastery (Marionio G.,ten),
  • Relax in the Bernardine Garden, where the authentic atmosphere of XIX is restored.

If there is time and desire, inspect the exposition of the Lithuanian Art Museum. Collection of painted paintings.

Address: Didzioji G.,4;

Working hours:

  • W-CB: 11: 00-18: 00
  • Sun: 12: 00-17: 00
  • Mon – day off

entrance – € 2

Audio Guide in our – € 1

Republic of Ozhupis

In Vilnius, there is a self-proclaimed Republic of Uzhupis (Zarechenskaya Republic). This is the former oldest suburb of Vilnius behind the Vilni River.

Republic in 1998. Proclaimed Lithuanian artists. Today there is its own constitution, its president and ministers.

Log in Troopis better from the central part of the city by bridges through Vilnia in the area of ​​the Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption Council (Marionio G.,fourteen).

Where to eat

Recommended at the restaurant Etno Dvaras on Pilies G.,16 – national cuisine, drinks, large portions and very tasty – medium check for two € 20.

You can have a snack Gusto blinine At Ausros Vartu, 6. If you are with children, then in Gusto Blinine they will love. There is a cheerful "pancake" interior, all sorts of pancakes goodies and desserts.


I recommend to spend the second half of the day to spend in Traka, 27 km from Vilnius. You can also spend the night in a relaxed quiet setting. It is almost on the way to Kaunas – a straight road to Kaunas 102 km, through Trakay 115 km.

Trakai – a small historical and resort town on the lake Galve.

The lake is quite large, in summer warm, there are beaches, boat rental, you can ride a yacht and boat.

Trakai castle

On one of the islets of the lake there is a Trakai castle, the construction of which began in the XIV century and ended at the beginning of the XV in the prince of Vitovte. The castle quickly lost its defensive value and gradually collapsed until the middle of the twentieth., But in the 80s. It is completely restored. Of course externally.

Inside the castle Historic Museum.

Part of the museum is in the peninsular castle (Kestucio G.,4), built even earlier, but this lock is currently not fully restored, there is a large-scale restoration.

Where to eat

Most Karaim community of Lithuania lives in Traka.

Karaimi – Ethnic group with its culture and religion. Most of them live in Lithuania and Crimea. The traca has an ethnographic cara-museum, Kenassa (Mella House) and Karaites Sunday School.

After walking around the city, dine in Karaaym cafe Kybynlar (Karaimu G.,29), where traditional Karaaym dishes are served at reasonable prices.

Housing in Trakai

There are hotels, guest houses and apartments in the traca. Prices start from € 35 for double room. Basically, they are all located in calm picturesque places.

Addresses and time of work Museums

Trakai Castle and Historical Museum at Karaimu G.,43 and Kestucio G.,4


  • from May to September – Daily – 10: 00-19: 00
  • in March, April and October – from Tuesday to Sunday – 10: 00-18: 00
  • from November to February – from Tuesday to Sunday – 10: 00-17: 00

Ticket price – € 8

Every last Sunday of the month – free.

Excursions in english – € 18 per group up to 30 people

Route by car in Lithuania for three days

KaraiMu Ethnographic Museum at Karaimu G.,22:

  • from April to October – Daily – 10: 00-18: 00
  • From November to March – Daily – 9: 00-17: 00

entrance – € 2

Excursion to english – € 9 per group.


At the entrance to Kaunas, it seems that it is uninteresting and slightly launched provincial post-Soviet city, although clean. I assure you, it’s just the first impression, and from easy-to-run in any post-Soviet city you can not get anywhere. It should always make a discount.

Kaunas Modern

For connoisseurs of architecture, especially style Art Nouveau (modern) and painting, Kaunas will be very interesting.

I recommend to take advantage of the services of a professional guide in Kaunas.

On the site Tripster.RU There are two excursion routes: according to the old town and on the new city (Architecture AR-Nouveau). Excursion cost: € 68.

New city, whose history begins with 1812, is of interest even more than the old one, besides, it is much larger in area. From the old town, tourists will not go anywhere, but with the new on ignorance they get acquainted very superficially.

Kaunas Modern I managed to capture only 20 years – from 1919 to 1939., But for such a short time, the appearance of the city was formed quite European.

Kaunas Modern Sama villa and subsequently received the name of the Kaunas architectural school. In 2017, all the modernist buildings of the new city were included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Old city

The old town of Kaunas takes the space between Birstono G Streets., Gimnazijos G. And the embankment Karaliaus Mindaugo.

