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Park Head of Dead Horse – What is the name

Park Head of Dead Horse – What is the name?

Someone calls this park a dead horse head, someone is just a dead horse park, but this name does not become less strange. Where did it come from here below, and also show the picturesque views of the Valley of the Colorado River and the exciting panoramas of canyon, which is just famous for this park. You will see that he is worth paying time to him, even if it will be all a couple-triple clock.

general information

Park Name: State Horse Head Park / Dead Horse Park (Dead Horse Point State Park).

State: Utah, USA.

Distances from the Park of the Dead Horse (Visitor Center) to other parks and cities:

    – 29 miles / 46 km (35 minutes) – 157 miles / 251 km (2 hours 40 minutes) – to Fruita Area – 14 miles / 22 km (20 minutes) – 277 miles / 444 km (4.5 hours)

  • Moab – 32 miles / 52 km (40 minutes)
  • Green River – 62 miles / 100 km (1 hour 10 minutes)
  • Hanksville (Hanksville) – 120 miles / 191 km (2 hours)
  • Montisello (Monticello) – 87 miles / 139 km (1 hour 40 minutes)

Location of a dead horse fleet relative to other parks:

Travel pattern to the park of a dead horse from the park Arch:

The road between the Arch Park and the Dead Horse (it also leads to Canyonlands) itself is a real landmark. Stunning views will not be allowed to bother driving a car, and even more so in the passenger’s chair.

Attention! Public transport in the Dead Horse Park does not go, you can only get by car or as part of a tourist group.

Short description: Dead Horse Point State Park – This is not a National Park, but the State Park of Utah, that is, in the local hierarchy attractions a bit more compromised, but certainly not worse. Despite small sizes, a dead horse park has everything you need for a comfortable and entertaining visit – Tourist Center, Camping, Impressive Bind Points and Picturesque Pedestrian Routes. This corner of Utah nicknamed local «Grand Canyon», If you visit here, you will understand why.

Dead Horse Park Scheme:

Park work schedule: Takes visitors all year round, daily from 6:00 to 22:00.

Visitor Center: The tourist center is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00, closed for New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

The cost of visiting the park:

  • private car ticket and all passengers (up to 8 people) – 10 dollars. All disposable tickets are valid for 3 days.
  • Ticket for motorcycle And his passengers – 5 dollars.
  • Individual ticket (For those who arrived on a bike or came on foot) – 2 dollars per person.

Annual Pass / Pars Pass subscription action does not apply to Dead Horse Point State Park, so that his visit will have to pay anyway.

Park size: Park miniature compared to immense national parks, which are often divided into several separate parts, sometimes not connected with copper even with common roads. In a dead horse Park, everything for pedestrian walks is compact and can be examined in one day.

Landmarks and Trails Park Dead Horse

In the Park Dead Horse Point there are five pedestrian trails with a total length of about thirteen kilometers and several viewpoints from which you can admire the best landscape species. There are also routes calculated solely on mountain biking trips (their length is almost thirty kilometers).

Below I will describe those trails and view-points that we saw personally and captured in the photo and in memory. The whole visit to the park took a little more than three hours: we drove up to the tourist center for two hours of the day, and in about half the sixth evening, the park was already abandoned.

You can take the basis of our routes in a dead horse park and in Canyonlands National Park, in order to quickly see them both in one day, if the time is limited and there is no possibility to pay more more attention. For example, for prompt acquaintance with the northern part of the park Canyonlands (Island In The Sky), we had enough time from 6:00 to 12:30. Our routes, of course, are advisory and are not obligatory leadership to action))

Map with pedestrian trails and view of the Park of the Dead Horse:


Acquaintance with any Park often begins with a visit to the tourist center, after visiting which everything becomes magically in its place – It is immediately clear where to go, what to watch where there is, where to sleep and have to ask if something is incomprehensible.

In a dead horse park there are two main trails that start their origin from Visitor Center, so you can safely throw the car in the parking lot and go to the road. True, it is better not to rush, but for starters look around, because beauty begins right here, without departing, so to speak, from the cash register. It is only necessary to go through a few steps visitor Center Nature Trail and you can admire the endless orange space of the canyon.

Travel length: 1/8 mi / 0.2 km back.
Estimated time hike: 10-15 minutes.
Complexity: Easy trail.
Our rating: 7 out of 10.

West Rim Trail

Two main pedestrian route Park are called West Rim Trail and East Rim Trail. They pass along the edges of the mountain, towering, as if a survey platform, in the middle of canyons. We managed to walk only one by one – West Rim Trail, which led us from the tourist center to the main attraction of the park – Dead Horse Point. If you want to get to the end of the park, you go along the second route, he is shorter for my mile.

West Rome-Trail is relatively lightweight and very interesting, so recommended for visiting. He will spend in a few viewing sites to the top view of the park, which became its business card.

Travel length: 2.5 miles / 4 km one way.
Estimated time hike: 1.5-2 hours, depending on whether all looks will visit.
Complexity: Trail medium difficulty.
Our rating: 7 out of 10.

