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Rocky area at Lviv – Square Market in Lviv

Square Market in Lviv (Rock Side at Lvivi)

Almost all tourists coming to Lviv for the first time, first of all go to the main square. Rocky area in Lviv is not only a city center, but also one of its main attractions. In 1349, Casimir III Great captured the city of Lviv and a few years later gave him Magdeburg law. Polish king suffered a city center for a new place and built a square market that is very similar to the market square of Polish cities. Its dimensions are not so impressive as, for example, Krakow Square Market – Total 142 by 129 meters. But in its beauty, the Lviv market is not inferior to the Polish analogues. Of course the most important building in the market is the City Hall. The first urban government in Lviv appeared in 1357 and was wooden, but in 1381 it burned down, and the construction of stone began in her place. In the XV century, the Town Hall consisted of several buildings built at different times. In the XVII century the first tower appeared.

A few more times the town hall was subjected to serious restructures, but only its place remained unchanged – in the center of the Market Square. As many years ago, today there is a city council here, and before the court was also located here. At all times, this was one of the main buildings of the city – they took many Polish and Swedish kings here, and even Peter I. We managed to climb one of the most beautiful viewing platforms of the West of Ukraine, located just on the Town Hall Tower, but we will tell about it in Separate article.

At the beginning of the XIX century, four fountains appeared on the market – one at each corner of the area. Fountains are not so in the literal sense of the word – rather this wells. Water from them does not hit, but leaks two jets and fills the bowls.

The exact date of construction of fountains is not defined, but for the first time in historical documents, they are mentioned in 1815,.E. Fountains in the Lviv market for more than 200 years! All four fountains are dedicated to the ancient gods: the goddess of Diana’s hunt, the sea of ​​the sea Neptune, the sea goddess amphitrite and God Adonis.

Around the area of ​​the market 44 at home and they all have their own history and their name on the Polish manner: "Under the lion", "under deer", "Kamenitsa Lukashevich" and others. Houses with more than three windows on the facade are more modern, because due to lack of space on the central square of the city here for a long time there was a tax on the windows, and only very rich people could afford them.

In Lviv, many museums and some of them are located on the market square. Building with a balcony (on the photo on the right) belongs to the Lviv historical museum. It contains an exposition dedicated to the history of the ancient world and the Middle Ages (pl. Market 24).

During our visit to the area of ​​Rock in Lvov, even a mobile museum dedicated to Pope John Paul’s second worked. Judging by turn – the museum is interesting and very popular.

But back to the houses standing around the area. Perhaps the most memorable of all: "Black Kamenitsa" (pl. Rink, 4) or, as it is also called, black house. It was built in 1577, and in 1596 I became the owner of the building. Lorentsovic, who opened one of the first pharmacies in this building in the city. The facade of the building is covered with a tesan stone, which over time spun and gave the building to its unique view. But there are other versions of the origin of an unusual facade. One of them says that the juice was rubbed from the skirts of walnuts. Imagine how much walnuts needed to clean and squeeze the juice to cover them all the house?! Therefore, this version is considered unlikely. &# 128578; In "Black Kamenice" is one of the expositions of the Lviv Historical Museum. Next to the Black House is Kamenitsa Ubaldini (pl. Market, 3), built in 1771-1772.

In the yellow building at Rocky House 2, which wears the beautiful name "Palazzo Bandinelli", in 1629 there was the first post office in Lviv, which was organized by Roberto Bandinelli (in honor of him, a beautiful Italian name appeared). Every Saturday, rich inhabitants of the city could receive and send letters from all over Europe. Soon the Lviv city council decided to abandon postal services, which caused a serious blow to the Bandinelli business.

Rocky area at Lviv - Square Market in Lviv

He invested almost all his money into this case, and such a decision of the city authorities practically ruined him. After the closure of the mail is short-time, the money was minted here, and in the XIX century there was a bookstore Wilde. Nowadays, the Museum of Historical Jewels, which is part of the Historical Museum.

Another museum is located in the building of the ancient pharmacy, he is called – "Pharmacy Museum". She appeared in this structure in 1735 and founded her military pharmacist Natarop. Pharmacy operating, but besides buying medicines in it, it is also possible to learn the history of pharmaceuticals – they say it is one of the most interesting Museums of Lviv. We, unfortunately, it is difficult to judge, as Max was not in the mood and refused to go. &# 128578;

By the way, this house has a big story – not only its owners changed, but also the appearance of the pharmacy. In 1857, the building acquired Anton Skletizinsky, who repaired the pharmacy and decorated the trading hall. Under it, in 1875, the third floor was prescribed, and the facade was repaired. At the same time, the house was called, under which it is still known – "under the black eagle".

As it happens, all massive walks are held on the main square of Lviv, the majority of tourist routes start, here you can have a snack: on the square itself there are numerous tents with goodies, and in the nearby streets restaurants and cafes with stunning Ukrainian cuisine.

Lviv is a very beautiful and colorful city, you will not look at half a day – to see it takes not one day. We, of course, were not limited to a visit only to the "Rocky area in Lviv", and looked at the neighborhood streets, but about it next time.

Rocky area at Lviv - Square Market in Lviv

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