What you need to see in the old town:

  • Town Hall Square with Town Hall, now in it the city museum of Kaunas (Rotuses A.,15),
  • Percunas House (Aleksoto G.,6),
  • Kaunas castle, preserved partially (Pilies G., 17),
  • Temple of Vitovt Great (Aleksoto G.,3),
  • Temple of St.Francisa (Rotuses a.,eight),
  • Temple of St.George (Papilio G.,7),
  • Cathedral of SVV. Peter and Paul (Vilniaus G.,1).

New town

From the old town to the new go on Vilniaus G., smoothly moving into the pedestrian Laisve Allee. New city begins with Laisve Allee.

Once again I want to remind you that it is better to walk with a tour of the new city, but when you know the acquaintance, start from central mail Laisve Al.,102).

Pay attention to the buildings:

  • Kaunas Municipality (Laisve Al.,96),
  • Philharmonic (E.Ozeskienes G.,12),
  • Lithuanian Bank (Maironio G.,25),
  • House of the artist Antanas Zhmujdzinavichus and houses near (V.Putvinskio G.,64-56).

In the house number 64 there is a museum of devils – a collection A. Zhmujidzinavichus – go to regret.

Opposite you will see the modernist Museum building M. Churleinisa, In it – Kaunas Picture Gallery. For lovers of painting visiting must.

M.Churleins – the most famous artist of Lithuania, as well as a composer and an amazingly talented and educated person.

On the other hand, the Churlinis Museum, in the same building, but the entrance with K.Donelaicio G.,64 is located Military Museum of Vitovt Great.

On the funicular C V.Putvinskio G.,22 Climb on Ausros G.

100 meters from the cable car site you will see the most monumental city building – The Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ Zemaiciu G.). On the Basilica there is an elevator on the roof, to the chapel and on the viewing platform (for € 2), the rise of the steps is free. You can drive up to the Basilica by car, near Free Parking.

Addresses and time of work museums Kaunas

Museum of devil:

  • On Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday – 11: 00-17: 00,
  • from Wednesday to Friday – 11: 00-19: 00,
  • Monday – day off

entrance – € 3

Museum of M.Churliens:

  • On Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday – 11: 00-18: 00,
  • from Wednesday to Friday – 11: 00-19: 00,
  • Monday – day off

entrance – € 5

Total ticket to 2 museum – € 6

Where to eat in Kaunas

You can dine in Kaunas in Restaurant Spurgine on Laisves al., 84, there is Lithuanian cuisine, or in Berneliu UZeiga – Restaurant on Valancians G., 9, from Eastern European cuisine. Better Better B Confectionery Prezo on Laisves al., 61 – inexpensive, tasty, fresh pastries always.

Where to go from Kaunas

If there is time, you can go:

  • Pazhalissky Monastery 1664. (Pazaislio Vienuolynas) built in the style of Baroque (11 km from the city).
  • Take a walk in the picturesque juniper trail (20 km from the city in the same direction, by navigator – der. Arlaviskes, there by signage on Kadagiu Slenis).

Parking in front of the monastery and near juniper trail free.

Where to stay in Kaunas

We recommend to spend the night in Kaunas Babilonas (Zaliaji G., 38A).

Price of 2-bed rooms with a good breakfast – € 40. The hotel is located in a quiet place and not far from the center.


Klaipeda – Sea Gate of Lithuania, one of the largest ports in the Baltic.

In one day, in Klaipeda, you can walk through the center, old harbor, the park of sculptures, visit the clock museum and the Gallery of Pranas Dosshitis.

Addresses and time of work Museums Klaipeda

Watch Museum (Liepu G. 12)

Mode of operation:

  • From Tuesday to Saturday – 12: 00-18: 00
  • Sunday – 12: 00-17: 00

entrance – € 3

Pranas Dosshithis Gallery (Liepu G., 33)

Mode of operation:

  • From Tuesday to Saturday – 12: 00-18: 00
  • Sunday – 12: 00-17: 00

entrance – € 2

Where to eat in Klaipeda

Lost in Klaipeda I recommend in the already known restaurant Etno Dvaras on Sukileliu G.,8, and you can in one of the restaurants Passage Friedrich (Darzu G.,1). This is not a modern shopping center, but an old city market, partially retaining its functions, and mostly a restaurant center. It is very popular among the locals and tourists. Good kitchen and beer almost everywhere, prices are very loyal.

There are there and specific fish restaurants.

On the Curonian Kosh

To the Kurisk Spit from Klaipeda walks the ferry every 15 or 30 minutes, depends on the time of day.

The cost of transporting machine and passengers in both ends – € 12.

On the spit, if you go to the side of Nida, you need to pay for the ecological collection from the car. Summer Collect is € 20.

In the Curonian Spit, you cross the border and welcome to the Kaliningrad region.

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Route by car in Lithuania for three days

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