Rim Overlook

The first review item, which is found on the way, makes it possible to take a look of the canyon far away, but at the same time does not give out the main secrets, leaving all the most interesting «around the corner».

Shafer Canyon Overlook

We have already happened to visit the look at the same name in the National Park Canyonlands, only there was a view from the opposite side and it was completely different. If you give the opportunity to visit both parks, compare the pictures yourself.

Meanwhile, landscapes of the dead horse are becoming more interesting and more interesting, new details appear, the main one of which – River Colorado.

Meander Overlook

Meander Overlook – The last observation deck on the way to the final southern Park point. From here the next impressive view of the bellish of the Colorado River. Similar bends of the river bed and call meander.

Very close to Meander Overlook there are experiencing (Neck), which separates the main territory of the park from his miniature southern part, resembling a drop hanging in the air. From here you can simultaneously see the expanses, stretching and from the West, and from the East.

Dead Horse Point

Park Head of Dead Horse - What is the name

Here is the nail of the program – Dead Horse Point, the most southern and most famous point of the park, which opens a gorgeous view of the Colorado River, reminiscent of the horseshoe. Famous American «Horseshoe» (Horseshoe Bend) We have already seen near the town of Page, here were met with another option, and he was no less impressive.

Since this point – The most popular in the park, many tourists go directly to her, bypassing pedestrian trails, so people here are much larger and everything is equipped from and to, including parking, asphalt tracks, an observation platform, pavilions to protect against sun and rain, etc.

Here is an illustration for the origin of the name:

I think, just for a three-hour visit is very good – gathered an excellent collection of magnificent species. So in the dead horse park it makes sense to look, even if there is very little time in stock.

Other pedestrian trails and viewpoints Park head dead horse

  • East Rim Trail (1.5 miles / 2.4 km)
  • Colorado River Overlook
  • Basin Overlook
  • Big Horn Trail (1.25 miles / 2 km)
  • Big Horn Overlook

Mountain Bike Trails

In the Park of the Dead Horse there is a whole system of trails intended for mountain biking trips. They originate from Visitor Center. The complexity of routes ranges from moderate to medium, they are quite suitable for beginner cyclists and family patchworks, and experienced riders will also be interesting.

Below the video that gives a general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrails:

By the way, if you do not have bicycles, they can be rented in Moab.

Scheme of the location of cycling trails in the park of the Dead Horse:

Download and print a map from here.

Accommodation in the Park of the Dead Horse (Campings)

Within the park there is one camping close to the center visitors – Kaynta Campground, which offers places for tents and yurts – More comfortable option.

Camping location scheme:

Places: The 21st place under the tent is offered, each equipped with a canopy, a table with benches, a fireplace and a place for a tent. All places are suitable for RV. There is a shared toilet with water and electricity. Maximum 8 people in one place.

There are also three yurts. Each is equipped with bedroom seats and can accommodate up to 6 people. Restrooms are separate.

Price: camping – 30 dollars per night, yurt – 99 dollars per night, for an additional car – Plus another $ 13 in both cases.

Booking: You can book a place for this link (YURTS only by prior booking, places for the tent can be taken on arrival if they are free, but it is better to book in advance, especially in high season)

Kaynta Campground Camping Scheme in a Dead Horse Park:

We spent the night in a campsite for 10 dollars near the park Canyonlands. If interesting, read the details here.

Hotels Next to Dead Horse Park

If there is no desire to spend the night in campsites, then one option remains – Search hotels, motels and other options «Civilized» housing as close to the park. In our case, these will be such cities like Moab (Moab), Green River Green River, Montisello (Monticello) and Hanxville (Haksville).

Here is a list of hotels and motels in these cities:

Moab (Moab)

Green River (Green River)

Hanksville (Hanksville)

  • Hanksville Inn
  • Whispering Sands Motel
  • On booking systems for
    There is nothing in this city,
    will have to look in place

Montisello (Monticello)

In addition, you can try to find private accommodation (room, apartment, house, and in the States it may also be a trailer, trailer and other exotic options) on the site airbnb. What is this service read in my article article manual. For the first time, a $ 20 bonus is charged for the first time (the amount will be taken into account automatically, if the total cost of booking is at least 75 dollars).

Useful Applied Information

Where to eat: Pony Expresso Coffee Shop, works daily from 9:00 to 17:00 from March to October, located next to Visitor Center. Full cafes and restaurants – in cities.

Shower, Laundry: In the nearest surrounding cities, closest – Moab.

Refueling: Situation similar, coming refueling in Moab.

Park Score

7 from ten. In general, we liked the Dead Horse Park. Yes, it is not so ambitious and diverse as many of his neighbors, but it is worth considering that it is not a national park, so he is simply unable to argue with the giants. For a two-hour visit, Dead Horse Point State Park is perfect. Andrews even postfactum uttered such a phrase: «If I had to choose the Grand Canyon or the Dead Horse Park, I would probably choose the last». Justify logically such a choice is very difficult, because the park is inferior to the Grand Canyon and in size, and in popularity, but it attracts something intuitively, and the final appearance leaves a huge feeling of delight.

Park Head of Dead Horse - What is the name

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